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Woodland Mansion Ingame

An average three-story woodland mansion.

A woodland mansion is a massive systematically-generated structure found in dark forests, often far away from the world spawn point. A mansion is inhabited by evokers, vindicators and allays, and is one of the only places where a totem of undying can be obtained. Besides illagers, a mansion's interior lighting is sufficiently low for other Overworld monsters to spawn. Woodland mansions are massive structures found in dark forests. They are highly anticipated to explore because they are one of the only ways to find the totem of undying and the useful allay mobs, and are the only structure to contain the vex armor trim. and contain valuable loot in large quantities.

Exploration checklist[]

Exploring a mansion requires a lot of preparation, but not everyone has the same skills. So depending on how skilled you are, different preparations may be needed. The following is a suggested collection of equipment you might need:

  • A woodland explorer map to track down the mansion.
  • An iron sword at minimum. Enchantments such as Sharpness and Fire Aspect will give you an easier time fighting the illagers, while Knockback helps keep a safe distance from vindicators.
  • A bow for ranged combat against evokers. Enchantments such as Power and Flame enable quicker kills, while Punch knocks the illagers back a safe distance.
    • Crossbows are an alternative to bows, the choice depends on your preference, but you can bring both if you want.
  • One arrow with a bow enchanted with Infinity, or a stack of 64 at minimum.
  • A full set of high-durability iron armor at minimum. Protection allows you to take less damage from evocation fangs, even though evocation fangs bypass armor, and guarantee higher survivability against a vindicator’s ambushes.
  • An iron axe or multiple gold axes for breaking through walls and revealing secret rooms, they can also be used as weapons when needed.
  • Highly nutritious food, such as bread, baked potatoes or cooked meat, to help restore hunger and regenerate health.
  • A shield for protection against vexes, as well as vindicators.
  • A stack of 64 cobblestone, dirt or any other expendable block for quick towering, hiding, trapping mobs, etc.
  • A bed to set your respawn point outside the mansion in case you die (unless you have cheats on).
  • Several stacks of torches to light up the mansion and prevent common hostile mobs from spawning.

Optional equipment[]

  • A pair of elytra (with firework rockets) to get to the mansion as fast as possible.
  • An extra sword enchanted with Smite or Bane of Arthropods allows you to kill any common hostile mobs that spawned in the mansion quicker.
  • A trident enchanted with Riptide makes travel even faster during storms.
  • An anvil to repair your tools (required if doing the "Here's Johnny!" tactic).
  • A few golden apples for quick healing cover.
  • Can be substituted for enchanted apples.
  • Healing or regeneration potions for faster health recovery.
  • A few strength potions for the upper hand in combat.
  • A few shulker boxes and an ender chest for easier transportation of items.
  • A few ender pearls for quick escape, if necessary.
  • A few stacks of harming arrows or poisoned arrows for easier elimination of enemies.
  • A few invisibility potions for unnoticed infiltration.
  • A flint and steel, preferably enchanted with Unbreaking, if you want to burn down the mansion. The unbreaking enchantment increases the durability of your flint and steel since the mansion is huge.
  • A bell can be rung to outline the evokers and vindicators nearby, giving them the Glowing effect that makes them visible through walls.‌[Java Edition only]
  • A few blocks of iron and a few carved pumpkin to spawn Iron Golems which can be a distraction to the vindicators and evokers and assist you in battle. The iron golems won't attack you if you accidentally hit it.
  • A few name tags to name a vindicator "Johnny" so other mobs in the mansion can distract it.
  • A sheep and a few Blue Dyes to dye the sheep blue and using it to distract the evokers.

Preparing equipment[]

It is important you grab the necessary equipment to distract and kill the illagers in the mansion, don't bring items you don't need such as all your diamonds or you might lose them forever.

Sword / Axe[]

Your sword or axe is your primary melee weapon for eliminating vindicators or cornering evokers. Although the durability of axes decreases more rapidly when used as a weapon, critical hits deal extremely heavy, if not fatal, blows to your target, and they can also be used to punch through walls for uncovering secret rooms.

Bow / Crossbow[]

Your bow, a secondary weapon, should be used for taking out enemies from a distance if there are many gathered together. When in melee combat, it is always safer to fall back to ranged combat if you’re swarmed by illagers. If you take a crossbow with you, however, make sure that an arrow has already been loaded for a faster first shot.


Armor is a must-have when exploring a mansion, because vindicators have one of the strongest direct attacks of any hostile mob, and vexes also have substantial melee damage. Iron armor should be worn at minimum, and Protection helps to reduce damage from evocation fangs that would otherwise completely bypass armor and shields.


Nutritious food, such as steak, cooked porkchops, and bread are absolutely necessary for healing after a fight. The food can also heal your hunger bar so you can sprint.

Expendable blocks[]

Cobblestone and dirt are the go-to expendable block for building a protective cover to heal, towering or bridging your way across. Although dirt is much easier to gather, keep in mind that it’s not as tough and can be destroyed by a creeper explosion. However, if evocation fangs are coming your way, use dirt instead of cobblestone to build a barrier such that you can quickly mine and escape if the fangs pass through.


A few stacks of torches provide better visibility in dark corners, and prevent common mobs such as zombies, skeletons etc. from spawning.

Water bucket[]

Used to break your fall. Necessary for all missions, no matter the difficulty.


A shield (or two for backup) is recommended for a mansion venture because it can be used to block melee attacks. Just be more careful when using a shield against vindicators, as their axe attacks can disable it.

Explorer map[]

The main way to locate a woodland mansion without cheats. Woodland explorer maps can be obtained from cartographer villagers.


As mansions are typically thousands of blocks away, a pair of elytra combined with firework rockets will suffice for a speedier and more efficient journey to the mansion. Just make sure you’ve packed enough phantom membranes for repair, or enchanted the elytra with Unbreaking (and possibly Mending) for it to last longer.

Healing items[]

Powerful illager attacks can bring you to a vulnerable state at times, so golden apples, healing potions and regeneration potions will come in handy for a swift healing cover. Enchanted apples can heal you more than regular ones, but since they are extremely rare, use them sparingly if you get your hands on some.

If you do obtain a Totem of Undying by killing an evoker, do place it in your left hand slot as soon as possible, as shields aren’t as useful against Vindicators as their axes disable shields.

Helpful potions[]

Potions enhance your performance, which can be highly beneficial although not necessary. Strength potions can give you the edge in combat, while invisibility potions can allow you to sneak into loot rooms given that you’re unarmored.

Ender chest / shulker boxes[]

These make transportation of loot much easier, as mansions are sometimes very far, often thousands of blocks apart. You should pack backup gear in the ender chest, which you can place at the mansion’s entrance along with a bed, such that if you die, you’ll be able to respawn at your ender chest and quickly ready yourself and rescue your items. Bring at least 6 shulker boxes and put them in your ender chest. Bring a silk touch pickaxe to pick up the ender chest. There is a lot of loot and most of the furniture can be dismantled for additional blocks. You will want a way to store them, and you don't want to clutter your inventory. Diamond hoes, chestplates, and totems of undying are non-stackable and can take up a lot of space in your inventory.

