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This article is about the custom gamemode. For the joke gamemode, see Hardcore § Trivia.
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Ultra Hardcore (UHC) is a custom gamemode, similar to Hardcore, with the main difference being players cannot naturally regenerate health. UHC is most commonly used as a mini game on PvP servers.


In Ultra Hardcore, players cannot regenerate health from food and must use potions, suspicious stews, golden apples, or enchanted golden apples to regain lost health. While a UHC play through could theoretically last indefinitely, the primary goal is to defeat the Ender dragon, or defeat all of the other players in the case of a PvP competition. Like regular Hardcore, players cannot respawn if they die. Ultra Hardcore may be played either individually or in teams of a set number.

Oftentimes, game settings may be altered to add gameplay "handicaps," such as muting hostile mob sounds and/or setting render distance and brightness to their minimum. In addition, sometimes server owners add specials rules (e.g. random loot tables). This is called a "Custom UHC"

There are a few ways to set up UHC:

  • When a hardcore world is loaded with cheats enabled, the command /gamerule naturalRegeneration false is entered.
  • Setting the "Regenerate health" status to "false" in the "Game Rules" option from the world creation menu.


Ultra Hardcore was started by members of the MindCrack SMP server on February 23, 2012, and has been played by Dinnerbone.[1] Prior to the features added in snapshot 13w23a, including the addition of /gamerule naturalRegeneration, a mod was used to implement these features.

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