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I am a user on the Minecraft wiki. In signatures, I appear as The Blobs, but my actual username is Blobs2. In talk pages, you may refer to me by either name.

In Minecraft[]

I am a Bedrock Edition player. I am especially interested in farms, contraptions, etc. I like to run various tests in a Creative world, although I play Survival too.

Renewable Resources[]

I like to make sure that I use renewable items as much as possible. Although one is unlikely to, for example, use all of the diamonds in a world, it is theoretically posible because the world is not truly infinite. See Bedrock Edition distance effects for more information.

The exception is if a resource needs to be used at first, but not in the long run. Examples include:

  • Crafting arrows from flint until I have a mob farm.
  • Creating tools, weapons, etc. in a non-renewable way, until I have a Mending villager.
  • Using non-renewable resources for farms and builds, since the resources will not be necessary once the construction is complete.

Some resources are renewable but are usually considered easier to obtain in a non-renewable way. Here are some examples:

Feature Common, non-renewable method Renewable method
Arrows Finding gravel and crafting arrows.

Killing skeletons
Buying from fletcher villagers
Obtaining gravel via bartering.

Cobblestone Mining stone Constructing a cobblestone generator
Gold Mining gold ore Killing zombified piglins

Soul Sand
Nether Quartz

Finding these naturally-generated resources. Bartering with piglins.
Smelting Mining coal

Burning wood slabs
Getting coal from wither skeletons

In addition, redstone dust, glowstone dust, lapis lazuli, glass, bricks, polished granite, polished granite, polished diorite, dyed terracotta, and blocks of quartz are obtainable from villagers. Red sand, lily pads, coral blocks, and podzol are obtainable from wandering traders.


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