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  • I live in deep in the files of the game
  • My occupation is minecrafter
  • I am Female

Based on some information I found, I don't like the idea of Notch being back in Minecraft. Just because you are the creator of a great game, it doesn't mean you are a great person.


I don't have Pocket Edition no more, as a result of getting Wii U edition. In the future I hope to upgrade to Nintendo Switch, because I want to ransfer my world and not start all over.


Hi, I am Heroic Craft Whale!!!  I currently only own Minecraft Pocket Edition on my computer, but soon 

I am hoping to have Minecraft Java (in the next 10 years or so...)   I am going to build a Netherbrick

Castle on my Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival world, called Mineworlds. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Day 1*:

Adding some special graphics, like soaring eagles (All biomes except desert and beach) and Desert soaring vultures and beach soaring seagulls.

Adding some graphics, like tiny snails and slugs on grass blocks and dead bushes and etc when it rains (cannot kill them, just for decoration).

Adding new mobs, like Red slimes, Elder Blazes, and Elder Shulkers.

Adding POTION OF ENCHANTMENT - you will have your items temporarily enchanted for 3-8 minutes (Only if you are holding them at the time) - Only found in end cities - NOT CRAFTABLE!!!

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To be honest, I used to badge milk, which I have found out is wrong, so I do not do it any more.  Neither should anyone else, unless if it you actually have TONS and TONS of new info that corresponds with Minecraft and must be something already verified with Mojang  AB TM.  Also do not focus on a single page.  Thank You:)


Day 2:

I have found a cool new youtuber!  His name is CubFan135!!!  He has cool videos about things you didn't know about Minecraft and SO MUCH MORE!!!


Day 3:

The Drowned is one amazing monster.  It is my favorite, which is also tied with the Husk.  So, if their is any post about a survey, choose the Drowned, because it is the most revolutionary monster ever in Minecraft!

It would be so cool if Notch came back to Minecraft, and co-regained his title as the lead developer in Minecraft, alongside Jeb!!!  Don't you agree?

I do not like the idea of the beast or crossbow, because it just ruins the game.  I do not want them to add this in Minecraft.  I also do not like berries in minecraft, they need to focus on new blocks, not foods, unless it is like a simple sandwich, 1 bread one meat/carrot.   I definately hate the idea of campfires, it is just too complex, and way too life-like.  We Minecrafters want simple, happy things, not beasts, so many new berries, pillagers, and what not.  Who is with me, do we or do we not want simpleness in Minecraft?

BUT....I do like the pandas, foxes, and Bamboo.


1) Wool Balls (4 wool balls = 1 wool block)
Screenshot 2019-02-01 at 09.47.22

Yarn Ball Minecraft

2) Carpets with design

3) Red Slimes (rarely spawn; gives poison effect; spawns 5% of the time if a slime spawn egg is broken)

4) Ender Blaze (Inflicts Mining Fatigue I,II, and III)

5) Ender Shulker (Inflicts Mining Fatigue I,II, and III) 

6) Conglomerate (blocks, stairs, and slabs; can be smelted in a furnace to get smooth conglomerate)

Screenshot 2019-02-01 at 14.27.25

Conglomerate Retextured Sandstone

7) Gravel Beaches

8) Torches Light Up areas when in a player's hand

9) Minecarts can be placed on solid ground and driven like a car


11) Totem of Undying Crafting Recipe (4 gold ingots and a nether star in a + shape and 2 emeralds in the top right/left hand corners)


13) When it rains, slugs and snails appear on grass blocks (sea snails appear underwater), and worms appear on mycelium, podzol, and grass path

14) Eagles/Hawks soar in the sky in every biome (except desert [vulture] and beach [seagul]), just for visual effect

15) Toasting bread in a furnace results in a toast; Toasting carrots will produce a baked carrot

