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This article is about future updates for the PC and Mac versions. For development versions, see Version history/Development versions. For the Pocket Edition, see Pocket Edition upcoming features. For Xbox Edition, see Xbox 360 Edition upcoming features. For previous updates, see Version history.

This page is about upcoming features that have been announced by Mojang employees.

Near future

Version Planned Changes Planned Release Date
Major versions
1.4 (Pretty Scary Update)

Note : Very few references are provided here since most of this content has been directly released in weekly snapshots 12w32a–.


  • F3+P will toggle the auto-pause when the window loses focus
  • F3+H will toggle detailed item descriptions
  • Fire spread will be affected by the difficulty.[1]
  • Modding API.[2][3][4]
    • Will be called "plugins".[5]
  • Rewriting Lighting engine.[6] Current engine has some bugs. (See Bug Fixes below.)


  • Added a Command Block that that can run server commands when triggered by redstone, intended for adventure maps
    • No crafting recipe, only obtainable through /give[7][8]
    • Use @p to address the nearest player, @a for all players (where applicable) and @r for a random player[9][10][11]
    • Only OPs can create it in multiplayer if there isn't already one in the game.
    • Will operate in silent mode so it doesn't display commands in the chat window.[12]
  • Added a few commands for use with the redstone command block
    • /difficulty to change game difficulty[13]
      • /difficulty 0 = peaceful
      • /difficulty 1 = easy
      • /difficulty 2 = normal
      • /difficulty 3 = hard
    • Toggling PvP[14]
    • /spawnpoint to change spawnpoint per player (not the actual spawnpoint but more like an invisible bed)
      • /spawnpoint <player> <x> <y> <z>
    • /gamerule <gamerule> <true/false>
      • /gamerule doFireTick to change if the fire should spread
      • /gamerule doMobLoot to change if mobs should drop items
      • /gamerule doMobSpawning to change if mobs should naturally spawn
      • /gamerule doTileDrops to change if blocks should have drops (does not work for paintings)
      • /gamerule keepInventory to change if you should keep your items in your inventory if you die.
      • /gamerule mobGriefing to change if creepers and endermen should be able to change blocks.
    • /weather [clear | rain | thunder] to change the weather
    • /help command improved


  • More features inside the nether[15]
  • Improved superflat spawning options[16]
  • Entities (such as Cows, Minecarts & Ghasts) will be able to travel through Nether Portals and End Portals.[17][18]
    • Entities will pass through instantly, but at a longer "cooldown".[19]
    • There are no restrictions, any entity at all can travel through the portals.[20]
    • Will allow fire burning entities like blazes to leave the nether and potentially burn things.[21]
    • Portals will teleport an Entity relative to where it entered.[22][23]
  • Added Wooden Button.
  • Added new potions:
    • Night Vision potion.
    • Invisibility potion.[24]
      • Now hides the nametag[25]
      • Mobs do not see you until you bump into them.
      • Turns mobs invisible too.
  • Improved villages and villagers to make them more self-aware[26]
    • You can now restore a desolate village or create a completely new village[27]
  • Added a "Work in progress" block. (AKA Beacon Block)
    • Can be right-clicked to reveal a GUI
    • Glows as bright as glowstone and casts a white light into the sky when on an assembled pyramid.
      • a 3x3 platform out of iron, gold, diamond and/or emerald blocks is the minimum size
      • additional layers with increasing size under that increase the reach of the effects
      • Each layer unlocks a new level of effects and increases the block's range by 8 blocks
      • You do not have to use only one block type for the pyramid, images have been released by members of the community showing multiple materials in one layer.
    • The minimum range is 16 blocks
    • Players within the blocks' range will be given the selected effects every 4 seconds
    • Changing a block's selection costs 1 emerald, diamond, gold ingot or iron ingot
    • The best configuration of blocks requires 164 blocks
    • Each block can only apply one effect at a time. If there are 4 complete layers of blocks, players can additionally choose between Regeneration or tier II of the previously chosen effect
    • Unlocked effects for each layer of blocks:
      • 1: Speed and Haste
      • 2: Resistance and Jump Boost
      • 3: Strength
      • 4: Regeneration and tier II of the other chosen effect


