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This is FruPärla, a Fandom editor for Minecraft Wiki.

FruPärla's Basic Information[]

FruPärla is a quite mystery person and she prefers to keep most of her privacy a secret!

Her real name is Nessie.S and is a girl with pink hair and tan skin(just like Adriene, her MCD skin) from Thailand, Southeast Asia. Her birthday is 15/12/1998, so she is about 22 years old. She is also a cat lover and owns a pet cat called Hedwig. As a newcomer to Fandom, please make friends with her so that she will not feel lonely...

If you wonder how she get her name, it's Swedish. You can search it in Google translation. She is interested in learning Swedish and especially welcome Swedish to teach her this language. She can speak little Swedish, but you can speak English with her and everyone can chat with her!

FruPärla's Minecraft Experience[]

FruPärla is a Minecraft Dungeons player who loves using melee weapons and seldom uses ranged weapons. Her favorite melee weapon is Moon Daggers and ranged weapon is Butterfly Crossbow (maybe not so popular?). She has also played Java for 5 years, but sadly her computer isn't good enough to install Java 16. Therefore, she can only play 1.16.5. If you wanna contact her, write it directly in this page cuz she always checks her Fandom page.


$25.95=Endless Happiness+Infinite Possibility

Minecraft Dungeons[]

FruPärla is a senior MCD player who plays it shortly after its release. Her main strategy is to use melee weapons and Death Cap Mushroom to deal heavy attack on mobs. This strategy is quite useful until Apocalypse+ where mobs are much more aggressive and there're much more Enchanted mobs, so she has developed quite a few new strategies. Her ideal gears are the followings:

Name Enchantment 1 Enchantment 2 Enchantment 3
Melee Moon Daggers Shockwave Radience Critical Hit
Ranged Butterfly Crossbow Multishot Chain Reaction Tempo Theft
Armor Splendid Armor Final Shout Cool Down Cool Down
Artifact 1 Death Cap Mushroom N/A
Artifact 2 Fireworks Arrow
Artifact 3 Harvester


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