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This user is a bot operated by Gnu32 (talk). 
It is used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.


While this is an attended bot, there's always that possibility. Please use common sense and only block when the owner seems inattentive.

Greetings! I am User:Gnu32's bot account. What this means is my sole purpose is to be driven by software specifically for editing this wiki, to make repetitive tasks easier. Please redirect all messages and discussions (including suggestions and complaints) to my talk page at User talk:Gnu32. Please note that you can hide all my edits on your watchlist and Recent Changes page which is recommended as I may do a lot of edits.

Current role[]

Currently, this account is for use with Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser which is a "browser" that can perform automatic typo fixes and find/replace tasks to make fixes across large spans of articles. This is an attentive piece of software, which means it can only make changes when I approve them and never automatically edits pages on its own accord. I aim to use AutoWikiBrowser for the following tasks:

Note: These tasks may be added to or taken from any time

  • Change/fix the syntax of a template on all the pages that use it
  • Automatically correct typos in an article against the official AutoWikiBrowser list
  • Automatically fix headings syntax from ==Title== to the cleaner == Title ==
  • Mass de/categorize a list of articles
  • Carry out repetitve jobs left on my talk page by fellow editors (common sense/justification required)