Ender pearls[]

Ender pearls can be used for quick travel across mansion floors, or escaping from a crowd of illagers. On the journey, if your elytra breaks while you are flying, throw an ender pearl to the ground to break your fall.


Information icon
This tutorial is exclusive to Java Edition. 

Bells are normally used in villages during raids, where they give the Glowing effect to raiders, making them easier to locate. This glowing effect doesn't just apply during a raid - it applies to all raid mobs, including vindicators and evokers, under all circumstances. Bringing a bell to the mansion can help you see these two dangerous mobs through walls at a distance of 32 blocks, so you can have a better idea of their exact locations, as well as to confirm whether an area is completely cleared of illagers or not.

Name tags[]

Using the "Here's Johnny!" tactic, you can easily distract the vindicators and kill them easier. To do this you need an anvil or if you already have an anvil back at your base, name them "Johnny" (without quotes) before you go to the mansion.

Once you got the name tags, find a vindicator with hostile mobs to the vindicator. Once that is complete, name the vindicator "Johnny" with one of your name tags it'll attack all non illager mobs in the area. The point of this is not to make the vindicator do your dirty work, but to distract it on another mob so you can kill it without it coming towards you.

Iron golems[]

You can bring a iron golem from a village or make your own, but it is suggested that you make the iron golem yourself as they won't retaliate if hit by you unlike the naturally spawned golem. It's also hard to move the iron golem across rivers and trees if you decide to steal one from a village, so it is ill-advised to do so as it could die along the way.

Iron golems can assist you in battle against the illagers or distract them, and if the iron golem survives the battle, you can use Iron Ingots to repair it for another room. It is also advised the you make the iron golem before you enter combat as you will often die trying to make it in time.

Use leads to move the iron golem around or lure mobs into the iron golem's sight so the iron golem will attack it. Keep on repeating this process until you can't find any more illagers in the mansion. After that, you can loot the mansion, turn it into your base, or burn it down.

Blue sheep[]

Bringing a sheep from a nearby village or finding one around the mansion can be good for distracting evokers. Bring some blue dyes so you can dye the sheep blue. Bring the sheep in the mansion when you see an evoker. Dyeing the sheep blue can provide a distraction to the evoker and gives it a cooldown time before it could summon anything else.

To move the sheep around, either hold wheat to make it follow you or use a lead if you have one. When you see an evoker you can bring the blue sheep and your blue dyes to the evoker. Make sure you dye your sheep blue before you approach the evoker, as it sees a normal sheep it might do a fang attack instead, hurting both you and your sheep. If the evoker sees the blue sheep it will dye it red, giving you time to dye the sheep blue again and hit the evoker a couple times while it is still on its cooldown.

Do this to every evoker until all the evokers in the mansion is dead, then you can take any vindicators you see in the mansion. Don't worry too much about vindicators killing your sheep, since they will attack you instead of the sheep. Make sure you know where your sheep is before you die in case if you die it wanders out of the mansion or it gets lost in a corridor.

Getting there[]

In the majority of worlds, a mansion is typically thousands of blocks from the spawn point, requiring a long journey. Use the following advice to embark on that journey.

Obtaining the map[]

Woodland explorer map trading

The woodland explorer map trade, which requires emeralds and a compass.

Players begin their mansion journey with a woodland explorer map, which can be obtained by trading with a journeyman cartographer for around 14 emeralds and a compass In Java Edition. If you are playing on hard mode, you can convert villagers to zombie villagers and convert back using a golden apple and splash potion of weakness It makes the price discount. This is totally optinal, the cartographer always sells the map, but in Bedrock Edition, they have a 13 chance to sell it. Besides a map’s regular features, the explorer map has a house-shaped icon that indicates where the mansion is.

Finding new places[]

Since the journey to the mansion is extremely long, chances are you’ll discover new places along the way, some of which contain extra loot. Do explore them before continuing on your journey as you might be able to stock up on supplies for your upcoming raid. Blacksmiths in villages and temples are among the more useful structures you’ll find. You can also find many other biomes and rare structures. If you find a ocean monument, keep the coordinates of it because ocean monuments require different equipment.

Temporary camp[]

Before you enter the mansion, you should set up a small base at its cobblestone entrance, where it is pre-lit by torches. Build a fence around the entrance to prevent hostile mobs from trespassing. Bring a bed so you can sleep at night and set your spawn point here temporary unless you want to use the mansion as your base. Make a smoker to prepare extra food and position your ender chest beside your bed. Don’t forget to bring along your shulker box if you have one, as you can store more items with it! Surround your camp with a roof to prevent hostile mobs from attacking you while you're sleeping.

Navigating the mansion[]

Stay alert as you explore. There’s nothing more awful than getting surprised by a creeper explosion and dying on the spot, losing all your experience points in the process. Vindicator ambushes are another threat as they deal hefty amounts of damage, also having a chance to kill you if you're playing on hard difficulty.

For added security, you could head to the second floor immediately to kill an evoker and get its Totem of Undying, before exploring normally afterwards floor-by-floor.

If you spot groups of illagers in the distance, use a ranged weapon to take them out one-by-one. Against lone ones, however, don’t hesitate to dispatch them with your sword or axe.

Don't bother looking in storage room chests; they contain nothing, and looking through them leaves you vulnerable to vindicator ambushes.

Always look out for solid walls where windows should be, or strange missing spaces in-between rooms; these could indicate a secret room behind. Two of them contain obsidian with a diamond block in the center, so be sure to take with you a diamond pickaxe to extract the diamonds within.

If you plan to make the mansion your base, be sure to light up every room to prevent hostile mob spawning. Be careful not to accidentally set anything on fire or let creepers sneak up on you, although having a clump of vindicators near you while the creeper is about to blow up could be an advantage.


Before exploring a woodland mansion, knowing its structures is quite important.

Although their exact structure varies, all woodland mansions have some things in common: they all have three floors with a variety of rooms, and generate a cobblestone foundation underneath the entire structure if there are any gaps between the bottom of the mansion and the ground. The top floor is about half the size of the lower floors, but the size of each top floor is pretty random for each mansion, depending on how many rooms are going to be generated on the top floor. Each mansion includes a large foyer that leads to the corridors connecting the rooms, a giant staircase also generates there, which leads up to the second floor. The foyer is dark and many hostile mobs spawn under the staircase.


A woodland mansion contains many types of rooms. Because the layout is randomly generated, some room types may not be present. Furthermore, certain rooms within the mansion are not readily accessible – some may have sealed entrances, while secret rooms have no entrances at all.

