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Dirt farming is the ability to renewably farm dirt without having to mine it from surrounding environments.

Manual farming[]

"Duplicating" dirt[]

This manual method uses the crafting recipe of 2 dirt and 2 gravel to create 4 coarse dirt, which can be converted back to 4 normal dirt by using a shovel or hoe, and then mined with a shovel. It is also very cheap to do and since gravel is renewable through piglin bartering, if you set up a piglin farm, it can allow you to gather up several stacks of dirt without destroying the environment in the process.

Automatic farming[]

Azalea method[]

When an azalea grows, whichever block it grows on turns into rooted dirt, which can then be turned into path blocks and then mined by using a shovel without Silk Touch. This can be partnered with a stone generator, moss blocks and a TNT duper to renewably farm dirt. Here is a tutorial video on how to build a farm that will give you infinite dirt, moss and wood.