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Making TNT explode underwater seems impossible, especially if you're not using the Education Edition. However, with this special technique, you can create explosions even though you're in water!

Materials needed[]


  1. Find any body of water. It could be a lake, river, or in the middle of an ocean.
  2. Place the TNT block, with a block of sand or gravel on top.
  3. Ignite the TNT with your flint and steel then step back and watch the magic happen. (Note that the TNT would move slightly when it's ignited, hence a few blocks are needed to prevent it from happening.)



The reason that this works is that the TNT does not actually explode inside water, but inside the sand/gravel block. When the TNT is ignited, it becomes an entity, meaning another block such as sand or gravel can fall in and occupy its space. Normally when a TNT explodes underwater, the high blast resistance of water shields adjacent blocks from explosion, But when it explodes inside sand or gravel which has a low blast resistance, the explosion is no longer shielded and can destroy adjacent blocks. This phenomenon was reported as a bug to the official Mojang bug tracker, but was resolved as "Works As Intended", meaning it is an intended game mechanic that doesn't exploit any glitches.

Video tutorials[]

OMGCraft's design:

A more expensive, but simpler, method[]

Sideways view

Surround the TNT by blocks with low blast resistance, or dig a one-block hole in the ground and place the TNT inside, so that no sides of the block, except the top side, touch water. Then cover the top of the TNT with a redstone block to activate it. Redstone block was chosen because it is the only source of redstone signal to function underwater, not counting the USB Charger Block.