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This tutorial covers how to transform and expand an End City, either simply as a build project in Creative, or to use as your base in Survival, or some totally different purpose!

End City architecture[]

Blocks used[]

Basic architecture[]

In End Cities, walls are generally build out of End Stone Bricks. "Corner" pieces in walls are purpur pillars. Floors and roofs are made out of purpur. Sometimes, structures are connected to a bridge only, and floating in the air. For End City structures with multiple stories, floors that are higher up are usually bigger than floors that are on the bottom. This can be done by making roofs 2 blocks bigger than the room below it. The edges of roofs have alternating patterns of purpur stairs that are upright and upside-down. End Rods can be placed on the corners of roofs for light.

Bridges are made of one row of sideways purpur pillars on the bottom, followed by the 5-block wide pathway, and finally the walls on the side, made purpur blocks and stairs facing inwards. Stairs on bridges can be made using the same architecture as shown earlier, except with slabs or stairs.


The original End City already provides bridges as a means of transportation, but as you expand the City, you will need to add more modes of transport. Here are some ideas.

Minecart system[]

There are several ways to incorporate minecarts into your End City build, including above, below, and beside bridges.

"Teleportation gates"[]

Note: This requires command blocks, which are unobtainable in survival mode without cheats.

For these "gates" you can create pathways like bridges that end abruptly with a pressure plate in the middle. Underneath the pressure plate place a command block with the following command:

/tp @p <target coordinates> [rotation]

Substitute <target coordinates> with the target coordinates to teleport to (make sure it's not on top of another teleportation pressure plate). [rotation] is an optional parameter to add to make the player facing the entrance to the place it teleports to. To prevent endermen from stepping on it and accidentally teleporting players, make the ceiling on top of the pressure plate two blocks tall (as endermen are three blocks tall and will not fit).


Storage room[]

Storage rooms can serve as mere decorations, or as functional storage rooms for a survival base. For an End-like aesthetic, use ender chests or shulker boxes for storage.

Example storage room design


Note: Using endermen or shulkers as inhabitants may not be favorable in survival mode.


You can transport villagers to the End City and use them as inhabitants to the City, allowing you to trade with the villagers.


Although they serve no useful purpose, they can join the End City simply to be there (as "decorations").


In multiplayer survival servers, shulkers can stand guard to your base to prevent other players from coming in. Just make sure you have a way out!

The End Ship[]