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A server with a factions plugin installed is quite different to play than almost any other server. In factions servers, players team up to dominate the map. This can lead to some epic fights, as well as much fun. However, players that are new or are simply uninformed can be quite befuddled by the different play-style as it adds several new mechanics. Often, people with end-game gear dominate the spawn point, all blocks within a 10,000 block radius of spawn are inhabited, and most of the resources within a 20,000-block radius are stripped bare. With the right knowledge, and a little bit of luck, though, it is possible to lead your faction to rule the map.

A significant portion of this guide also applies to anarchy servers, although in that case be aware that they will have far more hostile environments and players on top of the widespread use of hacked clients, non-existent claiming system (if someone wants your land, they'll just take it from you or grief it into oblivion), and near-total lack of rules.

Part I. Getting Started on a PvP/Factions Server[]

Multiplayer servers often have custom commands or items in order to facilitate the functions that they offer, so it's important to research the commands that the server or its plugin use. This can be done online by looking up the command list, or you can use /help to check the commands in-game. The following paragraphs are using popular examples of commands that accomplish common functions, so they should be accurate for the most part, but they may not match up 100%.

Be sure to inform yourself of any plugins or mods in use by the server. These can change up the gameplay drastically, so they're worth you familiarising yourself with them and reading up on them before joining.

Starting out[]

Time: 60–120 seconds

Head to the server spawn using /spawn, then type in /wilderness (or /wild , or /rtp) to get yourself teleported to a random spot in the wilderness. Input the /f map command to check if there are any other factions nearby. If so, move away as far as you can, at least until they disappear from the faction map. Secondly, use /f list to look at the top three factions and take note of their membership and numbers. The numbers represent land claimed, current power, and max power. If the current power is 0 or negative, then you can claim their land. If the land claimed is 0, then they have no territory (though they still probably have some gear). This is not necessary for where or how far you want to go, but such information is always handy. Most servers also give players a set of stone tools (although some give far more than that) to start with. If you do not have anything, then type /kit or /kits. If that doesn't have any effect, then /kit starter or /kit basic might work. Remember to use /help to easily find out the commands the server uses.

Also, check in on what plugins are in use on the server by doing /pl. If you do not have permission, ask a high ranking staff member or the owner. Different mechanics, such as a guns plugin or a steel mod, can greatly change the worth of resources, and you should double-check it before making a plan of what to do or where to settle.

Find out about the largest factions (normally the top 4 or 5 on the faction list) and who is fighting who. Typically there will be a large conflict between the two largest factions, or a smaller faction that is fighting an alliance of other factions. This information will prove useful later when you need to make allies, enemies, raid, and conquer.

On the road again...[]

Time: 30–60 minutes

Once you have information on the factions, as well as your set of starting tools, head out and find a good location for your base. As long as you have a stable amount of food, sprinting won't be much of a problem. As you hike, make sure to do all of the following:

  • Make sure to avoid all players
  • Kill animals in order to gain resources. You might be able to leave some in order to use them for farming later on, but keep in mind that any resources left out in the open is up for grabs, and you aren't likely to have time to lead them over at this point in the game.
  • Harvest wild sugar cane and pumpkins for resources or to sell to other players.
  • If a generated structure is found, especially near the spawn point, ignore it. There is a good chance that everything is looted, the villagers are killed, or the structure is griefed. However, if the structure has not been looted yet, it is a good idea to harvest the crops from any village farms and gather the items in any chests first. Desert pyramids provide 9 blocks of TNT; by mining the pressure plate in the center of the hidden room, it is possible to obtain them without triggering the trap.
  • If you travel through a jungle, make sure to collect up to a stack of cocoa beans, as well as some jungle wood logs to farm cocoa beans from. These may prove useful for brown dye or selling to other players.
  • Once night comes, then you may or may not keep traveling. Some servers have more mobs than singleplayer to make up for the number of players killing them. If you think you can handle the mobs then keep moving, but if not, then you can dig a 3 block deep hole for yourself in the ground, jump in, and put a block over your head. You can then wait all night, or disconnect from the server and do something else for a few minutes. Another recommended strategy is to use the /sethome command, then go find something to do at the server spawn as the night passes. At dawn, simply type /home to return to your previous location and continue your journey.
  • Dont forget to use /delhome [<home's name>] to delete the home, as in some servers you have a maximum of homes
  • Make sure to collect as many wheat seeds as you think is necessary and a few saplings of any type (make sure to collect at least four if they are dark oak saplings). This will ensure that you will have a source of wood no matter where you decide to set up base.
  • If you reach an ocean, it is a good idea to build a boat at this point, because swimming is even slower than walking if server is on a version below 1.13 (many PvP servers are pre-1.9). With a boat, however, travel time can be cut in half. Ocean travel is generally superior to land travel. If you come across an ocean, you should consider sailing across because you will travel farther and faster, you will not wear down your hunger bar (very important for players with little food), and you don't have to deal with mobs (except Drowned, post 1.13) or players.
  • If you keep walking, eventually you will have to deal with a world border. On most servers, there is a point around 5000 or 10000 blocks on server, which nothing can go past. This is to encourage raiding, so people don't keep walking for millions of blocks and never get raided. It is important to not make a base right on the edge of the world border. Many people find faction bases by walking around the very edge of the map, so it would be smart to stray away from the very edge.
  • Be careful—if players offer you items or currency without asking for anything for them in return, they most likely have more sinister motives for doing so.

Choosing a Location[]

Time: 5 seconds - 1 hour

Once you have reached a safe distance, it might be worth it to keep traveling depending on where you are and what you want to do.

  • If you're in the ocean, you should usually keep going until you find land. However, if you already have everything you need, it might be a good idea to make an underwater base in the middle of the ocean (discussed later).
  • Strongholds can be used as good bases. They allow for potentially exclusive (if no one has found the other strongholds) and easy access to the End; they contain plenty of books for enchanting, and your base will be already built and most likely secluded without you even having to lift a finger. However, they are somewhat easy to find for any player with eyes of ender, and they can be difficult to navigate due to the mazelike layout, which might allow players to sneak up on you.
  • If the biome you are in does not fit to your tastes, you can build a base in the Nether. Make sure to build it a decent distance away from the entrance Nether portal to prevent it being easily found by others.