One may access the individual structures of a woodland mansion by using structure blocks to manually load room structures from the /data/minecraft/structures/woodland_mansion folder in minecraft.jar. To do so, set a structure block to Load mode, enter woodland_mansion/structure_name, and press LOAD. A list of possible rooms, the names of these structures, and small descriptions are provided in the table below. Note that the room names are conjectural.

Main and secret rooms[]

A woodland mansion can sometimes generate secret rooms on each floor. A secret room can be one of the following type: "X" room, spider room, fake end portal room, obsidian room, birch pillar room, clean chest room, lava room, and attic room, with the 'X" room being the most common, and the "lava" room being the rarest. A way to look for a secret room is looking for gaps between normal rooms, this way is the best on the first floor, as there are no windows. Another way is looking through the windows through the second and third floors of the mansion, since some secret rooms are exposed to windows. A last way to look for a secret room is cutting down the roof, which works best for the third floor alone. Then you can see any secret rooms from the roof of the floor, as the whole floor's layout.

In the table below, a structure block indicates either a chest with random loot, or the spawn point of an illager.

Structure name
(Room name)
Description Consists of Images
("Flower room")
A room dedicated to a cobblestone bench on which five flower pots have been placed, each containing a different flower.

49 Birch Planks
40 Cobblestone
10 Cobblestone Wall
7 Cobblestone Stairs
2 Potted Allium
1 Potted Blue Orchid
1 Potted Azure Bluet
1 Potted Oxeye Daisy

Woodland mansion 1x1 a1
("Pumpkin ring room")
A room with a cobblestone ring around the walls, with rails on top of it, and ladders placed on the walls of the ring. A single carved pumpkin sits on the middle of the ring facing the entryway.

49 Birch Planks
30 Cobblestone Stairs
19 Dark Oak Stairs
18 Rail
15 Ladder
12 Cobblestone
1 Carved Pumpkin

Woodland mansion 1x1 a2
A room with two cobblestone tables of different heights and chairs to go with them. There are some flower pots and carpets on the tables.

49 Birch Planks
10 Cobblestone Stairs
8 Cobblestone
3 Oak Stairs
3 Potted Red Tulip
3 Light Gray Carpet
1 Oak Planks

Woodland mansion 1x1 a3
("Checkerboard room")
A room with a checkerboard pattern on the floor, slightly resembling that of a kitchen, and all the walls are lined with oak fences. A loot chest lies hidden above the door.

68 Oak Fence
49 Birch Planks
40 Dark Oak Log
15 Gray Carpet
13 Light Gray Carpet
1 Chest (random loot)

Woodland mansion 1x1 a4
("White tulip sanctuary")
A room with an indented cobblestone structure against the wall, and a single potted tulip situated in the indent.

49 Birch Planks
46 Cobblestone
22 Dark Oak Stairs
9 Cobblestone Stairs
7 Dark Oak Planks
6 Cobblestone Slab
1 Potted White Tulip

Woodland mansion 1x1 a5
("X room")
A secret room with cobblestone “X” patterns decorating the walls. A chest sits in the corner. These rooms can generate on any floor.

120 Cobblestone
49 Birch Planks
1 Chest (random loot)

Woodland mansion 1x1 as1
("Spider room")
A secret room packed with many cobwebs, with a spider monster spawner located in the center. These rooms can generate on any floor.

95 Cobweb
49 Birch Planks
1 Spider Monster Spawner

Woodland mansion 1x1 as2
("Obsidian room")
A secret room with an octahedron-shaped mass of obsidian concealing a block of diamond within. These rooms can generate on any floor.

49 Birch Planks
19 Obsidian
1 Block of Diamond

Woodland mansion 1x1 as3
Woodland mansion 1x1 as3 2
("Birch pillar room")
A secret room with four birch plank pillars erected toward the ceiling. These rooms can generate on any floor.

85 Birch Planks

Woodland mansion 1x1 as4
("Birch arch room")
An office-like room comprising a desk with a flower pot on top, as well as a prominent arch in the center, made of birch fences, slabs, and stairs.

80 Birch Planks
39 Birch Stairs
9 Birch Slab
6 Birch Fence
1 Potted Azure Bluet
1 Pink Carpet

Woodland mansion 1x1 b1
("Small dining room")
A room with a carpeted table accompanied by chairs made using dark oak stairs. The upper parts of the walls are decorated with chimney-like structures.

49 Birch Planks
14 Oak Stairs
10 Dark Oak Planks
10 Light Gray Carpet
4 Dark Oak Stairs
2 Black Carpet
2 Dark Oak Fence
2 Oak Planks

Woodland mansion 1x1 b2
("Single bed bedroom")
A cozy room with a wool bed, a cobblestone fireplace, and a bonsai made with a fence and a block of leaves.

In Java Edition, the block of leaves is not persistent, and eventually decays due to not being connected to logs.[1]

49 Birch Planks
13 Cobblestone
7 Cobblestone Slab
6 Oak Slab
4 Red Wool
3 Cobblestone Stairs
2 White Wool
1 Dark Oak Fence
1 Dark Oak Leaves
1 Oak Planks

Woodland mansion 1x1 b3
("Small library")
A small study room with the only things of interest being the several bookcases in the corners.

49 Birch Planks
24 Dark Oak Stairs
20 Oak Planks
12 Bookshelf
9 Oak Stairs
7 Oak Slab
1 Potted Allium

Woodland mansion 1x1 b4
("Allium room")
A room with a vine-tangled oak stand, on which sits an array of potted alliums. A full cauldron and a chest containing more alliums sit nearby. The roof is built from oak fences.

Currently does not generate in Java Edition due to a bug.[2]

55 Oak Fence
49 Birch Planks
16 Oak Planks
6 Vines
5 Potted Allium
1 Chest (8 Allium)
1 Cauldron

Woodland mansion 1x1 b5
("Gray banner room")
A room with an altar-like construction in the middle, made of cobblestone and cobblestone stairs that delimit a short, narrow passage with a gray banner at the end. There's a chest hidden behind the construction. A vindicator always generates here.

105 Birch Planks
82 Cobblestone
12 Cobblestone Slab
11 Cobblestone Stairs
1 Gray Banner
1 Chest (random loot)
1 Vindicator

Woodland mansion 1x2 a1
Woodland mansion 1x2 a1 2
("Wheat farm")
A room with a wheat farm and a small table with a chair in the corner. The water in the farm is covered with lily pads. Some, or even all of the crops may be missing. The farm resembles a farm found in a village, but uses dark oak logs instead.

105 Birch Planks
32 Farmland
32 Wheat
30 Dark Oak Log
8 Water
8 Lily Pad
6 Torch
6 Dark Oak Fence
4 Dark Oak Planks
4 Oak Stairs
3 Dark Oak Stairs
1 White Carpet

Woodland mansion 1x2 a2
("Forge room")
A room with arches made of polished andesite. Located at the end of the room is a damaged anvil and a lava pool encased by polished andesite to prevent the surrounding planks from burning. A vindicator always generates here.

