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March 5, 2014

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Java Edition 1.2.5

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(The health bar is meant to be a joke. Just shows that I have "one life".)

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deadmau5, Justice, Kavinsky, and Carpenter Brut




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-BDJP (t|c)

Hi! I'm BDJP007301. Some of you may know me as Dlawso the Rabbit on the Mojira bug tracker, formerly helping out the moderators by finding a lot of dupes / invalid tickets. I'm also known as TheNintenGuru in Minecraft.


I decided to come up with TheMeaningOfBlah after a friend told me that blah meant Thank You in a different language. I'm not sure what language it is, though. As for my other names, TheTMOBGaming2 came to be as a combination of the capitals of my Minecraft name. BDJP007301 came to be as Blah was already taken; it is combined as the initials of my last and first name, "JP" for Japan, "007" for James Bond, and "301" in reference to when YouTube was verifying any views on a video if there were more than 301 views on it. Sonic came to be as my favorite video game character / franchise is Sonic The Hedgehog. As of February 25th, 2017, my Minecraft username is now officially TheNintenGuru.

In Minecraft[]

In Minecraft, I tend to join multiplayer servers, play some singleplayer survival, build redstone circuits, or just check out the lastest developmental versions. As for YouTube, you'll just have to wait and see.

On the Minecraft Wiki[]

On here, I usually try my best to remove vandalism, unnecessary information / videos, and bug-related trivia. Also doing my best with weeding out spam and advertising.

Current projects:

  • Clearing out maintenance categories.
On hold
  • Updating all employee pages to match current positions


Java Edition Beta
1.8TheTMOBGaming2 can now be found on Twitter.
Java Edition
1.2.5Added TheMeaningOfBlah.
1.4.2TheTMOBGaming2 can now be found on YouTube.
1.7.2TheTMOBGaming2 can now be found on Tumblr.
1.7.4TheMeaningOfBlah can now be found on the Minecraft Forum.
TheTMOBGaming2 hits 100 subscribers on YouTube.
1.7.5BDJP007301 can now be found on this very Wiki.
1.7.9Sonic can now be found on the Mojira.
1.7.10TheMeaningOfBlah can now be found on reddit.
1.8TheTMOBGaming2 hits 200 subscribers on YouTube.
1.8.1TheMeaningOfBlah is now TheTMOBGaming2.
1.10.2TheTMOBGaming2 hits 300 subscribers on YouTube.
1.11All videos on TheTMOBGaming2 are deleted.
Channel is now under construction for reopening at an unspecified date.
1.11.2TheTMOBGaming2 is now TheNintenGuru.

My Desktop Specs[]

Lenovo ideacentre AIO 520-24AST
  • AMD A12-9720P 12 Core (4 CPU; 8 GPU) with AMD Radeon R7 Graphics @ 2.70 GHz
  • 8MB L2 Cache
  • 8GB DDR3 System Memory @ 1600 MHz
  • 1TB (5400 RPM) HDD
  • 23.8” diagonal High Definition+ BrightView LED Display (1920 x 1080)
  • These are planned to be upgraded / updated in the near future.

Minecraft games that I have[]

Game Platform(s)
Minecraft Windows 7iOSWii UNintendo SwitchApple TVWindows 10New Nintendo 3DS
Minecraft: Story Mode Windows 7iOSWii UNintendo SwitchApple TVWindows 10
Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Windows 7iOSNintendo Switch
Minecraft Earth iOS
Minecraft Dungeons Nintendo Switch

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