There are a few recommended setups you can go with listed below. Dinky wooden houses that you might build on singleplayer worlds or co-operative multiplayer servers won't cut it in the savage world of Factions PvP (player vs player), and many a newcomer has been destroyed because of their lack of knowledge on proper base building. You have to be stealthy and fortified. Read the list below and see which one appeals to you and your location the most:

  1. A vast above-ground stronghold. These are best for well-established factions that have the power and resources to build large above-ground fortresses and claim the entire base and the land surrounding it. If these are your ambitions, it's recommended that you travel to a plains or snow plains biome. If this applies to you, then skip to part I of the bases guide.
  2. A floating sky base. Most places are good for this, but this design will not function well in biomes such as jungles, mountains, or other places with high elevation, as other players will be able to see your base easier. If this applies to you, then skip to part II of the base guide.
  3. An underground bunker. Just about anywhere will do, but don't go down via caves as miners venturing down into the caves will come across your base all too easily. In addition, digging from the bottom of the ocean down will almost guarantee that your base will never be found. If this applies to you, then skip to part III of the guide.
  4. An underwater base. Obviously, you'll need an ocean. It takes a lot of hard work to get one started up, and you'll probably drown a few times, but once you get it going it will be hard to raid as TNT won't work on the outside and anyone who tries to dig into it will probably drown. If this applies to you, skip to part IV of the base guide.
  5. A nether base. Though generally inaccessible at the start of your journey, the nether is rarely checked when players are looking for factions, giving you immense stealth. The Nether also provides you with a steady supply of lava, which is going to come in handy for smelting and defending your base. If you do decide to take on this ambitious challenge, skip to part V of the base guide.

Total time spent in Part I: 31 minutes to 3 hours

Part II: Bases[]

It is suggested that you make a base that blends with the environment to prevent it from being found easily. Underground bases accomplish this the most effectively, but certain kinds of blocks can be used to make your base a little bit less apparent, e.g. snowy blocks for snowy biomes; grass, dirt, and stone for most "green" biomes...

Spending time on making a piston door can help, as it makes the entrance to your base much less apparent, making it harder for people to just stride in, and can sometimes even make your base close to invisible.

I. The Aboveground Castle[]


Time: 0–5 minutes in Minecraft, 5–15 minutes offscreen


Time: 3-5 hours

No matter what your plan is, you're going to need flat land, and lots of it. Stone shovels are the best tool for clearing out tons of dirt, since they're quick, cheap, and easily replaceable. Likewise, stone pickaxes are best for the odd clump of stone. First, dig out the perimeter of your base, then start digging in. Keep a lookout for hostile mobs or even other players that have tailed you - extreme distance is a good defense, but it's not infallible. Also, make sure to plant those saplings, and use some bonemeal to grow them quicker if you have any bones. By the time this is done, you should have a ton of dirt leftover. If the server also has a shop plugin, great - all that dirt you dug up is probably worth a couple of diamonds. If not, then keep it on hand just in case. You never know when a cheap, unburnable, gravity-defying filler material will be useful. In addition, a lot of dirt gives you a potential advantage with the ability to create massive farms.

Physical Defenses[]

Time: 1 hour

You've got your area—now it's time to secure it. There's three types of defenses: Active, Passive, and Hybrid. Active defenses actively try to kill any threats posed. This could be people in your faction defending against the attacking enemy, landmines, fall traps, arrow dispensers, etc. They are usually activated when a threat is within range and lay dormant when they are not. Passive defenses attempt to stop potential threats before they become threats. These usually are obstacles rather than deadly things. This might include iron doors, cobwebs, walls, stacks of gravel, and the location of your base if it is somewhere hard to get to. Sometimes active and passive defenses come together to form Hybrid defenses, which are, as you might have guessed, a combination of active and passive defense. This could be lava inside a wall to flow out when someone tries to dig through, checkerboarded holes with landmines inside, and many other creative combinations. When designing your defenses, strive to have mostly hybrid defenses, and have a good balance of active and passive defenses. A base with fully passive defenses will eventually be gotten through, and if your base has only active defenses it will be so easy to get into that the attrition of enemies will eventually exhaust your active defenses. This isn't to say that all your defenses should be hybrid, but most of them should be.

In addition, there are many ways you can use redstone contraptions to protect entrances to your bases.

Here are a few pointers on defenses:


  • You have a ton of dirt, but that's nowhere near good enough for a wall. At a minimum, you want multiple layers of cobblestone.
  • Now's a good opportunity to start a shaft mine or even a quarry. If you want a self-building wall, make sure to get at least 4 stacks of redstone and a couple of stacks of iron to build the pistons and wiring necessary.
  • Obsidian may take a long time to obtain, but it will be worth it. If you don't have diamond tools you can use buckets of lava and pour water on them where you want them to be placed in a technique called molding. If you have the area claimed, obsidian walls are practically impenetrable through the use of TNT or trying to dig through, (with the exception of withers, if the server has not disabled them) unless a plugin on the server has changed it.
  • Another trick for your walls is to put sand or gravel inside them. This will make them somewhat self-repairing as if someone attempts to blow a hole in your wall, or dig through it, the sand or gravel will keep falling down and replacing the ones they break. It won't stop them, but it might delay them long enough for you to scramble to activate your defenses.
  • Try to decide whether to use obsidian or cobblestone for the defenses. Obsidian is stronger, but cobble is easier to obtain, so you can get more layers. Also, most servers will have a plugin that allows obsidian to be broken by TNT. (4-5 is the general amount it needs.)
  • A better way to make your base a bit more TNT-proof is to add a shield of either water or lava surrounding your base, as TNT doesn't damage nearby blocks when submerged in either liquid. On the other hand, watch out for those hybrid cannons.
  • It is possible to make regenerating cobblestone walls, using lava and water to make an infinite cobblestone generator in the shape of a wall. Hybrid cannons, however, can breach these kinds of walls.
  • If you have access to the end, try to use endstone instead of cobblestone as they are stronger and more blast resistant.


  • Minefields are a good idea. Get a bunch of stone, build a load of pressure plates, and place them all around your base. You can make a fake minefield (it is also good for spotting invisible players), if you aren't planning on making that much TNT to bury in the ground. It will be a great bluff as the mere thought of that many explosives under their feet will scare away just about anyone, and they will never know that it was fake. If you do go putting TNT under the ground, it's recommended that you surround it with water. It will still damage entities but won't make big craters in your base. Attaching observers to the TNT can activate it if a player attempts to disable it.
  • Dispensers with arrows or fire charges can be hooked to pressure plates or tripwires to weaken or even kill your enemies without you lifting a finger, but ensure that these dispensers aren't directly connected to your base—remember, dispensers can also be used to light and dispense TNT.
  • If you're expecting an imminent and immediate raid, scouting nearby areas for enemy cannons might be a good idea, as the owners might be offline. If they're unclaimed, claim them to avoid having the raiders come back and raid your base, and dismantle them. If they're claimed, try to blow them up before the raiders come back, or (if you're good at PVPing) wait until the raiders come back online and kill them to overclaim their cannon.
  • Defensive TNT cannons atop your base might be a good idea if your base happens to be aboveground. Getting rid of those pesky claimed enemy cannons outside your base would be made a whole lot easier. Just don't give raiders direct access to these cannons of yours by loading them beforehand.
  • A trapped Wither can be used as an active defence, as although it is unable to break out of the area, it is able to shoot at any passing players.


