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Gear (item)
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Why bother?[]

Music discs are essential to duplicate allays along with amethyst shards and jukeboxes which are used with the music disc to duplicate the allays.

Skeletons and creepers[]

Most music discs, except Pigstep, Otherside, 5, and Relic can be obtained if a skeleton or stray shot kills a creeper[1].

Chest loot in structures[]

13 and Cat[]

How to obtain[]

13 and Cat can be found in dungeon or woodland mansion chests. They can also be found in ancient city chests.

Mellohi and Wait‌[BE only][]

How to obtain[]

Mellohi and Wait can be found in buried treasure chests.


How to obtain[]

Pigstep can be found in 1.16 and over, in bastion chests.


How to obtain[]

Otherside can be found in 1.18 and over, in stronghold or dungeon chests. It can also be found in ancient city chests in 1.19 and over (excluding the ice box).


How to obtain[]

5 can only be crafted from nine disc fragments found in ancient city loot chests in 1.19 and over (excluding the ice box).


How to obtain:[]

Relic can only be found in 1.20 and over. There is an 8.3% chance of obtaining it by brushing Suspicious Gravel in trail ruins.

Music Disc Farm[]

In order to get every music disc (except Pigstep, Otherside, 5 and Relic), you need to set up a farm.