146 Polished Andesite
105 Birch Planks
55 Smooth Stone Slab
15 Double Smooth Stone Slab
2 Lava
1 Damaged Anvil
1 Vindicator

Woodland mansion 1x2 a3
("Sapling farm")
A room with two layered rows filled with dark oak saplings, connected by ladders reaching the ceiling. A chest containing dark oak saplings lies near the entrance.

129 Oak Planks
105 Birch Planks
58 Dirt
58 Dark Oak Sapling
42 Ladder
39 Green Carpet
1 Chest (28 Dark Oak Sapling)

Woodland mansion 1x2 a4
("Wool room")
A room with a messy pile of assorted shades of blue wool.

105 Birch Planks
56 Light Blue Wool[Java Edition only]/ White Wool[Bedrock Edition only]
46 Blue Wool
19 Cyan Wool

Woodland mansion 1x2 a5
("Tree-chopping room")
A room containing an artificial tree on a dirt platform and a chest that always holds an iron axe with Efficiency I‌[Java Edition only]. This room’s entrance is sealed off by a wall of dark oak planks.

105 Birch Planks
79 Dark Oak Leaves
20 Dark Oak Planks
20 Dark Oak Log
9 Dirt
1 Chest (1 Iron Axe with Efficiency I‌[Java Edition only]) (1 Leather Cap or 1 Leather Tunic or 1 Leather Pants with Efficiency I‌[Bedrock Edition only][3])

Woodland mansion 1x2 a6
("Mushroom farm")
A room with a mushroom farm, as well as a table, a chair and an empty chest.

In Java Edition, due to a bug, no mushrooms generate in this room.[4]

105 Birch Planks
71 Oak Planks
24 Oak Stairs
21 Coarse Dirt
20 Oak Fence
20 Dark Oak Log
11 Red Mushroom
10 Brown Mushroom
1 Chest

Woodland mansion 1x2 a7
("Dual-staged farm")
A room with a two-tiered farm, with the lower one growing pumpkins and the upper one growing melons. A vindicator always generates here.

105 Birch Planks
42 Dark Oak Log
40 Dark Oak Planks
32 Dirt
32 Farmland
20 Oak Planks
16 Water
16 Pumpkin Stem
16 Melon Stem
16 Pumpkin
16 Melon
5 Oak Slab
1 Torch
1 Oak Fence
1 Vindicator

Woodland mansion 1x2 a8
("Small storage room")
A room with shelves housing many empty single chests. A vindicator always generates here.

117 Oak Slab
105 Birch Planks
66 Oak Planks
42 Chest
1 Vindicator

Woodland mansion 1x2 a9
("Redstone jail")
A room with a large cobblestone jail accessible through a lever-connected redstone circuit that opens the jail’s two iron doors. Inside the jail is a small table constructed with cobblestone stairs, some brown carpets and a cauldron. A vindicator always generates here.

211 Cobblestone
71 Cobblestone Wall
42 Birch Planks
6 Cobblestone Slab
6 Cobblestone Stairs
5 Redstone Dust
4 Brown Carpet
2 Iron Door
1 Lever
1 Cauldron
1 Vindicator

Woodland mansion 1x2 b1
("Small jail")
A room with a cobblestone jail containing a cauldron and brown carpets. Located outside the jail is a chair and table, near which a vindicator always generates.

213 Cobblestone
105 Birch Planks
8 Cobblestone Wall
7 Oak Stairs
6 Cobblestone Slab
3 Cobblestone Stairs
2 Oak Planks
1 Lever
2 Brown Carpet
1 Iron Door
1 Cauldron
1 Vindicator

Woodland mansion 1x2 b2
("Wood arch hallway”)
A room with several arches made of dark oak logs, as well as a loot chest at the end. A vindicator always generates here.

105 Birch Planks
65 Dark Oak Log
1 Chest (random loot)
1 Vindicator

Woodland mansion 1x2 b3
("Winding stairway room")
A room with a one-block wide, walled-up spiral staircase that leads to a loot chest.

289 Dark Oak Log
105 Birch Planks
50 Oak Slab
1 Oak Planks
1 Chest (random loot)

Woodland mansion 1x2 b4
Woodland mansion 1x2 b4 2
("Illager head room")
An otherwise-empty room containing some illager pixel art.

105 Birch Planks
26 Light Gray Wool
14 Dark Oak Planks
5 Gray Wool
2 White Wool
2 Green Wool
2 Black Wool

Woodland mansion 1x2 b5
("Curved staircase")
Some stairs leading up, curving toward the left or right at the base, above which hangs an illager head made of wool. Each woodland mansion generates either one of two rooms with staircases. Only one staircase leads to the third floor of the mansion if there are more staircases in the mansion.

135 Cobblestone
105 Birch Planks
60 Cobblestone Stairs
26 Birch Stairs
26 Light Gray Wool
24 Red Carpet
14 Dark Oak Planks
14 Dark Oak Stairs
5 Gray Wool
3 Cobblestone Wall
2 White Wool
2 Green Wool
2 Black Wool

Woodland mansion 1x2 c stairs
Woodland mansion 1x2 c stairs 2
("Medium dining room")
A room consisting of a table made of oak stairs and decorated with a potted flower, near which appears to be a serving counter in the corner. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

105 Birch Planks
19 Oak Stairs
19 White Carpet
13 Dark Oak Fence
6 Oak Planks
5 Gray Carpet
4 Oak Slab
4 Torch
1 Potted Oxeye Daisy

Woodland mansion 1x2 c1
("Double bed bedroom")
A room with pink and purple beds at the end, as well as a table with a flower pot in the corner. Two vindicators always generate here.

105 Birch Planks
12 White Wool
8 Purple Carpet
5 Oak Stairs
4 Pink Carpet
2 Vindicator
1 Potted Allium
1 White Carpet

Woodland mansion 1x2 c2
("Triple bed bedroom")
A room with three blue beds and a desk. Three vindicators always generate here.

18 White Wool
12 Blue Carpet
6 Light Blue Carpet[Java Edition only]/ White Carpet[Bedrock Edition only]
5 Oak Stairs
3 Vindicator
2 Oak Planks
1 Potted Azure Bluet

Woodland mansion 1x2 c3
("Medium library")
A lounge-like room with many bookcases, swing-like seating structures against the walls, and a table in the center with four flower pots on it, the flowers arranged by height.

105 Birch Planks
48 Oak Stairs
24 Bookshelf
16 Oak Fence
14 Oak Planks
1 Potted Dandelion
1 Potted Poppy
1 Potted Red Tulip
1 Potted Oxeye Daisy

Woodland mansion 1x2 c4
("Straight staircase")
A straight staircase leading to the third floor, above which hangs some illager pixel art. Each woodland mansion generates either one of two rooms with staircases.

