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[[File:twilight.png|thumb|300px|Twilight Town]]Twilight Town is a [[NPC_Village|NPC Village]] made by [[User:Firefox4|firefox4]], consisting of, villager buildings, 2 homemade buildings, all buildings connected by tunnels and bridges, added in 1.1.
== Origin ==
*[[Superflat]] page.
== Traffic ==
*There is %50 of some bridges being clogged up by [[Villager]]s. [[File:twilight2.png|thumb|100px|Villager Traffic.]]
== More Space ==
*There's a large building that used to serve no purpose, according to firefox4, it would be used for villagers, called an apartment, in 1.2.5, this large building was added as an apartment.[[File:twilight4.png|thumb|100px|The Apartment.]]
== Master House ==
*This house is the heart of Twilight Town, it is located in the center of the village. [[File:twilight5.png|thumb|100px|The Heart Of Twilight Town.]]
== 2 Modified Buildings ==
*The Church and The Refinery is modified to look different.
[[File:twilight6.png|thumb|100px|The Church.]]
[[File:twilight7.png|thumb|100px|The Refinery.]]
== Gallary ==
[[File:twilight8.png|thumb|100px|A Tunnel.]]
[[File:twilight9.png|thumb|100px|A Bridge.]]
[[File:twilight10.png|thumb|100px|In Development.]]
== See Also ==
[[NPC_Village|NPC Village]]

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