aka Dominator King :)

  • I live in Australia
  • My occupation is Learning to aim

Welcome To My Profile Page!

Hi There, I'm Dominator King. Welcome to my profile page!                                 This is my Profile Picture.

I am an Australian Citizen if you haven't guessed yet. Green and Yellow are Australian colors! I’m also close friends with User:AzCoy7 and User:Meismesime. (Note: I can still write in Ameican-English) Anyways, if you want to say Hi to me you can do so in my message wall! 

How did I Find This Wiki?

Well, in 2017 I was trying to learn about, a game that was high at that time. I went on the Wiki, and I liked it. After 2017, I forgot all about wikis.  Then one of my friends, AzCoy7 told/showed me about the Minecraft Wiki. I remembered how much I liked the wiki, so I gave Minecraft a try, and liked it as well. So now I'm here, and I am happy to be so!

Enderman DominatorKing246's favorite mob is the Enderman!

NoHerobrine DominatorKing246 believes Herobrine is a hoax!

MCMojang DominatorKing246 prefers to play Minecraft without any mods.

257 DominatorKing246 prefers Creative Mode over Survival Mode!

CreeperOrange DominatorKing246 likes to play on Hard Difficulty.

Lofsdgo DominatorKing246 owns Minecraft: Pocket Edition!

150px-Creeper DominatorKing246's favorite mob is the Creeper!

Minecraftupdatel.aspx DominatorKing246 cannot wait for the next Minecraft update!



I Love planning and performing actions that require a lot of thinking and prediction. 


I like things to make sense to me - I also like to help people make sense of things


Although I am absolute trash at a Rubik's Cube, any logic puzzle or maze could put me back in my happy spot!


Drawing is one of my favorite pastimes. Sometimes I'll draw the first, random thing that comes to mind (Like a chair), and see what I can do.


I delight in riddles, mind tricks, and brain teasers. I find it fun trying to guess the answers to riddles that have a solution so simple it is unthinkable. I love confusing people's minds with mind tricks... And I love testing my mind with tricky brain teasers.



An Amazing creative game, in my opinion. Interactive to play with friends, as well as build almost anything! You might have guessed, but I'm a creative-mode person. I like building houses and buildings, as well as expanding villages! Sometimes, to annoy people, I'll ring the bell in the village repeatedly...

A good, fun game that can make you rage quit. You control a cute little tank that you can upgrade to become a monster Overlord or a Deadly Penta-Shot.

Clash Royale

My favorite game in terms of strategy. Deploying the troops onto the arena in the right spots at the right time, against the right enemies with the right trades.

Things I Dislike

  1. Hackers

A big problem to Minecraft servers and society, hackers are no better than selfish thieves, only out for their own fun, not respecting anyone else's. I resent these people more than you could imagine, being the victim of many Skywars/Bedwars incidents.

  1. Cyber-Bullies

No better than hackers, these people pick on the weak and hurt the happy. They make you sad and ruin your fun, insulting you with language no one would use face-to-face. I dislike these people greatly.

  1. Cross-Teaming

Now everyone knows about this... I had a tragic, devastating past in which I would team up on people and destroy them, without a second thought. But now, I fight teamers. Anyone who stands up to cross-teamers is someone who knows the feeling of defeating them.  

Favorite Mobs

  • Enderman

Endermen are my favorite mob because it has, in my opinion, the coolest ability in the game. Teleportation! His appearance is so intimidating, with his purple eyes contrasting against the dark, black of his skin. And he can pick up and move blocks! All thinking together, I believe this is one of the kind that add a lot of spice into the game.

  • Creeper

I find the ‘Aw Man’ meme as annoying as a creeper itself. But Creeper’s have, in my opinion, the second-best ability in the game. Exploding! Who would want one in their house? They sneak up on you and BOOM! Plus, they do look a bit cute.

  • Blaze

The third best ability in the game: Shooting fireballs! Blaze are floating beings of fire and smoke that can obliterate you if you're not careful. FLOATING beings - they can fly! A flying fireball that shoots Fire Charges - you need to more explanation look at this Mob in awe.

 Favorite Blocks

  • Wood

Who wouldn’t like Wood? The most useful resource, being the first thing you use to craft with. Wood is essential in your first Survival (Game Mode)nights, as well as building easy houses. Wood can be crafted into Planks that are also a great building and crafting material.

  • Cobblestone

Cobblestone is an amazing Block, just 1 tier higher than wood. Craft the essential Furnace types, as well as stone tools and weapons. A great, non-flammable material for building and upgrading your house, although it does look a bit uglier than other blocks.

  • Iron

Block of Iron is the best block in my opinion. A great blast-resistant block, shiny in the light and hard to miss. I love how iron is amazingly versatile in the Crafting and Weapons industry, creating strong and stable objects.


  • Get 200 Edits
  • Earn Rollback Rights
  • Get 500 Edits
  • Get 1000 Edits
  • Get 2000 Edits
  • Earn Administrator Rights

And for the goal I find the most important:

Become the friendliest member of this wiki! 👍

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