  • Cactus can be a hybrid defense in themselves: They work as both an active defense by pricking anyone who comes too close, and a passive defense by acting as an obstacle or barrier if you set them up that way.
  • Cobwebs can be put over a hole with lava directly beneath it to catch and burn players.
  • If you happened to be in a snowy biome, consider the leaving holes on the ground that is filled with powder snow, or better, put a mine under it. Also, build a very deep hole in the ground (at least 25 blocks deep, put an upside down stair at the button so the enemy player can't even MLG water bucket.), put a trap at the button, a cobweb above it, and cover it with snow. When player walks over it, they will first be stuck with the cobwebs, and then drop to his death!
  • Hybrid designs are a matter of creativity and ingenuity. You can experiment and find new combinations and there are just about infinite ways to combine and defend.

Getting Ready For the Rest of Forever[]

Time: ???

At this point, you've gotten past the limits of this guide. Your adventure to be the top dog is up to you now. If you still don't know where to go, then some suggested steps are:

  • Expand your mine and keep hoarding diamonds and iron.
  • Use your spare cobblestone to make an experience farm.
  • Sell the spare stuff you don't need instead of letting it clog up your storage space.
  • Create a faction armory with at least 1 reserved set of armor and weapons for each member.
  • Create a grinder for your base.
  • Enlarge your base as you invite more members and gain more power.
  • Recruit people into your faction to speed the process up as well as improve defensibility, but be careful whom to invite.
  • Pick a side in whatever the large conflict is to gain stronger allies and to have someone to fight.

Total time spent in part II: 2-8.5 hours Total time spent in total: 2.5-11.5 hours

II. The Flying Base[]

So, you want your base high in the sky. Well, there are some pros and cons to this idea.


  • People will strain their eyes trying to see your fortress.
  • If someone tries to get inside via a pillar, you can snipe them off and probably terminate them, or make them dodge lava "raindrops".
  • If it's well lit, don't expect attacks from interfering mobs.
  • if made out of chests and trapped chests, it is (almost) completely undetectable without a hacked client. On the other hand, you might want to create a few defenses for your base.
  • People don't look upward as much as they look forward and around, unless they're adventuring and want to keep track of the time.
  • Raiders will have to use up lots of scaffolding to build a cannon outside your base.


  • One wrong step while patrolling the exterior means essentially certain death and an emptied inventory.
  • It may be pretty easy to see if you look at it right, unless you squeeze up against the skycap.
  • There will be a huge shadow under your base, so someone right under it will know what's going on.
  • Liquid shields are very hard to make.
  • Scaffolding and ender pearls are commonly used to assault a sky base.
  • There are TNT cannons designed to shoot vertically to crush sky bases. To solve this problem, cover your floor with obsidian.

Picking a Spot[]

Selecting a spot for this is hard. As previously stated, don't make this thing in an extreme hills or jungle biome. If it's high enough over an ocean, plains, desert, etc.... then it will take a while to notice and often be obscured by clouds. If it's over an extreme hills or jungle, anyone getting materials from a tree or climbing a mountain will look up and see your precious base sitting there. You don't want that. Instead, build it over a valley or a plain or desert. That should help disguise your place. Another idea is to build it over a plains forest, because most players will travel beneath the trees and will not notice the great big shadow on them. Don't build it over forests, though, if the trees are too tall or if they're too sparse, as players could notice the shadow or be high enough to see your base, and don't build it if the trees are too dense because most advanced players will travel above them to avoid monsters and hiding players, and it's a lot easier to walk on, and ultimately see your base.

Getting Up There[]

This is pretty hard. You want to get up in the sky. You don't want anyone to know you're in the sky. Your only real option is to pillar up there. But how will you get down? The answer: sethomes.

Most, if not all factions/PvP servers, allow you to set a "home" that you can return to at any time. If this is one of those servers, you can skip the portals and instead type /sethome (or /f sethome to set your whole faction's home), and /home (or /f home) to return to the exact point you used /sethome (or /f sethome) at. Set your home up in the base, and then have a pool of water to fall into right below your base. Then, when you want to get up, just type /home!

If you don't have /f home or /sethome, never fear...[]

The answer for you? Nether transport! First, get enough obsidian and/or molding supplies to make two portals. Next, make sure there's no one in a 100-block radius of your soon-to-be base. Then, pillar up about two hundred blocks: not really necessary, but it's a nice height. Sure, you can't really see the ground, but people will need a LOT of dirt to get up there. After that, make a Nether portal up there. You then want to go about sixty-four blocks away from your location. Make another portal. Go through it, and back in the Overworld, cover it up using dirt or something to make a convincing, small hill. Go back through your portal and make a walkway to easily get between your portals. You may wish to disguise it later, but it's fine for now. Go back through your sky portal and you'll end up on top of your pillar.

Another good method: Place a torch in an 8-block pit, place cobblestone above the pit, place TNT by the cobble, and put a WOODEN button on the TNT. Build a gravel pillar up. Once you can almost not see the ground, shoot the button and quickly place a cobblestone below you. You should be on a block of cobble 40 blocks in the sky. Repeat until you are at your desired height. Once you're on top of your pillar with your preferred method of transport in place, build a few blocks off, smash your pillar, and make a small platform.

Building of the base[]

Now you've got a platform. You've got to build off from it to make your base. There are basically two approaches to this:

  1. You can go for the walled fort look. It makes pillaring from the side virtually impossible and its boxy shape will make it blend in with the clouds. But, it's more resource-intensive and cannons that shoot TNT upward at high velocities are exceedingly deadly, because, with some aiming, they can shoot right onto your roof or platform. If you go with this method, you may want to consider covering the bottom with wool, snow, quartz or similarly colored blocks to blend in easier with the clouds.
  2. You can build a sort of "village" up there, with several separate buildings with no fully surrounding wall. It's not as resource-intensive and is easier to expand. However, pillar raids are much easier than if there was a wall. Also, it's harder to maneuver around and a misstep can find you falling to your death. In addition, it is harder to maneuver and your bridges may cause you to have to take a more convoluted path to get from one place to another. Not to mention, it takes a lot of power to fully claim it.

