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In Minecraft, downgrading refers to reverting to an older version of the game.

In Java Edition, downgrading can generally be done through the Minecraft Launcher's backward compatibility feature. For versions not available via the launcher, links to download the client and server may be available on their respective version pages on this wiki.

In Bedrock Edition, downgrading can be done by uninstalling the current version and searching for, downloading, and installing an unedited APK file of an older version online.

Users may need to downgrade as newer versions drop support for older hardware. For example, JE 1.6.1 dropped support for systems using PowerPC microprocessors, so anyone using them would have to downgrade to 1.5.2 to continue playing the game. Certain Minecraft servers may also downgrade due to technical changes in later versions that break the server software they use, such as the addition of block states in JE 1.8 or "The Flattening" in JE 1.13.


Since older versions of the game are not supported by Mojang, any issues associated with downgrading will be resolved as "Invalid" on the bug tracker.

Java Edition[]

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  • If the player downgrades to any version from Beta 1.5 to 13w03a, their achievements get reset.[1]
  • Downgrading may result in all inventories in loaded worlds getting reset.[2]
  • If the player places a sign and then downgrades to 14w21b/1.7.10 or earlier, the block entity data for it gets corrupted. Empty lines display "null," filled lines get quotes around them, and certain characters are replaced with their Java source code values.[3]
  • If the player changes the render distance setting to over 16 chunks and then downgrades to 14w29b/1.7.10 or earlier, the game may crash when a world is opened.[4]
  • If the player places down red sandstone and then downgrades to 14w31a/1.7.10 or earlier, it gets replaced with regular chiseled sandstone.[5]
  • Downgrading may result in the seed for loaded worlds getting reset to 0.[6]
  • Downgrading may result in certain entities disappearing from loaded worlds, even if they exist in the version the player downgraded to.[7][8]

Bedrock Edition[]

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  • If the player places down a block and then downgrades to a version where it does not exist, it will get replaced with an info_update2 block. Updating back to a version where it does exist will not change it back to its original form.
    • Since info_update blocks did not exist before Android v0.2.0/iOS v0.1.3, the game would simply crash instead once any chunks that had invalid block IDs got loaded in.
  • If the player saves a world under certain conditions in v0.2.0 or later and then loads in the world in v0.1.3 or earlier, the player gets moved to an extremely high Y-level and the world seed gets reset to 0. This is so far confirmed to happen under the following conditions:
    • The world is saved while the player is flying.
    • The game mode is Survival.
  • If the player gets an item in Survival mode and then downgrades to a version where it does not have an item form, it will permanently disappear from their inventory.
  • If the player gets an item in Survival mode and then downgrades to a version where its numerical ID is valid, but its metadata is not valid, its appearance and behavior will change to that of its 0 metadata form, and it will display a nonfunctional durability bar in the inventory.
  • If any options are changed in v0.7.0 or later and the user downgrades to v0.6.1 or earlier, all the settings will get reset. This is due to a different method of setting storage being used instead of options.txt.
    • Downgrading to another version from any pre-0.7.0 version will also reset all settings. This is likely due to the settings being stored directly in the game itself instead of in the separate com.mojang folder.
    • Since downgrading does not delete the options.txt file, updating back to v0.7.0 or later will change the settings based on what is in it.
  • If a world is loaded in v0.9.0 (build 1) or later and is then loaded in v0.8.1 or earlier, its save gets corrupted and generates a new world with the same seed. This is due to later versions using the LevelDB level format, which is not compatible with earlier versions. The player's inventory and location are still saved.
    • If the player's location is outside of the invisible bedrock border in the downgraded version, they'll get teleported to the closest edge of it at y-level 128.
      • If the player upgrades back to v0.9.0 or later, they'll get teleported back to where they were before downgrading, even if they've moved since then. Since this does not change the world type back to infinite, the player will likely be on top of the invisible bedrock border, multiple-hundred blocks away from the downgraded world.

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