117 Cobblestone
112 Birch Planks
61 Cobblestone Stairs
35 Birch Stairs
26 Light Gray Wool
14 Dark Oak Planks
14 Dark Oak Stairs
12 Red Carpet
5 Gray Wool
2 White Wool
2 White Carpet
2 Black Wool
2 Green Wool

Woodland mansion 1x2 d stairs
Woodland mansion 1x2 d stairs 2
("Master bedroom")
A room with a regal four-post bed. Gray banners hang from an ornate wall decoration above the doorway.

112 Birch Planks
26 Oak Slab
17 Oak Stairs
16 Oak Fence
13 Oak Planks
12 White Wool
9 Red Carpet
4 Birch Stairs
3 Light Gray Banner
1 Potted Birch Sapling
1 Potted Oxeye Daisy
1 Bookshelf
1 Light Gray Carpet

Woodland mansion 1x2 d1
("Bedroom with loft")
A two-tiered bedroom containing a closet made of birch planks and dark oak doors on the first tier. A ladder near the entrance leads above to a loft with a loot chest and a wool bed.

105 Birch Planks
78 Oak Planks
18 Oak Stairs
18 White Wool
9 Red Carpet
7 Oak Fence
6 Ladder
4 Cyan Carpet
2 Light Blue Carpet[Java Edition only]/ White Carpet[Bedrock Edition only]
2 Dark Oak Door
1 Potted Red Tulip
1 Chest (random loot)

Woodland mansion 1x2 d2
Woodland mansion 1x2 d2 2
("Ritual room")
A room dedicated to a complex altar-like structure with single prominent elevated block draped under black carpet. Cobblestone benches run down on both sides, and an overhead structure constructed with cobblestone and decorated by two black banners hangs over the altar. Two vindicators and an evoker always generate here.

105 Birch Planks
101 Cobblestone
27 Cobblestone Stairs
9 Cobblestone Slab
6 White Carpet
2 Black Banner
1 Black Carpet
2 Vindicator
1 Evoker

Woodland mansion 1x2 d3
("Cat statue room")
A room dedicated to a large black wool cat statue situated in the center.

143 Black Wool
105 Birch Planks
12 White Wool
2 Lime Wool

Woodland mansion 1x2 d4
("Chicken statue room")
A room dedicated to a large wool chicken statue situated in the center.

105 Birch Planks
98 White Wool
11 Orange Wool
2 Gray Wool

Woodland mansion 1x2 d5
("Clean chest room")
A secret room with a lone loot chest surrounded by four torches on dark oak fences at each corner of the otherwise empty room. These rooms can generate only on the first floor.

105 Birch Planks
4 Torch
4 Dark Oak Fence
1 Chest (random loot)

Woodland mansion 1x2 s1
("Fake End portal room")
A secret room with a platform of orange wool in the middle and a ring of green wool above it, giving it the appearance of a stronghold End portal with lava underneath. Cobblestone stairs and infested cobblestone allow access to the ring, which has a trapped chest containing two Ender pearls flanked by two TNT blocks. If the trap is sprung, the TNT breaks the infested cobblestone and reveals silverfish which swarm the player. These rooms can generate only on the first floor.

105 Birch Planks
24 Infested Cobblestone
12 Green Wool
9 Orange Wool
9 Cobblestone Stairs
1 Trapped Chest (2 Ender Pearl)

Woodland mansion 1x2 s2
("Attic room")
A secret room divided into two tiers, with the first one having nothing of interest but the hidden upper one containing a chest at each of its two ends. These rooms can generate on the upper two floors.

144 Dark Oak Planks
105 Birch Planks
102 Dark Oak Log
30 Dark Oak Stairs
2 Chest (random loot)

Woodland mansion 1x2 se1
Woodland mansion 1x2 se1 2
("Large jail")
A room with four cobblestone jail cells of slightly differing sizes. A vindicator always generates here. Allays have a chance to spawn in the jails.

597 Cobblestone
225 Birch Planks
39 Cobblestone Wall
20 Cobblestone Slab
12 Brown Carpet
4 Iron Door
4 Cauldron
4 Polished Andesite
4 Lever
3 Iron Bars
2 Cobblestone Stairs
1-3 Allay
1 Vindicator

Woodland mansion 2x2 a1
Woodland mansion 2x2 a1 2
("Large storage room")
A room with shelves holding many empty double chests. A vindicator always generates here.

225 Birch Planks
85 Oak Planks
78 Oak Slab
32 Red Carpet
26 Chest
2 Potted Blue Orchid
1 Vindicator

Woodland mansion 2x2 a2
("Illager statue room")
A room housing a giant statue of an illager’s upper body, including its hands, made out of wool, with an object resembling a torch in its left hand. A lapis lazuli block is hidden inside the illager’s head, at the middle.

225 Birch Planks
182 Light Gray Wool
18 Brown Wool
7 Black Wool
5 Gray Wool
4 White Wool
4 Yellow Wool
2 Green Wool
1 Lapis Lazuli Block

Woodland mansion 2x2 a3
("Nature room")
A room comprising an andesite water feature in one corner, and an artificial dark oak tree in the other corner.

225 Birch Planks
124 Polished Andesite
62 Dark Oak Leaves
48 Smooth Stone Slab
9 Dirt
4 Dark Oak Log
2 Water

Woodland mansion 2x2 a4
("Large dining room")
A large dining hall containing multiple three-chair tables, and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. A small serving counter can also be seen along with a torch at the center of each wall. Two vindicators and an evoker always generate here.

225 Birch Planks
32 Oak Stairs
14 White Carpet
14 Oak Planks
12 Oak Fence
9 Oak Slab
8 Torch
4 Magenta Carpet
3 Potted Birch Sapling
2 Vindicator
1 Evoker

Woodland mansion 2x2 b1
("Conference room")
A large gathering hall with a U-shaped table decorated with potted tulips, as well as two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Two vindicators and an evoker always generate here.

225 Birch Planks
58 Oak Stairs
21 Oak Planks
16 Oak Fence
10 White Carpet
8 Torch
5 Potted White Tulip
2 Vindicator
1 Evoker

Woodland mansion 2x2 b2
("Large library")
A large room containing three bookshelves, as well as a seating area with three large armchairs.

225 Birch Planks
180 Bookshelf
32 Oak Stairs
82 Oak Planks
4 Oak Slab

Woodland mansion 2x2 b3
("Map room")
A room with a large table on which colored carpets are placed, with the resulting pattern seemingly representing a map. A small bookcase is also set against one of the walls. Two vindicators and an evoker always generate here.

225 Birch Planks
36 Oak Planks
28 Oak Stairs
14 Lime Carpet
9 Bookshelf
9 Oak Fence
8 Blue Carpet
4 Torch
3 Yellow Carpet
2 Vindicator
1 Evoker

Woodland mansion 2x2 b4
("Arena room")
A large room with an arena-like platform made of double smooth stone slabs and barred by a ring of dark oak fences. A ladder leads up to an overhead loft concealing a loot chest.