You may want to make a sort of (safety net) above and/or below the platform. This way, if TNT lands on the roof, then it will take extra TNT to get to the actual platform. The one underneath prevents you from falling and dying every time you walk along without paying attention to the terrain.

Another way to prevent getting your base all blown up is to add a liquid shield, preferably water, which is infinite. TNT doesn't destroy blocks while submerged, and water is much easier to obtain than high-end materials like obsidian. However, plugins may change this, and hybrid cannons may become an issue.

Whichever you choose, this kind of base is good because it protects you from your foes BEFORE they see you. Of course, it has weaknesses in the fact that it is tricky to set up in the first place and can be somewhat hard to defend, depending on how you build it.

To make it easier, build murder holes (holes in the floor or ceiling that you can shoot arrows though). You may also want to build a few "outposts" around 50 blocks from the ground. That way, you can kill enemies easily. Beware though; if you build outposts, then it's a dead giveaway that there is a sky base somewhere around, so only build them if you have at least 2 chunks of land in each direction claimed and aren't worried about stealth.

You want to consider whether you value the looks of your base over its defensive capacity. Of course, if you're a gifted architect, you could try both, but remember that construction is difficult.

Add defenses. Build smart, so that anyone trying to ender pearl in will either hit a vertical wall and fall to their death, or land on the roof in a layer of lava. Space out some glass to let a bit of light through, which may help to hide your shadow. Another thing you can do to help disguise your shadow is to build the floor out of glass. Using this is a triple victory, as it is cool to look down on the ground, it hides your shadow, and you can see any enemies pillaring up. Build the lowermost deck in a ring shape so that there is no "blind spot" under your base.

Getting Ready For the Rest of Forever[]

Time: 5 seconds - Infinte

At this point, you've gotten past the limits of this guide. Your adventure to be the top dog is up to you now. If you still don't know where to go, then some suggested steps are:

  • Have a hidden mine on the ground to obtain your diamonds and iron.
  • Make an experience farm, possibly in the End or find a spawner in your hidden mine.
  • Sell the spare stuff you don't need instead of letting it clog up your storage space.
  • Create a faction armory with at least 1 reserved set of armor and weapons for each member.
  • Get resources from the Nether such as blaze rods or quartz.
  • Recruit people into your faction to speed the process up as well as improve defensibility. You want your base to be manned as much as possible.
  • Pick a side in whatever is the large conflict is to gain stronger allies and to have someone to fight.
  • Expand your farms to become self-sufficient. If you want to get animals up there, try putting water in a waterfall. Lead the animals into it and they will swim up.
  • Build a brewery and make a Nether wart farm, then sell potions to other players for money.

III. The Massive Cave Base[]

For a video example of a massive cave base, check the embedded video below:

Keep in mind, this base was made on a server that has explosive damage and ender pearls disabled.


  • Can be hard to locate.
  • Easy access to ores and caverns.
  • Can gain materials from digging out instead of losing materials from the building.


  • Can be hard to find again if you don't have a sethome.
  • Can be difficult to get back to the surface.
  • Can also be easy to find if you're near a very large cave system (or even a stronghold)
  • Digging it out and get it running will take a very long time (and dozens of pickaxes)


The first thing to do is deciding where do you want to build your base. The best location would be an ocean, far away from the shore, but beware, as people can drop their render distances to glitch inside. Once you have located a good spot, create an airshaft and start digging down. You usually want to build the base at layers 10-20 so you can mine for diamonds easily. Get ready for LOTS of spare cobblestone, and you will eventually run into coal and iron, and if you're lucky, gold or even diamonds.

NOTE: Be sure to get as MUCH obsidian as possible, if you encase your base in obsidian, there is no need for an ocean. It is also in some ways better than an ocean due to the render distance glitch and hybrid cannons.

First part: the core/main base[]

Once you are at a good depth, it's time to begin digging out the base. Don't start tunneling just yet! Dig out a square (4 blocks of height are recommended) big enough to contain all the basic rooms of the base (crafting room, enchanting room, forge, furnace room, storage room, and others). 25x25 should be more than enough, though you can expand it as you wish. Build walls and start decorating the basic rooms.

Second part: the outer ring/add-ons[]

Once your main base is established, then you can begin tunneling and expanding. What will you make a tunnel to is your choice. It can be a wheat farm (same design for carrot and potato farms), a tree farm, a mob grinder, a mine or quarry, it's up to you. Just keep in mind that you'll need to claim everything that you expand into or else other players can get into your base.

Third part: secret rooms/basements[]

This step is optional but recommended. It's a good idea to have a secret door that leads to a basement located at an even lower depth than your main base. There you can keep a secret storage room to stash your valuable resources in (be sure to leave some of your iron/gold/diamonds in the main base. If enemies break into your base and find no resources, they'll probably figure out there's a secret room), and also a library to store books containing information on enemies and their bases.

Getting Ready For the Rest of Forever[]

Time: ???

If all is done correctly, you'll have an underground fortress deep below, don't put it in the ocean, as people can use a low render distance to glitch into your base, instead, make a water wall, with hybrid defenses. Be sure to cover the air-shaft used to access the base, or disguise it to make it look natural, hiding the trapdoor. This can seem like paranoia but it's always good to have more stealth and safety. Your base will take a very long time to be found even if enemies are hunting you relentlessly.

At this point, you've gotten past the limits of this guide. Your adventure to be the top dog is up to you now. If you still don't know where to go, then some suggested steps are:

  • Branch out your mine and hoard all that precious iron and diamond.
  • Make an experience farm or grinder.
  • Sell the spare stuff you don't need instead of letting it clog up your storage space.
  • Create a faction armory with at least 1 reserved set of armor and weapons for each member.
  • Get resources from the Nether such as blaze rods or quartz.
  • Recruit people into your faction to speed the process up as well as improve defensibility
  • Pick a side in whatever is the large conflict is to gain stronger allies and to have someone to fight.
  • Expand your farms to become self-sufficient.

How to secure your chests[]

The underground cave is the easiest to secure chests with. Probably the best way to protect your vault is doing the following:

1. Make many vaults- To steal your loot, they have to aim a TNT cannon to your chests (if you have it claimed). If you have many vaults it will take them a lot of TNT to get everything, and most players will give up. Make fake vaults with empty chests too.

2. Make the richest vault in the middle- Again, the only way to steal from chests is to TNT cannon them from afar. The furthest they have to build the cannon, the more TNT they will need, The less their chances to hit are.

3. Protect the vault with obsidian and water blocks- Some servers have a plugin that allows 3 TNTs to destroy an obsidian block. This means you need more defense. Water prevents TNT from damaging blocks, so a wall made of obsidian with water in front of it is very secure.