  • Chickens will be fed seeds to breed instead of wheat.[28]
  • Carrots used to control pigs.[29][30]
    • a Carrot with a Fishing Rod will be the crafting recipe.[31]
    • The pigs start slow but end up going about 5 blocks per second.[32]
  • Pigs with Saddles will now drop the saddle when killed.[33]
  • Sheep spawn egg can now spawn colored sheep.
  • At least two new mobs[34][35]
  • Zombies can now pick up and equip items on the ground.[36]
    • Items that are picked up will have a 100% chance of dropping after dying.[37]
  • Zombies infect villagers now[38]
    • The villager is immediately turned into a zombie[39]
    • On Normal difficulty, there is a 50% chance of infection and on Hard difficulty there is a 100% chance of infection[40]
    • Infected baby villagers turn into baby zombies[41][42]
      • Baby zombies are 50% faster, don't age and don't burn up in the sun[43][44]
    • Infected villagers will turn in to villagers again if you throw a Splash Potion of Weakness at them and right click on them with a normal golden apple.[45]
  • Added armor and weapon support for mobs[46][47]
    • Skeletons and zombies now rarely carry and drop armor of all kinds, sometimes enchanted[48][49][50][51][52][53][54]
      • Monsters wearing headgear do not burn up in sunlight.[55]
      • Even baby zombies can wear armor[56][57][58]
    • Zombies now sometimes carry and drop swords or axes of all kinds, sometimes enchanted[59]
    • Skeletons now sometimes carry enchanted bows[60] but only on Normal and Hard difficulties, with higher chances on Hard[61]
    • Zombies and skeletons now only drop gear when they're wearing it, and even then its only a small chance of it getting dropped[62]
  • Villagers can now like and dislike you[63]
    • Villagers who dislike you will refuse to trade
    • Villagers will dislike you more for killing their friends or allowing them to die
    • Depending on how much villagers like you, they will start to offer you better trades[64]
    • Trades may be made permanent again or last shorter/longer


  • Added Item Frames that allow you to display an item on the side of a block in a frame.[65]
    • Any item can be placed in the frame.[66]
    • Some items have special abilities while inside the frame:
      • A map in the Item Frame will display actual topographical features.[67]
      • A compass in the Item Frame will actually show direction.[68]
      • A clock in the Item Frame will actually show the time.[69]
  • Added flower pots.[70]
  • Added Cobblestone Walls and a mossy variant[72]
  • The ability to dye leather armor different colors.[73]
    • 16,777,216 potential colors.[74]
    • Put dyes and armor in the crafting grid to apply different dyes.
    • Item tooltip will then display "Dyed" in the right color.
    • Use a cauldron to wash the dye off of the armor.[75]
  • Wolf collars will be dyable.[76]
  • Added Corner Stairs.[77]
  • Added new Map functionality.
    • Maps will be clonable and sharable.[78]
    • Are now crafted as a close zoom scale and can be extended (zoomed out) by adding more paper[79]
  • Paintings no longer drop when clicking in creative.
  • Trapdoors can now be placed at the top or bottom of a block.[80]
  • Possibly Lecterns for book display and storage.[81][82]
  • Possibly Skeleton Skulls can be placed for decoration[83]


Bug fixes

  • Fix for "black areas" darkening random spots of maps for no apparent reason.[4][85]
October 31, 2012[86]
Account System Update[87]
  • Not a game update (will not modify the game itself and will be applied regardless of the version you're playing).
  • The possibility to change your username and the e-mail address that is associated with your account
    • Global Mojang accounts are already available and can be merged with Minecraft, Scrolls and Cobalt accounts.
      • Once the synchronization has been made, logging into Mojang games is made by using the e-mail address instead of the username.
      • They might also choose this moment to implement the long-awaited online synchronization of Achievements and Statistics.[88][89]
    • In-game usernames will be changeable, but all names on paid Minecraft accounts have to be unique (no matter if "legacy" Minecraft account or Mojang Account).
    • Currently being worked on by Tobias Möllstam.
    • It is unknown how the username change feature will be adapted to server white- and blacklists.
    • It is most probable that the transition to a Mojang account will become obligatory at some point.[citation needed]
No date set yet.

