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I am AttemptToCallNil (can be abbreviated to "ATCN" or "Attempt", writing it as "Nil" is discouraged). I am an administrator on this wiki, as well as an administrator and a bureaucrat on the Russian wiki.

I can do a lot of things, but I prefer minor edits, technical maintenance, and maybe participation in discussions. I have also written templates, modules, styles, and some JavaScript.

I had a bot, but it's inactive. I tried to code my own tools, but it's a substantial and long-term project that will most likely never be done, and with UCP, is likely to end up completely meaningless.

I have been editing wikis since late 2012, when I made lots of anonymous edits on the Russian wiki. I registered there in October, and became an administrator there in March next year. I was previously known as "GreenStone", then as "User GreenStone" because I had to urgently make up a new name.

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My computer[]

A 1920×1080 / 75 Hz monitor, a Ryzen 5 1600, a Radeon RX 480 (4 GB 💩), 16 GB RAM, and Ubuntu 20.04.

Accounts on other services[]

If an account is not listed here, it may or may not be mine, and I may decline to answer any questions regarding such accounts.

  • Discord: AttemptToCallNil#1652
  • Wikimedia projects: AttemptToCallNil
  • GitHub: AttemptToCallNil
  • GitLab: AttemptToCallNil
  • translatewiki.net: AttemptToCallNil
  • Crowdin: AttemptToCallNil


I never play multiplayer games. As for single-player games, I tend to play all sorts of RPGs, but not exclusively.

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