4. Anti-hybrid defenses- Even the secure base wall described above is crack-able. A cannon shooting both sand and TNT will allow the TNT to blow inside the sand block, and that causes damage. To counter that you can make upside down stairs, instead of a straight wall, with water going down all the way. That way the sand will fall down and the TNT will not blow.

5. Keep improving- No base is completely unable to be raided. Even the anti-hybrid quadra thick obsidian water lava base. If someone finds a way and raids you, evolve. Block this path they found. Keep doing that, and eventually, you will have an almost unable to be raided base. Keep in mind that the wither boss can penetrate all blocks EVEN obsidian and water (with blue skulls, and spawn and death explosion and dash attack in Bedrock Edition) making the only cheap defense regenerating cobblestone walls, but hybrid cannons can penetrate those, so it will be hard to wither proof your base.

IV: Underwater base[]


  • Depending on construction, can be very hard to find, especially if in the middle of a big ocean
  • Difficult to break in without drowning
  • Unlimited protection from TNT


  • Hard to construct without drowning
  • Can be difficult to get in/out of
  • Takes a fair amount of resources to build

Materials: fist, dry sponges, pickaxe (stone minimum) and torches if too far from the surface, (optional: pistons, buttons, redstone)

Building the base: First, obtain some sponges. Either raid them from an ocean monument, buy them from the shop, or steal them from another person. Then, go find an ocean. A really big ocean. Then, go to the bottom and place down three sugar cane in a stack. You'll be able to breathe when standing in the sugar cane. Begin building your base above ground under the water. Don't worry about draining it yet, just build what you want it to be. Go ahead and build more space than you think you'll need so that you won't have to expand and flood your base again. Once you have it completely built and sealed from the outside water, take those sponges and use them to drain out the inside of your base. You now have an underwater base!

To get out, you'll either have to use:

  1. A simple trapdoor or door. Albeit insecure, it's the simplest way to get in and out and if you keep it hidden most players won't look for it and wood is similarly colored to dirt.
  2. In the new updates, you can properly swim, which means you can fit through one-block-high gaps, and that way you can squeeze into a hidden opening. You can also use a trapdoor to keep it secure.
  3. Nether transport. First, get enough obsidian and/or molding supplies to make two portals. Next, make sure there's no one in a 100-block radius of your base. Make a nether portal in your base and go through it. You then want to go about sixty-four blocks away from your location. Make another portal. Go through it, and back in the Overworld, cover it up using dirt, sand or something depending on the area to make a convincing, small hill. Go back through your portal and make a walkway to easily get between your portals. Go back through your sky portal and you'll end up back in your base.

An ocean monument can make a good underwater base. All you need to do is to clear out the water using sponges, eliminate all three elder guardians and you got yourself an easy base! Most people won't bother to check all the monuments because there are quite a few. Also, the guardians that spawn outside the ocean monument can act as a good shield against most basic players. However, certain players may try to enter due to the 8 gold blocks in the treasure room, which you should have already removed by this point. If you hear Guardians being damaged when you are not killing them, it is likely some players are trying the approach the monument. Shoot at them with bows to try and keep them away, and the combination of the guardians' beams, your arrows, and their drowning will either kill them or damage them enough that they will stay away.

If you do decide to build a base inside a monument, it is advised to place a massive roof (60x60) above the entire area (Preferably made of glass, and at block limit level 256 so to be less noticeable), so that the guardians spawn more often to defend you. Flooding any nearby caves in at least a 100x100 area will also help this.

If you really don't want your base to be defeated, you can choose to have no entrance, block up all the entrances and reinforce the weaker walls with 3 layers of obsidian, leave the elder guardians there, and enter only using /home or nether portals. This method is possibly the most effective out of all the bases, as it takes multiple days for even an experienced group of players to remove enough water for TNT to be an issue (if they don't remove enough water, the water will flood any area they attempt to blow up, undoing most of their work), and mining 3 layers of obsidian under the effects of mining fatigue III will take over thirty hours using a Diamond Pickaxe (257 hours using bare fists). This is just to destroy enough obsidian to fit a player through. Even with Efficiency V and Aqua Affinity, mining through will still take 1.5 hours. Nobody will bother to do this, especially when they're drowning underwater with a crowd of guardians firing lasers at them. Also, slab the entire area around your base, so that players cannot take breathing spaces by placing doors everywhere, and slabs don't clear enough water for players to breathe.

  • The above method of making a base can actually be applied to all bases, and thus, made even safer. You can transport elder guardians using minecarts or boats to your bases in other locations, to prevent break-ins.
  • The disadvantage to this method is that the mining fatigue can affect you too, so breaking blocks will be extremely slow for you as well. Drinking milk can prevent the effects for a short time, but that also means that raiders can do the same.

Underwater bases are great as they are entirely submerged into water, if any players want to grief it they have to either:

  • Using sand or gravel to block off the water, then try to TNT cannon in (which will take a long time and will alert anyone nearby, who will come out and defend against the players)
  • Ender pearling (which will still take a long time as ender pearls now obey normal Physics and drop straight to the ground once entering water, and if you have your base completely sealed it won't be a problem).
  • Using sponges to remove water and TNT cannon in (the same ending for situation 1), this method is actually worse than the sand/gravel method, because water sources regenerate and undo most of their work.
  • Nether Transport (they can enter if they know how to do it, so break your nether-side portal when you're not using it and make sure to hide your portals well). Breaking the inside portal, contrary to common belief, will not deactivate the nether-side portal, and will cause a nether portal to spawn near/on the location of the inside portal.
  • Find an entrance (which should be well enough hidden that they won't find it).
  • The only thing you would somewhat have to worry about is multiple players attempting to enter at once, as the guardians' lasers are single-target attacks, and having too many attackers can kill the guardians faster. However, this should not be an issue if you read the above and set up the roof and gotten rid of caves, as if both of these are done, roughly 30 guardians should spawn per second (there is a mob limit still, so you'll only be able to have around 50 at once).

