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Reason: Needs a way to farm sculk sensors and shriekers

Sculk farming is a method of farming XP and/or sculk growth blocks for decoration by using the sculk catalyst block. Since mobs normally only drop XP when killed by a player, and sculk blocks drop XP when mined, this can also be used for bulk XP storage. However, you should also consider storing experience in furnaces.

A few key points[]

  • As stated before, mobs only drop XP if killed by a player or tamed wolf, but if a mob dies near a sculk catalyst, regardless of how it dies, the catalyst will always produce sculk blocks, which can then be mined for XP.
  • Mobs will still drop their loot but not their XP. The amount the growth spreads depends on the amount of XP the mob is meant to drop.
  • When a mob that drops about the same XP as a zombie or a skeleton dies near enough to a sculk catalyst, the growth mainly focuses on a 3x3 area. This can be helpful for you to know how big you want your platform to be.

For more detailed information, see Sculk Growth.

Components of a sculk farm[]

  • A mob farm which you can hook it up to.
  • A killing system and a cobblestone generator. The cobblestone will be converted into sculk.
  • A collection system for the sculk.
  • A bulk sculk storage system.
  • A reasonable AFK area for the player.
  • Optionally, a collection system (potentially the same system used for the sculk) for the mob drops of the farm.


In this video, Mumbo Jumbo designs a bulk XP storage using a zombie spawner farm and a sculk blocks on Bedrock Beta.