What's up, <insert name here>? I am an administrator on this wiki.
If you have any inquiries, you can ask me something or just say hello on my Message Wall. I am active everyday, and I will make at least 4 edits on this wiki daily. You can call me "Az" instead of "AzCoy7" if you would like - it's (kind of) my nickname. Also, if you have seen me randomly close threads on your wall, I'm just following my daily message wall clean-up routine. I have an alternative account called AltCoy7.

Personal Wiki Shortcuts

I LOVE CHICKENS AND COOKED CHICKEN! Check out my wiki, called Minecraft Recipes Wiki!

Watch this video to learn how to make this trap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5XHtltIJRw

Hi there! I'm AzCoy7. I am an administrator on this wiki. I am Australian, and I absolutely love fishing. I enjoy playing baseball, table tennis and I also enjoy uploading content to my YouTube channel. My username, AzCoy7, is basically short for AzureCoyote7. Azure is my favourite colour, and is a shade of blue halfway between normal blue and cyan. On the other hand, the Coyote (along with the Culpeo) is my favourite extant animal. 7 is my favourite number. I additionally enjoy researching deeply in subjects related to paleontology, which is the scientific field of study about dinosaurs. If you're a dinosaur mania like me and you know a lot of stuff about it, my favourite dinosaur is Suchomimus. I am also an enthusiastic Star Wars person. I have a passion for mobile gaming, too. As you may already know, I like chickens and cooked chicken. Catch you later!

Favourite blocks

  • Dirt - I use this for making 2-block high and 2-block wide walls as a defence against Skeletons, and while the Skeleton is reloading, I quickly rush at it, delivering quick blows from my sword. I call this tactic dirt-rushing. I also use it for other general utilities, like using the dirt-elevation tactic.
  • Cobblestone - A very cheap and easy-to-find resource that I use when making bases. I like it because it is simple to find and offers high blast resistance against irritating Creepers that blow up your worthless hard work every day.
  • Planks - I don't see why I should give a reason of why I like this block, I mean, come on, everyone uses it! It's just useful, that's simply all I can say to be honest.
  • Wool - Specifically, I mean coloured wool, not the plain white wool. I use it for decorative flooring purposes, as I don't like using carpets (though wool is highly flammable).

Pets and Associated Entities in Minecraft

Note: Please do not use the names.

  • Light blue collar Wolf: Sebastian [Alive]
  • Orange collar Wolf: Cory [Alive]
  • Lime collar Wolf: Dave [Alive]
  • Yellow collar Wolf: Timmy [Alive]
  • Pink collar Wolf: Bonnie [Alive]
  • Purple collar Wolf: Molly [Alive]
  • Red collar Ginger Cat: Nibbles [Alive]
  • Light blue, green and yellow-coloured (Ikea bird) Parrot: Monty [Alive]
  • Silver and yellow-coloured Parrot: Hayden [Deceased; killed by Creeper explosion]
  • Light brown, diamond horse armour Horse: Maximus [Alive]
  • Librarian Villager: Albert [Alive]
  • Cartographer Villager: Mike [Alive]

Things I like on this wiki

  • Good-faithed users
  • Cooperative users
  • Administrators and Bureaucrats

Things I dislike on this wiki

  • Badge-farmers
  • Vandals
  • Offensive users
  • Underage users

Favourite foods


  • Become a Rollback - Status: ✔
  • Reach 1,000 Edits - Status: ✔
  • Contribute to the wiki daily - Status: ✔
  • Revert vandalism - Status: ✔
  • Become a Discussions Moderator - Status: ✔
  • Reach 2,000 Edits - Status: ✔
  • Become an administrator - Status: ✔
  • Reach 3,000 edits - Status: N/A
  • Become a bureaucrat - Status: N/A

Favourite tameable animals

  • Wolf - I like them because they will defend you, and plus, they are pretty cute!
  • Llama - I like them because they look unique and funny simultaneously!

Hostile mobs that I find annoying:

Friends on this wiki:

Cyanblade17 - Close friend in real life.

Meismesime - Close friend in real life.

DominatorKing246 - Close friend in real life.

Intellicraft - I know him because he was the adopter and is a bureaucrat on Alan Walker Wiki and I am an administrator.

Sitb - The user who granted me rollback rights.

SLScool - The user who granted me discussions moderator rights.

Banana.spread10 - We fight spam and vandalism together.

TravellingEye - Friend on this wiki. Content moderator on Minecraft Recipes Wiki (my wiki).

Travjt - Friend on this wiki.

Jiggy01 [Also known as Ragnorak Ghost] - A fellow editor on War Robots Wiki.

DizzyJump - Friend on this wiki. (inactive)

ProMinecrafter8169 - Friend on this wiki.

Edits this new - Friend on this wiki.


Here are some of my userboxes:

Diamondore2.png AzCoy7 is an Administrator of Minecraft Wiki!
CreeperOrange.png AzCoy7 likes to play on Hard Difficulty.

MCMojang.png AzCoy7 prefers to play Minecraft without any mods.

Minecraftupdatel.aspx.jpeg AzCoy7 cannot wait for the next Minecraft update!

Axe-Pick-Crossed.png AzCoy7 enjoys both Creative and Survival mode!

ThY22KGH26.jpg AzCoy7 likes playing both single and multiplayer modes.

Enderman.png AzCoy7 is afraid of Endermen!

NoHerobrine.png AzCoy7 believes Herobrine is a hoax!
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