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For the mob type in Minecraft Dungeons, see MCD:Undead.
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Most of the individual undead mobs, besides zoglins and zombie horses.

Undead, by definition, refers to an entity that is physically dead, but still animate.


Within Minecraft, it refers to an in-game category of mobs that share the following characteristics:

Some (but not all) undead mobs also possess these characteristics:

  • Are hostile to the player;
  • Catch fire under sunlight.

List of mobs[]

Name Face Behavior Notes Type Image
Chicken Jockey ChickenJockeyFace Hostile Baby zombie or variants riding a chicken. Zombie Chicken Jockey
Drowned DrownedFace Hostile
Passive (if not touching water during daytime.)
Drowned are common underwater zombie variants that spawn in oceans and rivers. They can be created if a regular zombie enters water and it fails to keep its head above water for 30 seconds straight. Zombie Drowned
Husk HuskFace Hostile Husks are a variant of zombie that spawns in deserts and do not burn in sunlight. They can be turned into regular zombies if kept underwater for 30 seconds straight. Zombie Husk JE2 BE2
Phantom PhantomFace Hostile Phantoms are flying monsters that spawn when the player has not slept 3 or more in-game days. Phantom Phantom JE2 BE1
Skeleton SkeletonFace Hostile Skeletons are common ranged monsters that are equipped with bows. They can be destroyed by sunlight. Skeleton Skeleton
Skeleton Horse SkeletonHorseFace Passive
Hostile (as a trap)
The skeleton horses are a skeleton variant of the horse that sometimes spawns when lightning strikes. Skeleton Skeleton Horse
Skeleton Horseman SkeletonHorsemanFace Hostile Skeletons riding skeleton horses. Skeleton Skeleton Trap
Spider Jockey SpiderJockeyFace Hostile Skeletons or variants riding spiders or cave spiders. Skeleton Spider Jockey
Stray StrayFace Hostile Strays are variants of skeletons that spawn only in frozen, ice, or snowy biomes. They can be created if a regular skeleton enters Powder Snow and fails to escape within 22 seconds straight. Skeleton Stray JE2 BE4
Wither WitherFace Hostile The wither is a boss mob that floats and shoots explosive skulls at players and mobs. Skeleton Wither
Wither Skeleton WitherSkeletonFace Hostile Wither skeletons are tall variants of skeletons found in nether fortresses. Skeleton Wither Skeleton
Zoglin ZoglinFace Hostile Zoglins are zombified variants of the hoglin created when a hoglin leaves the Nether. Zombie Zoglin
Zombie ZombieFace Hostile Zombies are common monsters that deal melee damage and attack in groups. They can be destroyed by sunlight and will turn into drowned if submerged for 30 seconds straight. Zombie Zombie JE3 BE2
Zombie Horse ZombieHorseFace Passive A zombie horse is an unused zombified variant of the regular horse. Zombie Zombie Horse Revision 3
Zombie Villager ZombieVillagerFace Hostile Zombie villagers are zombified variants of the villagers. Zombie Plains Zombie Villager Base
Zombified Piglin ZombifiedPiglinFace Neutral Zombified piglins are zombie variants of piglins and piglin brutes that inhabit the Nether. They were originally called "Zombie Pigmans." Zombified piglins can be created if regular piglins or piglin brutes leave the Nether and fail to return quickly enough. Zombie Zombified Piglin JE9


Giant in a cave

A giant in a cave.

  • Despite the giant being an oversized variant of the zombie, it's not considered an undead mob.
  • Despite their ghost-like appearance, ghasts are not considered an undead mob.[1] However, they are never targeted deliberately by the Wither boss.



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