Planned features, items, and blocks

Feature Description
Virtual Reality Compatibility Notch stated that he might make Minecraft compatible with Oculus Rift.[90]
More sounds and music More gameplay music and sounds by C418.[91]
More Enchantments Jeb liked the idea of having more enchantments added to the game.[citation needed]
Server Portals According to Get Satisfaction, Mojang has marked a player's suggestion of Server Portals as "Planned.[92]"
Mounting/Controlling Mobs The ability to mount and control mobs (possibly horses). Notch confirmed it was planned but will take time at Get Satisfaction.[93] Also Jeb said on a reddit AMA in April 2012 that he "more or less promised horses to a friend.[94]"
Audio Loops Audio loops have not yet been added to the game, but may be played when the player is in a specific location (In caves, woods, sea and beside a waterfall).[citation needed]
Friends list The Minecraft documentary team of 2 Player Productions filmed a Keynote roadmap, also containing this line.[95][96]
Limited maps The Minecraft documentary team of 2 Player Productions filmed a Keynote roadmap, also containing this line.[95]
Video support The Minecraft documentary team of 2 Player Productions filmed a Keynote roadmap, also containing this line.[95]
Rainbow Crystalline Caves A player's suggestion of Rainbow Crystalline Caves on Get Satisfaction had been marked by Mojang as a "Planned" feature.[97]
Dual-wielding Jeb stated that Notch is working on dual-wielding of items.[98]
The ability to name Chests Notch has stated he will add this feature.[99]
Zipline Mod Notch had stated that he is interested in working with the zipline mod creator to implement parts of the mod into vanilla Minecraft following MineCon.[100] As of 5/28/12, Dinnerbone has reported that he has made string place-able, one of the components present in this mod.[101] This, however, ended up being a new redstone component, tripwire.
Red Dragon Notch revealed during the Seecret Friday Updates(#8) that he would add dragons. One being the Ender Dragon, the other being red.[102] Jeb informed redditors on his AMA that he would add red dragons, but was unsure exactly how.[103]
More animals Jon Kagstrom commented on Reddit that he would like to add more animals, such as fish, birds, and tree animals, to make the game seem more 'alive.[104]
The Allocator Jeb stated he had considered adding a "funnel block"[105]
Online Sync of Achievements and Statistics Notch's aim was to synchronize Achievements and Statistics online, but issues prevented this to happen. Still, there is no apparent reason for this featured to have been abandoned.[88][89]
A legitimate way to obtain Sponges It has been hinted that sponges would come back as a fully functional and obtainable block in a future update[citation needed]. Although the sponge block has been available in creative mode since Beta 1.8, it is currently purely decorative. It was not added and is still not obtainable in survival mode.
Spikes or spike blocks Jeb hinted a possibility of implementing spikes that would work like pistons but push out Spikes. He later considered making a Spike Block that could be pushed by Sticky Pistons instead.[106][107] Dinnerbone showed interest in adding spike blocks after adding Tripwire[108]
Pigman User Miclee came up with the idea for Pigmen, and Notch originally planned for them to occupy NPC Villages. They are among the list of planned mobs.
Custom Paintings Notch has said that custom paintings may feature in a future update.[109]
Snow that piles up It is unknown if this will be added but snow is already able to be at different thicknesses without using a mod. It can be obtained by using a world editor such as wordedit or mcedit.[110]
More World Types There will be more World Types in the future, with the current ones being Default, Superflat and Large Biomes (As of Minecraft 1.3.2.)[citation needed]


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