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This is version 4 of the SmartChest, a storage system designed for the Cloud on Wurstmineberg. It was designed by L3viathan2142, Fenhl, and fireantprincess, and is based on version 3, designed by L3viathan (/u/throwaway_redstone).

The SmartChest provides virtual access to at least 374 stacks of storage space through one double chest. This is achieved using a mechanism which moves items from the access chest into the extra storage when the access chest gets too full, and moves items from the extra storage back into the access chest when the access chest gets too empty. For the purposes of the Cloud, this SmartChest design includes an item sorter that filters out one type of item from a hopper line, and an overflow protection system which redirects items received from the sorter into a garbage hopper line when the SmartChest is full. Note that the SmartChest is intended for a single type of item, and may break when more than 5 different types of item are stored in a single SmartChest. The main part does work with unstackable items, but the sorter part does not.


To build a single SmartChest, including the sorter and half the corridor, you need:

  • 12 chests
  • 44 solid blocks (represented by gold blocks below, only 42 are needed if this SmartChest is being built against another SmartChest in the right position)
  • 6 slabs of any kind (represented by stone slabs below)
  • 27 redstone dust (26 if building against another SmartChest)
  • 15 redstone torches
  • 5 repeaters
  • 9 comparators (8 if building against another SmartChest)
  • 28 hoppers
  • 7 droppers
  • 11 furnaces (6 if building against another SmartChest)
  • 4 quartz slabs
  • 10 blocks of stone
  • 2 oak wood planks
  • 2 oak wood stairs
  • 4 crafting tables
  • 2 blocks of glowstone
  • 1 wooden shovel (or other full stack of fuel)
  • 27 Ender pearls
  • 1 sign
  • 1 item frame
  • 3 torches
  • and 2 of the item that the SmartChest is supposed to store.

The design[]

The design is shown here in layers that will be vertically stacked on top of each other. The access chest will be on layer 0.

Layer -9[]

Layer -8[]


The oak wood logs here should actually be oak wood planks, since these will fit in with the crafting tables later.

A torch can be used instead of the glowstone.

Layer -7[]


Layer -6[]


While you build this layer, the SmartChest will start making repetitive clicking noises. This is normal, and will stop once layer -5 (the layer after this one) is completed. The noises can be avoided entirely by waiting to place the torch marked with an x until after layer -5 is completed.

A torch can be used instead of the glowstone.

Layer -5[]

A torch can be used instead of the glowstone.

Layer -4[]

Layer -3[]

The hopper that faces into the comparator is a sorting hopper. You should put one of the item that this SmartChest is for in the first slot. In the other four slots, you need to put items that stack to 16 (e.g. Ender pearls, signs, buckets), one per slot. Make sure that the filler item is first to be sorted in the input chain.

Layer -2[]

This layer also has the input hopper chain, not shown in the schematic. Just zig-zag it so that it will be above all sorting hoppers.

Layer -1[]

The furnace can be anything that causes the comparator to output a signal of exactly 8. For example, a furnace with a wooden shovel in the fuel slot and 8 Ender pearls in the ingredient slot will work.

The top slabs next to the furnaces may be any slabs (they will form part of the corridor), e.g. on Wurstmineberg they are quartz slabs.

The furnaces next to the quartz slabs may be any building block as long as it is a full block (to make sure that no items can fall through into the hoppers). Because of MC-85728, using furnaces here is recommended to reduce server lag.

Layer 0[]

The furnace next to the wall may be anything that causes the comparator to output a signal of exactly 5, while the other furnace should be something that causes its comparator to output a signal of exactly 1. For example, a furnace with 14 Ender pearls in the ingredient slot will work for the comparator immediately behind the chest, and for the other one you can put a single Ender pearl in the furnace's ingredient slot.

Layer 1[]


Here, the oak wood logs represent upside-down oak wood stairs which are oriented so that they appear flush with the corridor wall. You can put an item frame and a sign on them.


As the SmartChest has been designed for the Cloud, it is tileable to 4 blocks horizontally and 10 blocks vertically, while leaving space for hallways.