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Why bother?[]

Music discs do not have any necessary in-game purpose, however they can customise the soundtrack of your Minecraft world.

Skeletons and creepers[]

All music discs, except Pigstep and Otherside, can be obtained if a skeleton or stray shot kills a creeper [1].

Chest loot in structures[]

13 and Cat[]

How to obtain[]

13 and Cat can be found in dungeon chests.

Mellohi and Wait‌[BE only][]

How to obtain[]

Mellohi and Wait can be found in buried treasure chests.


How to obtain[]

Pigstep can be found in 1.16 and over, in bastion chests.


How to obtain[]

Otherside can be found in 1.18 and over, in stronghold or dungeon chests.