225 Birch Planks
152 Oak Planks
52 Oak Fence
49 Double Smooth Stone Slab
46 Dark Oak Fence
10 Ladder
5 Oak Stairs
3 Smooth Stone Slab
2 Dark Oak Fence Gate
1 Chest (random loot)

Woodland mansion 2x2 b5
Woodland mansion 2x2 b5 2
("Lava room")
A secret room containing a lava-filled glass case supported by large obsidian foundations on the floor and ceiling. Hidden within the glass case is a block of diamond. These rooms can generate on any floor.

225 Birch Planks
110 Obsidian
99 Glass
25 Lava
1 Block of Diamond

Woodland mansion 2x2 s1
Woodland mansion 2x2 s1 2

Technical structures[]

Structure name Description Consists of Images
woodland_mansion/carpet_east A small group of red and white carpets facing east.

2 White Carpet
6 Red Carpet

Woodland mansion carpet east
woodland_mansion/carpet_north A small group of red and white carpets facing north.

2 White Carpet
6 Red Carpet

Woodland mansion carpet north
woodland_mansion/carpet_south_1 A group of red and white carpets facing south, laid atop a birch plank floor, flanked by two dark oak plank pillars with torches set on their inward sides.

24 Birch Planks
21 Dark Oak Planks
9 Red Carpet
4 White Carpet
2 Dark Oak Fence
2 Torch

Woodland mansion carpet south
woodland_mansion/carpet_south_2 Exactly the same as the previous, but the tops of the pillars have stairs facing inward.

24 Birch Planks
21 Dark Oak Planks
9 Red Carpet
4 White Carpet
2 Dark Oak Fence
2 Dark Oak Stairs
2 Torch

Woodland mansion carpet south 2
woodland_mansion/carpet_west_1 A group of red and white carpets facing west, laid atop a birch plank floor, flanked by two dark oak plank pillars with torches set on their inward sides.

24 Birch Planks
21 Dark Oak Planks
9 Red Carpet
4 White Carpet
2 Dark Oak Fence
2 Torch

Woodland mansion carpet west
woodland_mansion/carpet_west_2 Exactly the same as the previous, but the tops of the pillars have stairs facing inward.

24 Birch Planks
21 Dark Oak Planks
9 Red Carpet
4 White Carpet
2 Dark Oak Fence
2 Dark Oak Stairs
2 Torch

Woodland mansion carpet west 2
woodland_mansion/corridor_floor A small square of red carpet, surrounded by white carpet, laid out upon a birch plank floor.

49 Birch Planks
16 White Carpet
9 Red Carpet

Woodland mansion corridor floor
A room with a staircase in the center, and three doors, one on every side of the room excluding the side with the staircase. Every mansion has one of these, and it's always adjacent to the front door.

495 Dark Oak Planks
360 Birch Planks
222 Cobblestone
191 Red Carpet
146 Dark Oak Log
127 Cobblestone Stairs
40 Glass Pane
40 White Carpet
35 Dark Oak Stairs
25 Cobblestone Slab
19 Cobblestone Wall
18 Dark Oak Fence
17 Birch Fence
4 Torch

Woodland mansion entrance
Woodland mansion entrance 2
Woodland mansion entrance 3
woodland_mansion/indoors_door_1 A large dark oak plank wall, with an open arch situated off-center. Used as doorways within a mansion.

44 Dark Oak Planks
8 Birch Planks
2 Dark Oak Stairs

Woodland mansion indoors door
woodland_mansion/indoors_door_2 The same doorway as the previous, but slightly taller, with a line of dark oak logs near the top.

60 Dark Oak Planks
8 Dark Oak Log
8 Birch Planks
2 Dark Oak Stairs

Woodland mansion indoors door 2
woodland_mansion/indoors_wall_1 A wall with a large cross constructed out of dark oak logs. Used as walls separating mansion rooms.

48 Dark Oak Planks
8 Dark Oak Log
8 Birch Planks

Woodland mansion indoors wall
woodland_mansion/indoors_wall_2 The same wall as the previous, but slightly taller, with a line of dark oak logs near the top.

64 Dark Oak Planks
16 Dark Oak Log
8 Birch Planks

Woodland mansion indoors wall 2
woodland_mansion/roof A flat square of dark oak planks. Used for the main inner area of the mansion roofing.

64 Dark Oak Planks

Woodland mansion roof
woodland_mansion/roof_corner An outer corner of the mansion roof structure, constructed out of dark oak planks and stairs with a cobblestone base.

16 Dark Oak Stairs
12 Dark Oak Planks
8 Cobblestone

Woodland mansion roof corner
woodland_mansion/roof_front The flat frontal area of the mansion roof structure, consisting of dark oak planks and stairs with a cobblestone base.

32 Dark Oak Planks
32 Dark Oak Stairs
16 Cobblestone

Woodland mansion roof front
woodland_mansion/roof_inner_corner An inner corner of the mansion roof structure, constructed out of dark oak planks and stairs with a cobblestone base.

20 Dark Oak Planks
16 Dark Oak Stairs
8 Cobblestone

Woodland mansion roof inner corner
woodland_mansion/small_wall_corner A short cobblestone structure used to construct wall corners.

13 Cobblestone
3 Cobblestone Wall

Woodland mansion small wall corner
woodland_mansion/small_wall An outer wall used to make distinct the area between one floor and the next. Constructed out of planks, logs, and various cobblestone.

21 Dark Oak Planks
10 Cobblestone Stairs
8 Cobblestone
3 Dark Oak Log

Woodland mansion small wall
woodland_mansion/wall_corner The same wall structure as the previous, but much taller. In a technical quirk, the structure block marks an area far outside of the physical structure.

25 Cobblestone
7 Cobblestone Wall

Woodland mansion wall corner
woodland_mansion/wall_flat A flat wall of planks, decorated by dark oak logs and cobblestone stairs and walls. Used for the outer walls of the ground floor of the mansion.

54 Dark Oak Planks
16 Cobblestone
5 Cobblestone Stairs
4 Dark Oak Log
3 Cobblestone Wall

Woodland mansion wall flat
woodland_mansion/wall_window The same as the previous, but the log cross is replaced by an intricate window with an overhang. Additionally, cobblestone stairs generate along the lower edge alongside the cobblestone walls. Used for the outer walls of the upper floors of the mansion.

31 Dark Oak Planks
19 Dark Oak Log
15 Cobblestone
12 Glass Pane
7 Cobblestone Stairs
6 Cobblestone Wall
4 Dark Oak Fence

Woodland mansion wall window

Killing the mobs[]


Vindicators have 24♥ × 12 HP, which means they’re not the beefiest mobs out there. However, their punishing axe blows deal a maximum of 19♥ × 9.5 damage on Hard difficulty, and are especially dangerous if their axes are enchanted.

