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Frog farming is the process of farming frogs.


Farming frogs has many benefits, including:

  • Getting all three variants of frog - temperate (orange), cold (green) and warm (white).
  • Getting several frogs for a froglight farm.
  • Frog noises in an area.

Manual farming[]

Frogs are bred using slimeballs, so setting up a slime farm is necessary to be able to farm them on a long scale. Similar to a turtle farm, frogs need to be held in a chamber which is lit up and has some sand and water for frogs to swim in.

How to get Frogs[]

Frogs can spawn in mangrove swamps and normal swamps. It is possible to use leads or slime balls to bring frogs wherever you wish, but a much simpler method is to find two frogs in the swamp, breed them, wait for the frogspawn to hatch and then bucket the tadpoles. You can then bring the tadpoles to a new area more easily leading fully grown frogs.