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"Unknown" redirects here. For the unknown element, see ???. For the unknown Minecraft Dungeons level, see MCD:???.
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 

Unknown is a placeholder block exclusive to Bedrock Edition that generates in place where blocks have an invalid ID or invalid components in their behavior files.


The block cannot be obtained, even when using commands.

Loading a block with an incorrect ID will result in it being replaced by an Unknown block, although it retains its ID.

Some Marketplace worlds that are meant for older versions of the game can generate this block. These may include worlds that haven’t updated to work with the latest version.


Unknown blocks break instantly and have lower friction. Unknown blocks are able to be broken and picked up, but are unable to be placed

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Pocket Edition Alpha
?Info update BE1 A placeholder block was added to represent blocks with invalid IDs.
0.5.0With the addition of tooltips, the placeholder block now displays the name "Unknown".
Bedrock Edition
?"Unknown" can now be obtained with commands.
?"Unknown" can no longer be obtained with commands.
1.20.30beta blocks can no longer be placed via commands.