16) Taming Spiders using rotten flesh

17) Chicken, cod, salmon, beef, pork, mutton, carrot and potatoe sandwiches (1 bread + 1 meat/fish/carrot/potatoe)

18) Ore pillars biome (rarer than mushroom island; has all ores above ground; stone equivalent to ice spikes [except that it is rarer])

19) Deep Sea trenches (dark; have sunken pirate ships with chests filled with gold/iron nuggets, iron/stone swords, and maps)

20)  Paint (water bucket and 1 dye of choice)

21)  Cheese (baking milk in a furnace)


23)  Mermaids (in deep sea trenches)

24) Flowered Vines


27) Freezing in Cold Biomes/on ice and snow blocks

28) Tundra Clothes  (you get to see the crafting recipes later)

29) New Anvil Recipe  (you get to see the crafting recipie later)

30) UFOs and Meteors in the Night Sky (these are only visual, are not actual entities)

31) Camels are a new mob type.

32) Camels can wear carpets like Llama

33) Mounts (ridable mobs) can wear special beaded carpets (one carpet, one saddle, 3 beads)

34) Wolves can now have different textures (Brown, Black, Light Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, Tan, Mottled)

35) Cats' eyes glow an eerie green at night

36) Wolves' eyes glow an eerie yellow at night

37) New SFX at Night: Owl Hoots, Coyote Yelps, Mosquito Buzzing

38) New SFX at Day: Eagle Screech, Vulture Screech, Gull Call)

39) New Mob Dragonfly drops nothing

40) Gems of Mystic Power (One Found in Overworld, One Found in Nether, One Found in End)

41) Gems of Philosophy (One Found in Abandoned Underground Labyrinth, One Found Dropped by Enderdragon, One Found in Nether Fortress, One found in Ocean Monument); Representing Aristotles 'Elements' Earth, Sky, Fire, Water

42) Labyrinth with special Minotaur

43) Hermit Zombie Variant
Screenshot 2019-02-01 at 09.01.53

Hermit Mob Info

44) Bread Crumbs (One Bread = 3 Crumbs)

45) Bread Crumbs can tame chickens

46) Chicken Babies are yellow or grey

47) Feathers, Sticks, And Flints can be dropped by Skeletons

48) Baby Skeletons

49) Mob Heads for All Mobs


51) Campfires can now only cook foods when you put food on a stick over the fire

52) Villager Pirate Skeletons can be found in sunken ships


54) You can craft an acheivement book to see what you need to complete, what you have completed, the number of blocks you have mined, the number of monsters you have killed and which ones you killed, the number of blocks mined and certain blocks, and the number of foods eaten and which foods you have eaten.

55) Caves can grow stalagmites and stalagtites

56) Poison Mushrooms can be found in caves biomes, and can be used to make potion of insta-kill, which, just like it says, instakills andything that touches it (Has No Effect On The Dragon, Wither, Guradians, Blazes, Cats, Ocelots, Or Large Slimes)

57) Hydration bar (Just Like The Food Bar, But You Need To Drink Water To Keep It Filled, Milk is ineffective, and eating bread will cause it to go down quicker, as the bread absorbs your moisture.)

58) Bake Bread in A Blast Furnace to Make Toast

59) Ravager Has The Face Of A Cow With Gloing Red Eyes

60) New Grey Bat (Rare)

61) New Soil Block Guano Found in Caves with grey bats and can be mined as a fertilizer for plants, works 2 times better than bonemeal (Rare, but when found comes in massive quantities that layer like snow)

62) All Undead Mobs can now drop Bones

63) New Swamp Skeleton Variant Drops Mossy Bones


65) NEW Swamp Biomes SFX Frog Croaks

66) NEW Desert SFX Rattlesnakes

67) NEW Jungle SFX Shrill Bird Vocalizations

68) Reeds That Grow Near Lakes, Variant of both Sugar Canes and Tall Grass

69) Papyrus, = 3 reeds

70) Speed I, II, and III Elytra Enchantments

71) Pirate Illagers (Loot Chests, leave trash, have an attack of 10 HP (5 <3s)

