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Bugs reported by Exhelah
Title Bug ID Date Status
Enderdragon can't die unless perched on portal MC-84035 2015-6-30 Fixed
Fullscreen Mouse Out-Of-Bounds Behavior MC-77047 2015-1-28 Fixed
Lit activator rail model naming typo MC-75778 2014-12-25 Invalid
ConcurrentModificationException and spawn chunks hole upon world generation MC-75777 2014-12-25 Unresolved
Redstone Dust Breaking Particles Bug MC-53615 2014-4-25 Duplicate
Barrier Texture Overlap Glitch MC-48217 2014-2-14 Duplicate
Realms Backups "No" button doesn't work MC-47857 2014-2-7 Fixed
MC Realms button disappeared MC-46272 2014-1-27 Works as Intended
Achievements Screen Graphical Glitch MC-37795 2013-10-26 Duplicate
White Stained Glass Pane Name Typo MC-34761 2013-10-10 Duplicate
Launcher forced resize on login with existing account MCL-1324 2013-6-24 Unresolved
Tool Breaking Glitch MC-18804 2013-6-22 Duplicate
Item Switch while Breaking Block Glitch MC-17633 2013-6-12 Duplicate
Item Drop Glitch MC-13010 2013-3-29 Duplicate
Iron Bars Graphical Conflict on y axis MC-10926 2013-3-3 Duplicate
Empty bottles in brewing stand bug MC-9860 2013-2-15 Duplicate
If you corner a one block wide tunnel in a minecart, you always switch to first person view MC-9655 2013-2-11 Duplicate
If you place 4 stairs in a 2*2 grid, two of the stairs won't connect MC-9653 2013-2-11 Duplicate
Powered Rails placed at an angle have incorrect hitbox MC-9442 2013-2-8 Duplicate
If you start stacking snow directly beneath you, you'll fall through it MC-9392 2013-2-7 Duplicate
End Portals built in creative mode won't activate MC-3461 2012-11-21 Works as Intended