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French & English

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JE: Hugman_76
BE: Hugman76

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July 11th, 2015

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June 12th, 2016

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January 24th, 2018

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General Presentation

I enjoy all the sides of Minecraft, from the newest versions, to the technical things and buidling. If I'm here, it's to expand the knowledge of both old and new players of Minecraft. I'm also in passion of all Nintendo-related things.

I've been playing Minecraft since a lot of years (I was using a friend's account before I really bought it) and the game just hooked me up. Later after my integration in the game, I've been touching to the most technical side of Minecraft, starting by redstone and then by commands. I was never interested in plugins, but I'm interested a bit into mods. For the moment, my general motivation is given to data packs. Recently, I've also fallen in love of block and item renders, I love so much doing this! I also love doing pretty things to expand wiki pages, like the schematic thing on the right side of this page. And to finish with, I'd like to expand some articles with some screenshots in the Gallery section.

I've been hired in a good amount of starting servers (which mostly sadly failed after a bit of time) and I've been doing some greats buildings with some plugins, I guess I still have some artistic skills!

Minecraft taught me a lot of a good things in my life in a way, such as the learning of English itself, as well as coding in Java and managing a team.

Current Projects

  • Development of updates and patches for my mods Wild Explorer, NookBuild, Mubble and Common Expansion: Foodstuffs.

Future Plans

  • Recreate almost every screenshot present in the wiki to be of a better quality and updated to the latest version.
  • Create a mod centered around the moon.