V: Nether base[]


  • Very well hidden
  • Easy access to nether quartz, gold, nether warts, netherite and, generally, blaze rods.
  • Strong mobs mean that players will have difficulty setting up TNT cannons around your base.
  • Bedrock covers the top of the world, meaning you can choose to have an invincible roof (as opposed to the floor).
  • Piglin trading makes an easy farm as they spawn in large numbers


  • Very difficult to start off with, meaning you will likely be transporting large quantities of items from another base.
  • Beds cannot be placed, as well as /home and /f home requiring you to be in the nether to work.
  • Generally little access to wood and traditional ores.
  • Ghasts can do a lot of damage to an unprepared base.
  • Zombified Piglins, or if it's big enough, ghasts can spawn in your base at any time.
  • Water cannot be directly placed, meaning that TNT can wreak havoc on your base!
  • Almost any player who comes will bring fire resistance potions, rendering fire and lava traps virtually useless.
  • It is difficult to activate beacons in the nether, as despite the fact that the beams can now penetrate bedrock, you will have to clear a lot of netherrack in order for the beam to reach the bedrock layer. Also, if you are unfortunate enough for a lot of netherrack to be completely encased in bedrock on the top (which is rather common) you'll have to build them a distance away.
  • Endermen might pick blocks off your base walls.


First of all, you're going to need a way into the nether. Get enough obsidian/molding supplies to make a portal, then make and hide one (generally underground). Be sure to claim this chunk! Then /f sethome next to it, and head on through. If it's a good enough place for you, keep going. If you're in a bad place (i.e. over a lava lake), then you should probably head back to the overworld and move your portal elsewhere. From here, there are three ways to go about your base (keep in mind that all the defenses in the world won't save you if your portal is in your base).


Hollow out an area in a wall, big enough for however big you'd like your base to be (but keep spaces smaller than 4x4x4 if you don't want ghasts to spawn), then line it with cobble or obsidian. Afterward, skip to the next step.

Stolen fortress[]

Head to the nearest nether fortress and begin by walling off any corridors leading from the area you want your base to be. Then make sure any place you don't want blazes and skeletons spawning to have a light level of 15 (most easily done by covering the floor with jack-o-lanterns). It would be advisable to undergo obsidian padding. When you're done, move to the next step (after you've raided everything in the fort).

Under-Lava Fortress[]

Built mostly like an underwater base (see above), however, fire resistance potions are best used in place of water breathing potions (for obvious reasons), and you will be moving MUCH more slowly. However, when you're finally done, it's near invisible, and most players will give up trying to reach it. Naturally, it's much easier to have each player use /sethome in the base after using /tp to reach you than having everyone swim down and wasting precious resources doing so. You should also note that most servers will let you use /spawn in the nether, so you can leave. As an extra precaution, have an emergency potion of fire resistance for every member of the faction, in case of a leak. Be sure to have no wood or wool inside any part of your base (in 1.9 this becomes less of an issue due to splash water bottles). When you're done, proceed to the next step.

Nethertop Base[]

Penetrating the top bedrock of the Nether will give you a very large, flat plain of bedrock(with the occasional mushroom) to work with. Also, as the top of the nether can only be penetrated by the most skilled players, stealth is completely optional. Build a normal, overworld above-land stronghold on top of this bedrock and light up your area (mobs usually won't spawn on bedrock, but they'll start appearing once you start building something else). If possible, elevate the base 1 block from the bedrock surface so that anyone attempting to pop above the bedrock directly under your base will succeed (and suffocate), and use a Fire Resistance potion and lava to build TNT-proof walls. Exit can usually be achieved with a Nether portal or /spawn. One can also build a nether-sky base once they get up the bedrock.

Note: This is Java Edition only.

Step 2: Interior functionality and defense[]

You will need a different set of supplies in your base if you're in the nether, you will need extra brewing stands for the constant resupply of fire resistance potions, fewer chests devoted to fuels since buckets of lava and blaze rods are readily available. Furnaces are also needed less in general as few things in the nether need to be smelted. Weapons and armor will see much use, so have extra anvils ready. A map showing where the nether portal is located is also crucial should you need to return to the overworld. Crafting tables remain necessary, as will enchantment tables. Setting up a melon farm is likely your best source of food, as the plant's growth is unaffected by how fertile the soil is. Be sure to have cauldrons filled with water. For defense, you can usually get away with pitfall traps and arrows, though you will still need obsidian padding.

Getting ready for the rest of forever[]

At this point you've gone beyond what the wiki can help you with, if you're not sure what direction to continue in, here are some ideas:

  • Stockpile diamonds and iron, as well as setting up an overworld outpost
  • Improve defenses, as players here are almost guaranteed to be equipped and experienced.
  • Set up a blaze grinder, as well as one for wither skeletons
  • Hoard nether quartz and nether wart if at all possible
  • Run fire drills with your faction, as these will be much needed
  • Set up an armory, with at least 2 designated sets of gear for each faction member
  • Stock up on fire protection potions, fire protection enchantments, and anything else that would prove useful against flames.
  • Hoard everything you can get a hold of, you NEVER know what will assist you in the nether.
  • Expand your melon farm, and perhaps set up a tree farm or mushroom farm

VI- The End Base[]

Since in most multiplayer servers, the End dimension is usually broken and destroyed by previous players, this base style will likely not be the player’s first base, but built while the player already has a base. Not many people can be bothered searching the entire empty void, so this is a very good stealth-oriented base. It’s hard to build, but the means justifies the end.

  • Very hard to find if put a good distance from the spawn point (around 250-500 blocks).
  • Water shields are possible (better than Nether base).
  • Similar to Sky Base (endless void down there).
  • If you are strong enough you can control the return portal and force others to give you their stuff to get out of the end.
  • Easy access to ender pearls.
  • Almost everything renewable in the overworld is renewable in the end.
  • Material for building transport is difficult (you have to teleport a lot of times).
  • You might fall in the void.
  • Endermen might pick blocks off your base walls.

Materials: Choice of wall material (stone, obsidian), iron-diamond pickaxes, ender pearls, 5-6 dirt stacks, some armor and weapons against endermen.


Main Island[]


  • Similar to Part I: The Above-Ground Castle.
  • The end is populated with a lot of endermen, which can annoy the raiders and keep them away.
  • Easy to bring in animals and villagers.
  • Very fast experience farm if ender dragon is respawned and killed.


  • The ender dragon can destroy it.
  • Easy to find.

Build your walls out of obsidian and include a liquid layer. Build your defenses. Add farms, grinders, trading halls, anything you need.

Outer Islands[]


  • Harder to find than main island base.
  • Easy access to chorus fruit, end rods, and purpur.
  • Ender Dragon cannot destroy it.
  • Easy access to elytra, ender pearls, shulker boxes.


  • Harder to transport animals/villagers.

Of course, you teleport first to the end (watch out for other enemy players!). Then, make sure no one is watching, then make a bridge or travel via End Gateway to whatever direction possible, out of the main island. Make sure you destroy the bridge. The main island should not be at least visible. You can start on the base immediately as soon as you are content with the surroundings like how many abandoned or non-abandoned bases are around. Make sure to claim the area first. Then, a few hours later, your base will be done!

