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Rarity color



Wooden: 16
Iron: 32
Diamond: 64


Wooden and Iron: Yes
Diamond: No



The staff is a weapon and a useful tool that can be used in a variety of ways, such as defending against hostile mobs. There are a total of seven different types of staffs.

The staff will be another overhaul of the combat system in Minecraft as part of Java Edition 1.15, which is likely to be added. The staff was inadvertently included in the development release 19w13b, which is why this part of the 1.15 update is already known. Only shortly after the release of the snapshot Mojang noticed the error and uploaded a new version of the snapshot that does not contain any wands anymore.


Natural generation[edit]


If the regional difficulty is at least 4, zombies and skeletons can spawn with any wooden wand. If it is at least 6, the player can also spawn with iron bars. To be able to spawn with diamond rods, the regional difficulty level must be at least 8.

All mobs can use the wands as well as the player, the only difference being that when used, the wand does not become damaged.


Main article: Trading

Wooden staff can sometimes be bought from priests.


Main article: Fishing

All wooden staff can be rarely be fished as a treasure. However, wielded wands can neither be enchanted nor upgraded into iron or diamond wands. In addition, they are used up after only one use.

Smithing table[edit]

Staff can be made in smithing table. How exactly is not yet known, however, the staff recipe data can already be found in the game data. However, the inventory of the smithing table has not been implemented yet.

The following ingredients are needed in addition to a stick to make wooden wands:

Staff Ingredient
Ice Staff
Ender Staff
Fire Staff
Poison Staff
Nether Staff
Mushroom Staff
Water Staff

To make iron staff, the player have to combine a wooden staff with an iron ignot, and to make a diamond staff, the player need an diamond and an iron staff.


Staff can be used by right-clicking. In this case, a beam of particles is emitted, which extends up to 100 blocks.

If the beam hits a block or a creature, something different happens depending on the type of wand. However, if the beam does not hit an obstacle after 100 blocks, the beam will fly straight down until it hits one. If the beam has not encountered an obstacle after 15 seconds, it disappears immediately.

The beam travels a distance of about one meter in one tick, that is about 20 blocks in one second.

There are a total of seven different types of wands, each of which performs a different action when the beam hits:

A player freezes a zombie with his ice staff.

Ice staff[edit]

The ice staff has an ice ball on top that rests on a golden mount.

With this rod can snow produce and freeze water. In addition, creatures can be frozen using the ice stick for about five seconds, so they can not move or attack the player.

A player teleports with his ender wand on a tree.

Ender staff[edit]

An ender staff is made up of a ender pearl mount that sits on a purpur (or a popped chorus fruit) mount.

Unlike the other rods, this rod does not change the world where the beam of the rod strikes. Instead, the player who used the staff is teleported to this location. This allows the player to teleport long distances without having to use the ender pearl.

A player sets a husk on fire with his fire staff.

Fire staff[edit]

The fire staff has a netherrack mount on which a flame blazes.

If the beam of this staff strikes a block or a creature, it sets these in flames.

A player poisoned a cow with his poison stick.

Poison staff[edit]

The poison staff has a spider's eye tip on a dark holder made of an indefinable material.

This staff can create poison clouds that look much like the clouds that lingering potion creates. If a mob or player steps into such a cloud, it will receive the Poison effect for 10 seconds.

A player uses his nether staff to blow up a beautiful house.

Nether staff[edit]

A nether staff just has a nether star at the top.

This wand causes the area in which it hits to explode. He has the same explosive power as TNT. All blocks destroyed by the explosion drops.

A player pursued by zombies saves himself from certain death by turning the zombies into red mooshrooms with his mushroom wand.

Mushroom staff[edit]

The mushroom staff has a red mushroom on top that is located on a mycelium block.

With the help of this rod, even in broad daylight red mushrooms can be planted. However, these will drop as soon as they receive a block update.

If the ray of the mushroom staff hits a creature, that creature becomes a mooshroom.

A careless player extinguished himself with his water stick after carelessly stepping into fire.

Water staff[edit]

The water staff has a heart of the sea at the top that is made up of a kelp plant.

The beam of this rod produces water at the point where it hits, which disappears after a short time.


Wands can be given the following enchantments:

  • Curse of Vanishing: Does not drop the wand at death, but vanishes.
  • Unbreaking: Extends the durability. Up to level III.
  • Mending: Repair the wand when collecting experience points.


Data values[edit]


NameNamespaced ID
Wooden Ice Staffwooden_ice_staff
Iron Ice Staffiron_ice_staff
Diamond Ice Staffdiamond_ice_staff
Wooden Ender Staffwooden_ender_staff
Iron Ender Staffiron_ender_staff
Diamond Ender Staffdiamond_ender_staff
Wooden Fire Staffwooden_fire_staff
Iron Fire Staffiron_fire_staff
Diamond Fire Staffdiamond_fire_staff
Wooden Poison Staffwooden_poison_staff
Iron Poison Staffiron_poison_staff
Diamond Poison Staffdiamond_poison_staff
Wooden Nether Staffwooden_nether_staff
Iron Nether Staffiron_nether_staff
Diamond Nether Staffdiamond_nether_staff
Wooden Mushroom Staffwooden_mushroom_staff
Iron Mushroom Staffiron_mushroom_staff
Diamond Mushroom Staffdiamond_mushroom_staff
Wooden Water Staffwooden_water_staff
Iron Water Staffiron_water_staff
Diamond Water Staffdiamond_water_staff


Java Edition
1.1419w13bAdded magic wands (probably accidentally).
19w13b (Reupload)Removed magic wands.