  • Shields are redundant, so quickly attack them until they die.
  • Against a group, either strike before retreating, or build a 3-block tall pillar to hit your assailants from above.
  • They drop 0-2 emeralds upon death and have a chance of dropping their iron axe as well.
  • Try not to run into a group of vindicators because if each of them attack you it's easy to lose a lot of health.
  • If there are any hostile mobs such as zombies around you or the vindicator, quickly lure the zombies to the vindicator and name the vindicator "Johnny" with your name tags so you can attack the vindicator while it's attacking the zombies. That way you can easily dispatch the vindicator without its attention entirely on you. Skeletons aren't a good idea, unless you make them accidentally shoot the vindicator instead, which requires good skills.
  • Using a bow to kill them is a good idea, you can also locate a vindicator, stay away from it, and build a 3-block tall pillar so you can snipe the vindicator from the top of the pillar. If your bow is enchanted with Flame or Power, you can snipe it from far away so it can kill the vindicator in one hit. If you miss, it doesn't matter. The vindicator doesn't care if a arrow sails over its head, so you can snipe it again until it dies.
  • The best strategy is attacking and running backwards so you can knock the vindicator away while running backwards, but be careful, vindicators can ambush you from behind if you don't pay attention to your surroundings.


Evokers have 24♥ × 12 HP like vindicators, but have a more unconventional fighting style. When within a 16-block radius, they summon a row of evocation fangs that bypass armor and shields, and when cornered, they summon a ring of said fangs instead. Evokers may also summon three vexes to join the fight, and flee at the player’s sprinting speed when cornered.

  • Whenever possible, kill evokers upon sight as quickly as you can so that they won't have the chance to summon vexes or their fangs. This is especially important, since evokers cast their summoning spells upon being attacked inside most areas of a woodland mansion.
  • Shooting them with a ranged weapon is the safest way to defeat an evoker, but keep your distance if the evoker senses that you're close, it has a chance to summon evoker fangs or vexes, which can be a nasty trouble for you. Try to get a Power 1-5 bow or you can enchant your bow with flame so the evoker can die in 1 hit, but if you see the evoker preparing to summon fangs or vexes, kill it immediately.
  • Melee combat is also possible; corner the evoker into a small space while dodging any fangs that come your way, before striking repeatedly until it dies.
  • Upon death, evokers drop their Totem of Undying as well as 0-1 emeralds, which can be good for later survival and trading.
  • Evokers can walk as fast as the player's sprinting speed, so be sure to keep some food in your hotbar when you see one. If it flees, you can lose track of it if your hunger bar gets too low and cannot sprint.
  • Bring a blue sheep and a few blue dyes so the evoker can focus on turning the blue sheep red, giving you time to finish the evoker. The evoker also have a cooldown before it can summon anything else.


Summoned by evokers, vexes can fly through walls and floors to attack their target by surprise. Despite their low health pool, they deal up to 13♥ × 6.5 damage on Hard difficulty, meaning that they’re not to be trifled with.

  • Time your hits well against vexes, and retreat if necessary to avoid getting struck.
  • Use your shield to block any attacks since vexes are hard to hit with their small size and they retreat for a few seconds after attacking.
  • Against a swarm of vexes, just flee from the scene and ignore them; they drop nothing when killed anyway and despawn within 2 minutes.

General Strategy[]

Most people do this strategy when raiding the woodland mansion. Bring all your things with you and don't forget your ender chest containing your shulker boxes. When you enter the mansion, start illuminating it. Kill any hostile mobs you see. When you are looting a room, kill all hostile mobs and light the room up. Take all the furniture and loot because they will be useful later. This will also remind you that you have raided this room.

You can also mark the entrance if you don't want the furniture. Punch holes in the walls to check for secret rooms. If you find loot and your inventory gets full, open your ender chest and take out a shulker box to store your loot. Quickly put the shulker box in the ender chest so you don't risk losing it. Repeat for the other rooms. On the second floor and third floor, there are evokers, which summon vexes. Kill them first by sniping or cornering them. If your sword has Knockback, it is unrecommended to attack an evoker with it because you will knock it away and it can sprint as fast as the player. Once the evoker is dead, kill the vindicators and take the loot and furniture.

Again, punch holes in the walls to check for secret rooms. Some rooms are more dangerous than others and the loot and furniture are different, such as the conference rooms, where five vindicators and one evoker generates within. If you take all the loot and furniture, you will gain a lot of useful resources. Aside from the woodland mansion chest loot, you will get a lot of mob drops, carpets, stairs and slabs from furniture, bookshelves, flowerpots, flowers, banners, cauldrons, chests, diamond and lapis blocks, cobblestone, redstone, iron doors, dirt, wheat, seeds, melons, pumpkins, and dark oak saplings. Even those things aren't much value, they are worth taking because they can save you some resources. There are also many alternative strategies to loot a woodland mansion, it is based on personal preference.

Alternative strategies for defeat[]

Melee Warfare[]

Required Items:

  • Fairly good fighting skills

Procedure: Using a sword or bow, attack the illagers head on. Take down the mansion room by room, and punch holes in the walls to look for secret rooms.

Water Defense[]

Required Items:

Procedure: When a vindicator spots you, apply the water bucket right underneath you to make a water pool. Stand in the water and hit the vindicators with your sword, as they will have a very hard time getting to you, since they cannot go to you while the water is flowing towards them.

Arrows from Above[]

Required Items:

Procedure: Climb to the top of the mansion where you’ll set up camp. From there, destroy the roof and whip out your ranged weapon of choice to shoot any illagers from above, room-by-room. After clearing a loot room containing illagers, use your water bucket to head downwards, extract the loot and head to the roof again for more shooting. This method is great in the sense that all secret rooms are guaranteed to be uncovered.


Required Items



A vindicator trapped with dirt blocks by the player under the effects of invisibility.

Enter the mansion invisible. Trap illagers you see in blocks, making sure that you don’t come too close as they might notice you.

Raid Squad[]

Required Items

  • Other players with regular supplies

Procedure: There are many different ways to raid a mansion in a group. It’s easiest to go full-on “Melee Warfare” with a team, though more organized players might assign roles for each teammate (e.g. melee fighter, sniper, potion lobber, etc.) before heading in.

Wolf Army[]

Required Items

  • A pack of tamed wolves (the more the better)
  • Extra meat to heal the wolves, preferably a stack of cooked meat of any type.

Procedure: Use regular stategies to go about raiding the mansion. Your wolves will serve as your guardians and increase your survivability. Make sure you heal them after defeating an illager or some illagers in a room.

Here’s Johnny![]

Required Items

Procedure: Name vindicators "Johnny" such that they attack other hostile mobs in the mansion, which will make your raid much more pleasant. Invisibility potions reduce the likelihood of the vindicators noticing you as you name them, but you can charge up to them from behind and name them, then run.

Mass destruction[]


Procedure: It’s simple as blowing up parts of the mansion to destroy illagers, or burning everything away to reveal hidden chests. Just stay away from fires and explosion, of course! Don't do this if you want to keep the mansion as your base.