72) Pillagers Are Neutral

73) Apple and Berry Pies

74) Ouiver Returns

75) Potato Sack

76) Cockatoo Parrot Breed

77) Catapult

78) Rocks (Stone Block = 4 stone projectile)

79) Creepers Cannot Burn

80) Liquid Mud Block, Extremely Thick, Hard To Get Across

81) Empty Bottles for breathing underwater (air inside bottle)

82) Flower Seeds

83) Diamonds Are Whitish Sky Blue

84) Metal Items Shine, while Gem Items Glimmer

85) Mirror

86) Swords Can Be Used To Block Another Sword

87) Apple Trees Are A New Tree/ Apple Wood

88) Giant Spruces are now Redwood Trees, New Wood Type.

89) Spruce are renamed Firs

90) Pinecones from Redwood and Firs are only used as a compost material

91) Trees can regrow their leaves, until cut down

92) Acorns can be cooked into 'Baked Nuts', or composted

93) Villagers have Ahh! SFX when being attacked

94) Minecarts can be attached to animals, and they can pull your cart

95) New Window Doors (Door + Pane)

96) Llamas can spawn in herds of up to 25

97) New Herder Villager (Has a herd of sheep and llama, up to 7 animals)

98) Llamas can be found in villages, where a herder villager takes care of them

99) Squids are renamed 'Octopus', and stay the same in appearance, but have specks of maroon

100) Octopus Tentacle Food (5 HP or X2.5 <3s)

101) Ink Bottles

102) Peat Soil Variant, Found In Swamps

103) Swamp Bass Fish

104) Swamp Water Has Small Algae Specks

105) Crackers can be found in jungle temples and in shipwrecks to breed and tame parrots

106) Pirate Illagers have Parrots

107) Whip (Stick + 2 String)

108) Pumpkin Melon vines spread Perpendicular from the stalk southward

109) Crown found in Jungle Temple; Wore as Helmet

110) Robe found in Ocean Monument; Worn as Chestpiece

111) Legs found in Nether Fortress; Worn as Leggings

112) Sandals found in End Airship; Worn as Boots

113) Sceptre found in Desert Temple; Weapon

114) When Crown, Robe, Legs, and Sandals are worn, and Sceptre is in hand, Sceptre summons Lightning


116) Lightning Arrows (summons lightning on contact)

117) Abandoned Dungeons have Iron bar cells with Stone slab beds with Quartz pillow

118) Pheasant chicken variant

119) Llamas drop Wool and Llama Meat

120) Giants spawn naturally

121) Ghost villages with no villagers 

122) The End has stars in the sky, as well as planets

123) The Dragon has a more dramatic death

124) All of the textures in the End are darkened, besides the glow of Enders, Shulkers' heads

125) Clouds can spawn with familiar Minecraft icons

126) Beds can be layed upon during day, but no sleeping is involved

127) When in water, you get the "Dripping Wet" status effect






133) You can dump out stuff in buckets by right clicking on the sky






139) Tiki Block

140) Tiki Illagers


142) Parrot Feathers

143) Wolves attack untamed ocelots/cats and chase tamed cats without killing them

144) Zombie Skeleman

145) Witches are Neutral

146) Pirate Illagers give you 0-2 Gold Nuggets, 0-1 Emerald, 0-1 Stone Sword (Rare)

147) Oil Underground (Used as Furnace Fuel)

148) Starfish block, similar to sea pickle   













161)  ________________________________________________________________________________

Day 4:  

The best biome to build a house in would be a Mushroom Biome Island, but first you must collect lots of wood before builing.  You will need tools, even though their will be no monsters spawning here, you may want to mine, or kill monsters long distance.


Day ?:

I think that the ravager should come with a new face, because one with a villager face is like a horror show, and not the good kind.

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