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Any tool

Blast resistance










Catches fire from lava


Duncan Geere Mojang avatar.png

Go ahead, eat it! What's the worst that could happen?

Duncan Geere, misquoted

Cakebomb is a food block that can be eaten by the player to initiate a controlled explosion.


Once the cakebomb is placed, it cannot be recollected even with the use of Silk Touch, which is similar to classic TNT.


Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Milk Bucket +
Gunpowder +
Fire Charge +

After crafting the cakebomb, the milk will become buckets, which will remain in the crafting grid.


Nitwit villagers sell 1 cakebomb for 1 emerald as a rare first tier trade.


See also: Anger Management, once your house is gone.

Unlike most foods, but instead like most explosives, cakebomb cannot be eaten as an item in the hotbar. Before being detonated, it must first be placed on top of a solid block.


Pandas will move towards a dropped item of cakebomb, will pick it up and diffuse it safely, producing a cake item, before promptly eating it.


Gold Ingot
Gold Ingot JE4 BE2.png
Rarity color





Yes (64)

Buy Now - Only 50 MCoin.png

Gold ingots are a metal that is used to craft various items.


Mob C Grapner (Arrran).svg
Hitbox size

11px Tall

Jeb twitter.jpg

This cute-looking mob has a huge mouth and a great appetite for enchanting powers. It will open its huge jaw and sink into the ground where it camouflages itself. Any mobs or items that fall into its mouth will be consumed. You should vote for this mob because it has some interesting enchanting powers. Maybe you can even use these abilities to your own advantage? To add or remove enchantments from your own items.

Jens Bergensten[1] on Mob C

The Grapner is an unused mob.


The Grapner went unused after the MINECON Earth 2017 Mob Vote. The mob was option C, however option B: the Phantom was chosen by the community.



Okay, so this one might get confusing, to clarify, I wrote a To-do list some time back in 2013 (User:ArrranWeeviling/To Do List) but the wiki recently deleted it, I had also replied to my past self on the 1st of Februrary 2018, marked in bold.

This is my list of things to do List! With responses from 5 and bit years later!

  • Learn CSS - Mostly got it, but also mostly forgot WikiCode.
  • Design Wallpaper GUI - ?
  • Implement into the Wiki - Not fully merged yet.
  • Relax - Yes.
  • Have a Glass of Milk - Yes.
  • Upload the sprites - Will do.
  • Complain about Vandalism - Sure did.
  • Have a Glass of Milk - Ok.
  • Check my unused Images - I'm doing that now.
  • Tag some {{Delete|Unused}} - You deleted some cool stuff though. Wow, foreshadowing much?
  • Check User Talk:ArrranWeeviling/Fanmade - Doing that after this list. - Scroll down, it's below.
  • Fix grammar, add hyperlinks - Done and continuing.
  • Have a Glass of Milk - Don't drink so much.

Here's a to do list for another five years time (Come back some time in 2023)

  • Automate everything with Python (or whatever made up language you use)
  • Find out what you meant by "Design Wallpaper GUI"
  • Implement the unimplementable
  • Relax
  • Have a pint (Chill, I'm old enough now, I just don't drink)
  • Upload the sprites
  • Do something about Vandalism
  • Don't get another pint
  • Check for unused ideas, make them used
  • Clean up the streets of the Minecraft Wiki
  • Build a game from the ground up, or several
  • Keep the past secure, but live in the present
  • Get some rest
  • Nothing interesting looks like it will happen in 2023, hope you get HL3

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If you want to contribute ideas: please do so on my Fanmade talk page.