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Bedrock JE2 BE2.png Gameking1happy supports the Fix Bedrock Protest started by Gameking1happy, and is a protester.

Hello, I try to help out but also am afraid that an edit that I do could be a bad edit and get me a warning, or blocked, which is why I don't really make many big edits.



Not to be confused with User:Gameking1happy/Userboxes.
Bedrock JE2 BE2.png Gameking1happy supports the Fix Bedrock Protest started by Gameking1happy, and is a protester.

Gameking1happy prefers Windows 10.
8-bit user icon.png
This user's account in Minecraft is Gameking1H (XBOX gamertag).
Gameking1happy prefers Google Chrome.
This user is also on Wikipedia.
Gameking1happy prefers iOS.
YouTube logo.svg
Gameking1happy is also on YouTube.
Reddit Icon.svg Gameking1happy is also on Reddit.
Discord logo.svg
This user is also on Discord.
Mojira logo 2020 updated.png
Gameking1happy is also on the Mojira bug tracker.
Flag of the United States.svg Gameking1happy is an American.
Bookshelf JE4 BE2.png Gameking1happy is at school.
They may be unavailable at times.
Cake JE2.png Gameking1happy's birthday is on April 10th!
Grass Block JE7 BE6.png
This user is a Minecrafter.
Redstone Dust JE2 BE2.png
This user is obsessed with redstone.
Creeper JE2 BE1.png
This user likes Creepers.
Mineshaft.png This user has found a mineshaft.
Plains Farmer.pngSwamp Cleric.pngSavanna Librarian.pngTaiga Weaponsmith.png This user likes the Village & Pillage update.
Impulse Command Block JE5 BE2.png Gameking1happy likes to build with command blocks.
Redstone Dust JE2 BE2.png
This user likes to build redstone circuits.
Iron Sword JE2 BE2.png
This user likes to fight.
TNT JE3 BE2.png
This user likes to destroy stuff.
Diamond Pickaxe JE3 BE3.png
This user likes to mine.
Compass JE1 BE1.png
This user likes to explore.
Bricks JE5 BE3.png
This user likes to build.
This user likes to burn stuff.
Music Disc Cat JE1 BE1.png
This user likes to make music.
Minecraft Creative.pngHeart.svg
Gameking1happy likes to play on both Creative and Survival.
Dungeon.png This user has found a dungeon.
Creeper JE2 BE1.png
This user tested 99% positive for Minecraft addiction.
Diamond Hoe JE3 BE3.png
This user likes to farm.
Torch JE6 BE2.png
This user likes to spelunk.
Ladder (2D).png
This user likes to build up.
XP Level25 Orb Animation.gif
This player has at most reached 25 experience levels or more.
Diamond JE3 BE3.png
Gameking1happy has obtained more than 10 diamonds in one world without cheating.
Pink Sheep JE4.png
Gameking1happy has found at least one pink sheep.
Wiki.png Gameking1happy is frequently on the Minecraft Wiki.
TNT JE3 BE2.png This user's favorite block is TNT.
Brewing Stand (Full).png
Gameking1happy is a potion brewer.
Rl cat.jpg
Gameking1happy loves real life cats
Jack Russell Terrier 1.jpg
Gameking1happy loves real life dogs
Tabby Cat.png This user's favorite mob is Tabby Cat.
Potion of Swiftness JE2 BE2.png Gameking1happy is addicted to the Minecraft Wiki!
Eye of Ender JE2 BE2.png Gameking1happy is a patroller of Special:RecentChanges.
Source Editor Symbol.png Gameking1happy prefers the source editor over the visual editor.
500 This user has made over 500 edits to this wiki.
This user loves the Minecraft Wiki!
Enchanting Table JE4 BE2.png
Gameking1happy is an Enchanter.
Mojang Studios logo.svg
Gameking1happy loves Mojang Studios.
Book and Quill JE2 BE2.png
Gameking1happy Reads and Writes
in Minecraft.
Creeper JE2 BE1.png This user loves to hug creepers!
Block of Gold JE6 BE3.png
This user called gold "butter".
Gameking1happy loves Mushroom Biomes.
Golden Boots (item) JE3 BE3.png
This user loves butter boots!
Slime JE3 BE2.png This user hates Slimes on Superflat worlds to death.
Chicken JE2 BE2.png
This user believes that the chicken was spawned before the egg.
Glistering Melon Slice JE3 BE2.png? Gameking1happy sometimes forgets that glistering melons exist.
Red Mooshroom JE4.png
This user likes Mooshrooms.
Ocelot.png This user thinks Ocelots are cute.
Jukebox JE2 BE2.png
Gameking1happy loves listening to music.
Block of Redstone JE2 BE2.png Gameking1happy loves making BUDs.
Milk Bucket JE2 BE2.png
This user is addicted to milk.


Rewrite for Style
Capitalization fixing
Refactoring edition specific information


When an IP undoes a vandalistic edit of an experienced user: These are confusing times.[1]
When a beta of a new minor release is released before the last minor version: These are confusing times.[1]

Trash I thought of[]

When the creeper is SUS! 😳 [2]
When the stew is SUS! 😳 [2]
When the system isn't op: CONFUSED SCREAMING [3] [note 1]

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  1. This funny is about the sysop (admin) user group, and how the word sys (system) is there, and op (meaning operator in sysop) also means overpowered.