Void Base[]


  • Extremely hard to find.
  • Very well hidden.
  • Raiders will need to do a lot of digging to find your base.


  • Extremely hard to transport animals/villagers.
  • Extremely hard to expand.
  • Very likely to die while building.

Dig a hole down to where you want your base to be. Have people guard the top of the hole. When you reach the void, use lava and water to build a cobblestone pillar to the void. Place ladders on the cobblestone. At the bottom, make an overhang and use that to start your base. Fill in the deep hole so raiders cannot get in. Use a flying machine/elytra for leaving the base or going to the surface.

Secret Base[]


  • Extremely hard to find.
  • Animals and Villagers can be transported through slime block flying machines.
  • Raiders need elytra to find your base. Their elytras will run out of durability, dropping them into the void.


  • Flying machines have to move thousands/millions of blocks to get to the place you want the base.

Build a flying machine and drive it to where you want your base. Place blocks on the machine so the pistons can't move. Use those blocks for your base. When you finish your base, fly back and bring in your animals/villagers. Make sure the flying machine is at the right y-level, or else the machine will go over the base, or suffocate the animals/villagers.

Getting ready for the rest of forever[]

  • Set up a food source
  • Set up a mob grinder
  • Continue thickening of walls for defense.
  • Set up an armory for emergencies
  • Loot the nearby abandoned bases for loot.

Defending your base against hackers[]

You will probably want to try to protect against hackers, some of the most unfair players in a game. There are several options. Most of the options below are ways someone can protect against most hackers.

Fly Hack

Some fly hacks can allow a hacker to easily fly around and reach any sky/end base. The best way to combat this is to place lava around the base, preferably two layers, as well as lava all the way to the block limit (at least 5 blocks higher than the top of your base), so that they cannot enter easily.

Xray Hack

What you need: Depends, but at the most, some pickaxes, any large quantity ore, and dispensers/hoppers/droppers/anything that can contain items, but not be detected by ChestESP.

For Xray hackers, they can see into the ground, ignoring any stone entities, and can see any bases underground. This is mainly for underground bases.

What you can do: 1. Make it extremely small: bases are harder to detect by x-ray-ers, if they are small. So, try to make your base as small as possible. 2. Surround it with ores: Average hackers keep x-ray on the same setting as normal, which means that they cannot see through ores. Surround your extremely small base with ores, preferably coal, with a silk touch pick. Try to make it look like a natural cluster of ores, not big or even shaped. Coal is recommended, as it is in large blobs. Also, try mixing the coal ores with other ores, preferably iron ore.

For ChestESP
The way ChestESP works is by detecting any chests around the hacker's viewpoint, a hack that can foil the x-ray defense. But, it can't detect dispensers, droppers, hoppers or anything that can store items. So, to protect against this, move everything you have in your chests into a storage compartment, anything above, or in your inventory. Ender chests are extremely helpful, as well. Obviously, this is not the best way to store things, so if you feel confident in your base's security, you may just want to risk leaving your stuff in your chests. Shulker boxes stored within dispensers or an ender chest is usually the best method.
For No-Clippers
No-clip is a hack that a player can pass through walls like a spectator. The way to avoid it is to 1. Put lava around your base. 2. Put it as low as you can, meaning, at bedrock so some hackers will suffocate due to the distance they have to travel.
For extremely experienced hackers
The tricks above will not fool the most experienced hackers, who had personal experience with these kinds of things. For example, an experienced fly hacker might also turn on their LiquidInteraction to allow them to place blocks on any lava above and around your base, an experienced X-ray hacker may turn off rendering for ores while they find bases, or turn on rendering for dispensers, droppers, hoppers and minecarts with chests/hoppers. and an experienced teleport-hacker might be able to use X-ray to identify any defenses around it first, and remove them. However, a way someone can ultimately protect against any players is to make a completely un-raidable base, like above. While tricky, tough to gain resources, and sometimes fails, if you know how to make a nearly un-raidable base, you can survive nearly everything, but no base is unable to be raided.

Final Tips[]

Keep these in mind as you become the top faction:

  • If you want to keep people not in your faction out of an area of your base, put doors in front of it. Allied faction members can't open doors unless they have pressure plates in front of them.
  • Read up on historical military strategies. Although they're from real life, many principles still apply to factions warfare and may just help you outsmart the competition.
  • Ally, ally, ally! You don't have to fight everyone. Make some friends as you go. Conquest is always more fun when it's shared with good friends.
  • Obsidian is essentially bedrock in claimed areas, unless the server has a plugin that lets it be blown up.
  • Your defense is only as strong as its weakest link. Any weak spots in your defenses WILL be found by your enemies, and it WILL be exploited so much it will boggle your mind. One missing block of obsidian or one mine that isn't claimed at the entrance and sealed off by a door can be your downfall.
  • You'll most likely forget to obsidian the floor when you're obsidian covering your base. It's an easy mistake to make. Make sure you do that. Otherwise, raiders can dig up through the floor of your base.
  • If you wish to have a way out of any sticky situations with other players, a hidden nether portal transport like the kind referenced earlier can be used as a quick escape route. Since 1 block in the nether is a greater distance than in the overworld, if worst comes to worst, you can activate your hidden piston door, head through your portal, and run down a corridor to get away from your opponents quicker than they can catch up to you, assuming they don't find your portal. You can also use minecarts (or a human cannon) for this.
  • Experiment! Combine anti-griefing techniques together! Use a boat/minecart to transport an elder guardian through nether portals, into a 5-block-thick obsidian bunker surrounded by lava and half-open wither cages, placed on top of the nether! This definitely will stop all the raiders in the world!


Now that you have learned how to defend from raiders, you want to read up on how to do some raiding of your own! First, you must do some planning before you stage a raid.

  • Step 1-Find Your Target

You need to find the enemy's base. This may be the hardest part. Send out trackers and spies to find any enemy activity. Then hunt relentlessly and look into any odd landscaping or other signs. Signs can be things like flatter-than-usual mountainsides indicating Jeb doors, 1x1 lava pits that may cover a pressure plate, and weird landscaping (hills in a flat biome). One good tip is to always be suspicious. Or, if you get raided, just stalk the retreating attackers home.

  • Step 2-Analyze The Defenses

Look at everything you can see from the outside. If the defenses are similar to yours, then think about weak spots you have (or had) in the defenses. Also, take note of the biome and defenses to figure out what gear to bring along. Then think of a rough draft of the attack plan. Will you drop down from the nearby higher terrain to glide in with elytra? Or will you use Potion of Invisibility and Depth Strider III to knock a hole in their underwater glass wall? Get creative with your plan!

