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This tutorial teaches the player how to farm goats and goat horns items.


Goat horns are items that can be dropped by goats when they ram their heads into certain blocks. They can be used to play loud sounds that can be heard from far away. There are eight types of goat horns, each with a unique sound, four of them are exclusive to screaming goats, which are a rare variant of goats. By goat farming you can obtain all of the 8 goat horn types, which by default is a tedious and unjust due to the unpredictable interval between rams.

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Goat farming[]

Goat Horn

Goats may be bred by giving two goats wheat, with enough goats , you can increase your chance of a goat ramming into you. By goat farming you can obtain all of the 8 goat horn types, of the two types of goat, screaming is the most aggressive and rams more often. Only 2% of all goats spawned are babies, you can not obtain anything from them but can grow them with wheat.

Tips and Info[]

Goat horns[]

Simple Goat Pen, with blocks above, to keep goats from jumping and escaping.

The basis of making a goat farm follows:[]

  • Finding two goats in a mountain biome. They are attracted to wheat, so you can use it to lure them to your desired location.
  • Building an enclosure for the goats using fences or blocks. Make sure to leave a gate or a door for access. You can also add a roof to protect the goats from rain or snow.
  • Breeding the goats by feeding them wheat. They will enter love mode and produce a baby goat. You can repeat this process to increase the number of goats in your farm.
  • Collecting goat horns by making the goats ram into solid blocks. You can use a mob or a player as bait and place a block in front of the goat at the last moment. The goat will drop a horn if it hits the block. You can use the horn to make sounds or craft other items.

By far, the best goat farm you can make is in a video from youtuber wattles, the farm includes a wheat farm for easy access of the crop for long periods of farming the horns, and breeding goats.

Most efficient goat horn farm, for bedrock and java