Dangerous rooms[]

  • Spider room - There is a spider spawner in the center of the room. Kill all spiders in the room and light up the spawner. Take all the cobwebs with shears because they are strictly limited in a Minecraft world.
  • Obsidian room - There is a diamond block in the middle of a obsidian pile. Mine the obsidian with a diamond or better pickaxe and take the diamond block.
  • Jails - There are many vindicators in the jails. Kill all of them and break the iron doors. Take the cauldron and brown carpets because cauldrons are expensive to make. Free the allays if possible as well.
  • Bedrooms - There are many vindicators, except in the master bedroom. Kill all of them and take the wool and carpet from the beds. The loft on one of the master bedrooms has a chest next to the bed.
  • Fake End Portal room - There is a trapped chest next to two tnt. Destroy the tnt and take the trapped chest and the ender pearls. Destroy the wool end portal because you cannot use it as a real one. The stone blocks are infested, so be careful. If you want to remove them, break one and kill all silverfish, or use silk touch to mine them.
  • Illager statue room - There is a large illager wool statue holding a torch in one of its hand with a lapis lazuli block inside its head. Light the room up with light source blocks and seal the entrance, one block above the ground with a horizontal row of blocks. Destroy the statue and collect the wool and the lapis block.
  • Dining rooms - The small and medium don't have illagers. Take all the furniture. The large dining room has an evoker and 2 vindicators. Kill the evoker by sniping it to avoid vexes. Kill the vindicators using a sword or by shooting them.
  • Conference room - This is the most dangerous room, containing 5 vindicators and an evoker. Kill the evoker as fast as possible before killing the vindicators. You can pillar jump a few blocks (2 or 3 blocks) after defeating the evoker to avoid being hit by the vindicators. Take the furniture when you are done.
  • Map room - This room has 2 vindicators and an evoker. Fight them using the methods described in the conference room. Take the illagers' carpet map, table and bookshelves.
  • Arena room - This room has no illagers, but it is dangerous because you can be surprised by monsters from the top loft. Start by lighting the room with any light source blocks. Destroy the center arena and kill the mobs in there. Then, pillar up a few blocks to snipe at the monsters in the loft. Be careful of skeletons and have your shield ready. If you see a creeper, immediately retreat. Kill it using your bow. Build a bridge to the loft or climb the ladder. There is a loot chest.
  • Lava room - This room has lava surrounding a diamond block and the lava is in a glass cage surround partially by obsidian. Loot this room last because there is high risk of fire. Start by mining the top obsidian. Break one piece of glass on the top of the cage and quickly pour water to cover the lava. Extinguish any fires you set. Break all the glass and convert the first layer of lava to obsidian. Lower the water source and mine the obsidian. The next layer would have turned to obsidian. Repeat for the other layers. Take the diamond block when you are done removing the lava and extinguish all fires.


Many mansion rooms contain chests with “dungeon loot” in them, along with a extra disc.

  • "Checkerboard room" - the loot chest is located above the entrance.
  • "X room" - there’s a loot chest at the corner.
  • "Gray banner room" - the loot chest is found behind the cobblestone construction.
  • "Wood arch hallway" - the loot chest is located the end of the room.
  • "Winding stairway room" - the loot chest is located at the end of the winding passageway.
  • “Bedroom with loft” - the loot chest is found at the loft, which can reached by climbing a ladder.
  • “Lone chest room” - the loot chest sits in plain sight at the center.
  • "Attic room" - there are two loot chests positioned at each end of the upper attic of this room.
  • "Arena room" - the loot chest resides on the loft.
  • "Fake End portal room" - the trapped chest, which contains 2 Ender pearls, sits on the woolen “End portal”, and is flanked by two TNT on each side.
  • “Allium room” - the chest at the entrance is full of alliums.
  • "Sapling farm" - the chest at the entrance holds 28 dark oak saplings.
  • "Tree-chopping room" - the loot chest at the foot of the tree contains an iron axe enchanted with Efficiency I.
  • “Storage rooms”, “mushroom farm” - the chests next to the table and chair are empty.

Aside from loot chests, there are several valuable blocks that the player can scavenge from the mansion's rooms: the secret “obsidian room" and "lava room" both contain a diamond block in the center of the structures, and the "illager statue room" contains a hidden lapis lazuli block in the illager’s head, to name a few.

For further information, please see the page woodland mansion/loot.


After the mansion is looted, there are a number of things you can do with it. You can turn it into a home, burn it down, systematically dismantle it to get extra resources, or just leave it as it is. Like Outposts, You can just leave. Hostile Mobs can eventually respawn if there isn't any light.

Turn it into a home (or your new base)[]

The woodland mansion is a nice looking structure. Turn the mansion into your base. Light it up and clear out all hostile mobs. Fix all creeper holes and fire damage. You can use the original rooms, or tear down the inner walls and build them how you want. You can take all the furniture to add your own. Make sure to change the wool beds in the bedrooms into real beds so you can sleep in them. Placing two beds next to each other makes a wide and good-looking bed. Add a kitchen, bathroom, better bedrooms, anything you want. You can even redesign the whole mansion, but it will take a long time to do so. Be careful if you want to redesign the sides of the roof to make it look nicer, as you can fall from up to twenty blocks and possibly die. Putting farms on top of the mansion's roof can be effective for food since sunlight helps crops grow faster. Don't worry about Illagers as long as you've explored all the rooms and killed all of them since they never respawn, unlike pillagers.


A Woodland Mansion turned into a base with farms on the rooftop. A few villagers and an iron golem is visible from here.

Expanding it[]

Since the mansion is in a dark forest, you can make a giant basement and carve windows into a cobblestone foundation that is taller than one mansion level (roughly around ten blocks, but you can make it as tall as you want). The first floor doesn't have windows since the trees around obstruct it, but you can carve windows into it. The dark oak wood from the trees around it blends nicely with the rest of the mansion. You can also chop down trees around and use the logs to expand the mansion to that area too.

Turning it into a village[]

Making houses with the dark oak wood from the nearby trees around the mansion can turn the area into a nice looking village. Be sure to make a villager breeder consisting of at least 2 villagers (you can bring villagers from another village or cure any zombie villagers you find) to populate the mansion. Make job sites for the villagers and put beds in the upper rooms of the mansion. After you get lots of villagers and claimed beds, iron golems can spawn and protect you and the villagers from hostile mobs such as zombies and skeletons.

Make a villager breeder or any type of mob farm inside[]

You can build some type of farm(s) inside. You can make a spider farm with the spider spawner, bring in villagers for villager trading halls, or make the building a giant crop farm, which works best on the roof, as crops uproot if not connected with sunlight. An animal farm works too, but you need some food to breed them.

Burning it down[]

Simple as that, set an entire mansion room on fire using flint and steel or fire charges and run out of the mansion. Stay at least 10 blocks from any nearby fires since the fire can burn through the trees.

Build a community building[]

Use the woodland mansion for a community building. Redo the inner walls and move it to the location you want using mods. Some ideas are making a hotel, town hall, or factory.

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