  • Step 3-Organize The Raid

Use all the information you have gathered to organize a raid.

  • Step 4-The Actual Raid

First of all, don't expect to win. They may have a secret last-ditch trump card you overlooked. Maybe, they had more organized anti-raid drills or possibly you just lost for no particular reason. Don't call it a total loss! You probably brought something of theirs home with you. You may win some other raid someday, but always remember, if you raid a faction's base, they will fix the weak spot, and you will have to adapt and overcome.

Raid examples[]

Note: These are not the only ways to defeat the enemy. These are just examples.

1: The Above-Ground Castle[]

Your enemy has built this base on top of an extreme hills. They have a giant wolf army and landmines around the walls.

Send someone with elytra to scout their base before you fight them. When you have prepared your best equipment, go over there. Destroy all the landmines, and break through the walls. Don't let the enemy attack you, or their wolves will kill you. Bring as many people as possible to fight the wolves/players. Once the base is defeated, take the loot.

2: The Flying Sky Base[]

Your enemy's base is in the sky, on a floating island. There are 5-block thick walls, with an obsidian layer, a liquid layer, and a checkerboard layer. All the players are inside, and their dispensers are filled with lava, to pour on raiders trying to pillar up. There are traps on all the chests, and the enemies have Punch II bows, splash potions, and Channeling tridents. When you go raid the base, it is a thunderstorm and no one will sleep through it.

Have people with elytra scout out the base. For the actual raid, have everyone bring elytra, and a few shields, as the enemies use ranged attacks. Kill the enemies by shooting them with a bow, or splashing them back. If possible, have someone with invisibility sneak in and do some critical hits. Your enemies will be too late to notice that you were invisible behind them with a Sharpness V/Fire Aspect II/Sweeping Edge III netherite sword. Once the enemies are dead, pillage the base and destroy the defenses. Fly away with the loot you have taken.

3: The Massive Cave Base[]

Your enemy's base is underground, surrounded by 3 layers of obsidian. There is an elder guardian inside the base inflicting mining fatigue. The owners of the base have trapped chests leading to arrow dispensers. The secret room has a trapped chest, which is linked to dispensers on all sides, and will shoot splash potions of harming. One of the owners is in the base, while everyone else is exploring.

Have everyone dig for the base until they find obsidian. If you get mining fatigue, you can spawn a wither, as it is unaffected by mining fatigue. Run away and have the wither blow up the walls. When the wither has blown up the walls, enter the base, and try to take as much loot. Lure the wither into the secret room, and have it blow up the traps. Make sure it doesn't blow up the chest. Take as much loot as you can. Don't kill the wither. Heal it with potions of harming, run away, and have it kill the enemy base owners.

4: The Underwater Base[]

Your enemy has an underwater base inside an ocean monument. The only entrance is a nether portal inside the monument. The walls are reinforced with 3 layers of obsidian, and the elder guardians are all trapped inside. The whole monument is filled with water, except for the nether portal room, which is under the monument. According to your spies, the owners are out exploring and are not going to come back for a very long time. There is a drowned army locked inside, which the owners believe should be enough to stop any invaders. All the drowned are given Impaling V tridents and each one has full iron armor.

Bring as many people and give each person an Impaling V/Riptide trident and full enchanted netherite armor. Each person should bring a netherite sword with enchantments. Have one person carry a full inventory of splash potions of water breathing and healing. Have another person wear aqua affinity and respiration turtle shell, use an Efficiency V pickaxe to break the walls. The person with potions should splash the miner with water breathing. Everyone else fights the guardians and protects the miner. When the walls are broken (which should take several real life hours due to mining fatigue, and let assume somehow the base owners haven't returned yet), team up to fight the large amounts of drowned. Once the drowned are dead, destroy the nether portal. Raid the base, but don't kill the elder guardians. When you exit, fill in the hole you mined with obsidian. Don't make too much damage to the outer structure, or else the owners will find out. This method will surprise the owners when they see the nether portal is broken. If they try to get back in from the outside, they will be very surprised that have mining fatigue and can't get in, and later realizing that their items and drowned army are missing.

A much better strategy is to spawn as much withers as possible. The wither will fire at any living life form (including the guardian around the base. Many players don't know that the wither can fire out blue skulls that can destroy even obsidian submerged in water. Now, let the wither bring havoc and act as a distraction as you loot the base.

5: The Nether Base[]

Your enemy lives in a treasure room Bastion Remnant. They have a lava moat, fireball cannons, and a magma cube army. The spawner is covered with obsidian, and there are piglins and piglin brutes everywhere. The chests are hidden in a secret room under the lava on the bottom of the bastion remnant. The enemies have fire resistance, powerful netherite swords, and Protection IV netherite armor.

Have someone fly with elytra to the base, and scout it out. For the actual raid, go to the base together, and destroy the magma cube spawner. Fill in all the lava by covering it with obsidian. Anyone in the secret room will be stuck and will be burned if they decide to break the obsidian. Make sure your team wears gold armor, and doesn't make the piglins mad. Trap the piglin brutes in boats, and destroy all the defenses. When the enemy comes to attack, shoot them with Punch II bows, and use tipped arrows. Punch will still knock them back (???), and potion effects go past their armor. Use arrows of poison and harming. If you can get them, use arrow of decay in Bedrock Edition. Bring some milk just in case they have the same ideas. Try to kill all the piglins and piglin brutes. Escape with elytra if you are low on health. (Don't hit the ceiling or fly into a wall.) Also bring potions of Fire Resistance

6: The End Base[]

Your enemy has a secret base 5 million blocks from the central island, high up at Y 200. It is a secret base, and is very hard to find. The enemy has iron golems for defense, and has endermen in it. The base has high walls made of obsidian. The enemies have netherite armor, netherite swords, and highly enchanted bows. There is a lot of redstone traps. The rooms also have lots of villagers wandering around for distractions. The enemies are currently exploring, but they may come back if they see flying machines coming.

Bring elytra, but don't fly to the base with it. Use a flying machine. Make sure people are there for defense. Build some fake machines as decoys, and put tamed wolves in minecarts in each machine. Bring as many tamed wolves as you can, and put small groups in different flying machines, so the machines fly into the base in all directions. Have the owners stay in the same machine with the wolves. Give every player and wolf invisibility, and bring a lot of invisibility potions. When in the base, Destroy as many traps as you can. If you see the players, have the wolf owners use the wolves to kill the enemies. Have your team shoot them from a distance. Don't let them shoot you. Also, be careful not to hit any villagers/iron golems. After killing the enemies, pillage the base and take what you can from it. Build a flying machine home, and use invisibility the whole way.