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Phantom farming is a method of farming phantoms by not sleeping for a while, then afking in a phantom trap which is designed to kill the phantoms but allow you to obtain phantom membranes.


You will need to build a trap that when phantoms will spawn, they will come to attack you, but instead fly up into a trap that will kill them. Phantoms are scared of cats, so placing one a few blocks under the trap will make them fly up into a trap. You can trap them using boats or minecarts if you are paranoid of them attacking you. You can then kill them however you want, using a sword strong enough to one hit them, using an observer connected to dispensers which will dispense lava for one second (which is enough to take them down to a one hit with an iron sword or higher). It is recommended you also use Looting 3 since that will give you more phantom membranes from the farm.


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