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Glow lichen farming is the process of producing and obtaining large quantities of glow lichen.

Materials needed[]

Obtaining glow lichen[]

Find at least 1 glow lichen in a cave. It can be found in all the types of caves and is naturally generated on stone, andesite, diorite, granite, calcite, tuff, deepslate, and dripstone blocks underground. You'll need shears to harvest the glow lichen.


Glow lichen can fertilized with bone meal manually or via a dispenser. It can only be harvested via shears and not with other tools, even enchanted with Silk Touch, the lichen drops nothing. Efficiency does not affect breaking speed. By applying bone meal to one lichen, it is possible to cover the sides and the top of an adjacent block, but not the back. Otherwise, glow lichen does not spread naturally.


This video below explains glow lichen mechanics, including harvesting and fertilizing with bone meal via dispensers, finally showing glow lichen farms.


Because it can be fertilized by a dispenser, and it always goes to an open block off one of the four sides, it can easily be autofarmed by rapidly firing bone meal from a dispenser, and blocking off all available places to grow, except one, and monitoring that block with an observer connected to a dispenser with shears [more information needed]. The drops can then be collected by a hopper minecart below the block that the harvested plant is on.