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This user "Blockofnetherite" prefers to use the enhanced profile.

For my sandbox, see User:Blockofnetherite/Sandbox.

Hello! This is BlockOfNetherite, who is a very active user on this wiki. I have been making many edits per day, and have been reverting vandalism. Not all edits are 100% perfect, as everyone makes mistakes. (Example of me reverting actual vandalism)
I am currently working on a page on things I want to be added to minecraft, check it out in U:Blockofnetherite/Suggestions

The story of my username[edit]

How did I end up with this username? For starters, my Minecraft IGN is "BlockOfNetherite." But it starts long, long before that.

I started playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 Edition around the Java Edition equivalent of Java Edition 1.6.1. The username would obviously not be "BlockOfNetherite," as that 1.16 item of course, never existed. It was "gamebeater187," some random username I thought up the first time I was introduced to the internet. I have so many game accounts named "gamebeater187" cause that was my first username.

But for some random reason, gamebeater187 was taken, when making my Java Edition account. It was really late at night, I wasn't thinking, and I was desperate to make a Java Edition account, so I came up with a random username, "Ghast_Ghast". Don't know what I was thinking, but yeah. That was my first minecraft username.

However, starting in around 2019, after discovering that usernames are changeable, I really wanted to change my username. In February, 11, 2020 at 1:02:00 PM PST, I changed it to BlockOfNetherite.


Because I wanted to have a username that was a literal minecraft item. Since the Block of Netherite was a very new item at the time, and it is very valuable, expensive, and treasured, I changed my username to BlockOfNetherite.

Sure, my favorite block is the netherite block.