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A Manhunt is a twist on Minecraft speedrunning. Rather than trying to beat the clock, players become either a runner or a hunter; runners have to stay alive and beat the game while a variable amount of hunters hunt the runner down and try to kill them.

The first known Minecraft Manhunt video is named "Minecraft Manhunt #1", created by a YouTuber named Dastro on the 27th of September 2014. Since then, content creators such as Dream have blown up and popularised the idea. There are other variants of this which include multiple players chasing the runner, random item drops, etc.

NOTE: Not all manhunt videos are legitimate, meaning you won't truly get an idea of an actual manhunt just from watching YouTube videos, since some are intentionally scripted.

This page will give you some tips on how to set up the manhunt, how to survive as a runner, and how to kill the runner as a hunter.

Setting up[]

Invite 2-4 friends (recommended for manhunts, but you can invite more). Tell them the plan and how it's going to be, and tell them that its a manhunt. Make sure they know how to do a manhunt, and then you can start and say start when ready. Also, if you want a tracking compass you need to use 3 commands to set up tracking compasses. First, /execute at (put runner name here) run setworldspawn ~ ~ ~. Make sure to use a repeating command block and set it to always active. This makes it so the world spawn is constantly being set to the speedrunner, and compasses always point to the world spawn. Second, /gamerule commandBlockOutput false this simply prevents the spamming of the coordinates the speedrunner is at in chat. Last, /forceload add ~ ~ this forceloads the chunk the command block is in so it won't stop setting the world spawn. This also has to be a repeating command block set to always active. Also, have the hunters set their spawns in a bed at spawn. Since the world spawn is constantly being set to the runner, the hunters will spawn right behind the runner if they die, so they need to set their spawns.

As the runner[]

As the runner, you need to start by getting as far away from the hunter(s) as fast as you can because even if you kill them once near the beginning of the challenge, they will respawn immediately and could come to attack you again. You are not allowed to respawn under any circumstances, even if you are in a duo; if one dies it turns into a solo run. After you get away at the start, look for a cave and take about 36 iron (24 for full iron armor, 3 for pickaxe, 3 for axe, 1 for shield, 1 for flint and steel, 1 for shovel and 3 for a bucket) and if you find some, attempt to locate some diamonds. Remember that a hunter could be around any corner. When being chased by a hunter, never stop moving, and use boats whenever possible. If you stop you might give the hunter a chance to kill you. When going into the Nether, make sure to take a lot of food because you might be staying there searching for a fortress for a long time and never stop running (command blocked compasses work in 1.16 in the nether). Remember to avoid "clutching" unless absolutely necessary. An inopportune clutch could end your run. Also if you have low health, you should not stop to eat/heal, you can do it if one or all of the hunters get stuck. Get at least 20 (or more) eyes of ender since the hunters will attempt to get the eye when thrown. If you're in a 1v2 or more hunters manhunt, one hunter will join you attempting to get the eye back and the other can kill you easily since you're not moving (lava or flint and steel). So, after knowing the stronghold's direction, don't attempt to get the eye back, sprint straight away. In the end, shoot the crystals one at a time, don't be greedy (if the hunters are also in the end) since a second of stopping will cost the whole manhunt.

As a/the hunter[]

Your goal is to kill the runner. You are able to respawn, so even if you get killed by the runner, you still have a chance. Try to get full iron armor and tools as soon as possible, yet try to stay near the runner's general vicinity. Usually, you'll have a compass that points in the direction of the runner. Remember to use that to your advantage. If you have a group of hunters, try to have one of you collecting resources and materials that can be used later. The other part of the group should trail the runner and try to stop them from progressing. Just remember to kill the runner before they kill the Ender Dragon.

Tips and tricks as a hunter

  • Don't leave spare tools and armor on the floor, the runner may get them using a Fishing Rod. or picking them up.
  • Don't attack the runner alone as you may bring extra resources for the runner.
  • Don't attack the runner who is intending you to follow him/her because it may be a trap.
  • Burn the remaining items gotten by bartering since the runner may find the pit and search through the items (you can make a trap using it)
  • Be aware of random lit nether portals because they might be traps.
  • ALWAYS bring a bucket of water with you. It might come in handy.
  • Split up your food in case the runner kills the hunter with all food and giving away all of them.
  • At the start, one-two hunters should chase down the runner while the others get resources (2+hunters)
  • ALWAYS check your compass for the hunters' location
  • Get a bow ASAP as you can shoot the runner down from the sky base (if your shooting skills are good)[1]

AI/Bot Hunter[]

A variant of Manhunt created by User kyleong on PlanetMinecraft involves AI (Artificial Intelligence). This variant uses a Data Pack that creates a fake player model with an Armor Stand and Armor. This variant is great for players who don’t have the ability to play on a server or can’t play online.


Plays Exactly like a Human Man-hunter where this hunter can bridge, block pile, mine, and attack the player when close enough. The player has a 60 second grace period upon starting the game and will receive it again when killed for a new game. The player will also receive a 30 second grace period when entering or changing dimensions. The difficulty of the hunter will increase as time progresses and will receive more abilities as well. Abilities such as stronger armor, tools, weapons, ability to create potions, and others.

Tricks and traps[]