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This tutorial will show you how to defeat a village raid.

Raid basics[]

Raids are events during which pillagers, vindicators, ravagers, and evokers (which can summon vexes) invade a village to kill as many villagers as possible (witches also spawn but they are passive to villagers, they also attack iron golems and the player and heal other illagers with beneficial potions). They can be difficult to tackle early-game and can result in many villager deaths if not properly handled.


  • An iron sword at minimum. Sharpness and Fire Aspect allow quicker elimination of enemies, while Looting enables more spoils from the pillagers and vindicators ‌[Bedrock Edition only].
  • A full set of iron armor at minimum. Protection ensures better survivability and reduces damage from evocation fangs that would otherwise bypass armor and shields.
  • Tools, which may be useful to hide villagers underground if blocking doors is not a feasible option, to unblock houses after the raid, and so forth.
  • A shield to guard against vex attacks, as well as vindicator blows as their attacks cannot disable shields ‌[Bedrock Edition only]
  • A bow or crossbow as your ranged weapon to take out raiders from a distance. Power and Flame can quickly dispatch most raiders, if not one-shot them.
  • Plenty of nutritious food, such as steak and bread, to regenerate health.
  • A water bucket for getting up or down easily; necessary for all missions regardless of difficulty! Using a water bucket can also push vindicators away from you, and they can't go against the flow of the water, allowing you to take down the vindicators quicker.
  • A stack or more of expendable blocks to barricade village houses.

Optional equipment[]

  • Some Ender pearls for quick escapes.
  • Milk, to remove negative status effects from the witches that could affect your perfomance.
  • Negative Splash potions, to hinder groups of raiders.
  • Regeneration or healing potions to recover quickly. If you have iron golems when you're hurt go to the iron golem and throw a healing splash potion at your feet, healing both you and the iron golem so you can heal two mobs at the cost of one potion.
  • Golden apples to tank enemy attacks and provide a swift healing cover.
  • Cobwebs to trap raiders.
  • A Lava Bucket for quickly eliminating Ravagers and other mobs (excluding witches, which drink Fire resistance potions).
  • Some dirt blocks (you can use any block you want) to pillar jump and attack melee raiders easier (this is not recommended with pillagers, as they can shoot you off the pillar with their crossbow).
  • A boat or minecart to trap any melee raiders (preferably vindicators or ravagers) to trap them so you can kill them without them chasing you (you can also do this with pillagers, but try to block or dodge the arrows).


Preparing the village[]

Before the raid starts, a good idea is to prepare the village before the raiders attack. There are multiple ways to do so:

Walling off the village[]

A solid strategy is to wall off the perimeter of the village using a strong block, such as cobblestone or wood. As there are no ways for raiders to destroy solid blocks, they will not be able to penetrate the wall, and will, therefore, be stuck attempting to pathfind around it. Once you have walled off your village, you can use ladders to scale the wall and shoot the raiders with a bow. You can alternatively use walls or fences to border your village.

Setting traps[]

Once you have walled off your village, you can set traps outside of the perimeter to deal damage. Lava traps and cobweb traps can slow down and damage the raiders, and iron golems can dispatch of them rather quickly. Holes surrounding the outside of the wall can also be used to trap the raiders and prevent them from progressing any further. A moat is also helpful with water, lava or just a deep ditch. Raiders will not walk off edges so an easy way to get them in a hole is to make steps down. Raiders will path-find into the hole but not walk out (to deal damage you can add magma, lava, wither roses, or sweet berries.)

If you're playing in a desert village, try to grab all the cactuses in the area around the village and place them around strategic points around the village with a height of 2-3 blocks. Don't worry, the ravagers in the raid cannot break the cacti.

Blocking villager doorways[]

A very effective strategy is to wall off entrances to villager houses; this way, there is no way for the raiders (other than Vexes) to access the villagers inside the houses, effectively keeping them safe while you deal with the raiders. An easy way to get the villagers into their houses to begin with is to ring a bell. Have some villagers hidden underground. If possible, have a dispenser that splashes them with invisibility.

If the raid is in a desert village, block the windows as well, no matter how high they are since desert village houses don't have any windows for covering but only a thin slot in some and probably a tall window if a potted cactus is there.

Ringing the bell to get all villagers back into their houses[]

Ring the bell couple times when the raid bar starts generating so villagers that don't hear the first bell can go back into their houses safely. Immediately seal the doors (or windows if you're in a desert village) so the raid mobs cannot open the doors or attack from the windows.

Iron Golems[]

Build as many iron golems as you can to help you defeat the raid, defend the village and assist you in battle. They can also provide a distraction to the raiders, so you can kill the illagers while they're attacking the golem. Don't worry about accidently shooting the golems, as they won't fight back since they're player built (unless you have cheats on and summoned the iron golems), but try not to shoot or hit them, as they lose health if you have a strong weapon. Throw healing splash potions or regeneration potions at them or use iron ingots on them after the raid.

If you're hurt during the raid quickly find your iron golem (or an iron golem if you have more than one) and throw a splash potion of healing at your feet, which heals both you and the iron golem at the cost of one potion.

If you accidently hit a naturally spawned iron golem (or one you summoned) and the iron golem starts attacking, go find some raid mobs and make the iron golem attack the raid mobs as an distraction. Use the time to calm down the iron golem (staying away from the iron golem for a minute or turning the gamemode to creative and back to survival).

Preparing yourself[]


Grab your best equipment if you want to kill the raiders quicker. Make sure your equipment is above half durability so it won't break while half way through the raid. You can also bring back-up equipment if you cannot find a better equipment and don't want to craft a new one. Don't bring so many back-up equipment or else you cannot pick up the raid loot when your inventory gets full.

Good spawn point in the village[]

Make sure you set your spawn in the village so if you die you can get back to the village before the raiders kill all of your villagers. Using a bed or the command /spawnpoint can help you set your spawn point in your desired location. A spawn point around the middle of the village is a good place since all the places around the village is around the same distance from you.


Get plenty of milk before the raid or breed cows and let them wander around the village so you can grab some milk from a nearby cow along the path if you're out. Milk saves you from negative status effects from splash potions if witches spawn in the raid. If you're playing on easy difficulty you don't have to worry about this one.


Bring plenty of healthy food such as bread, pumpkin pie, or all any type of cooked meat (such as steak, cooked porkchop, cooked chicken, cooked mutton, cooked rabbit, cooked cod, or cooked salmon) because they restore the most hunger points in case you lose too many hunger points and cannot run if your hunger points are at 6 (three ham bars).

Avoid foods that cannot stack or food that have to be placed (such as cake or any type of stew or soup) because you cannot eat them efficiently.

Healing from golden apples and enchanted golden apples[]

If your inventory isn't full yet but you want to prepare more equipment, grabbing a few golden apples (or enchanted golden apples if you have a lot) or some potions can fill most of your inventory. Losing a lot of health can be fatal and possibly lead to death, so you need healing quick since natural regeneration from foods can take a while, to which eating a golden apple or enchanted golden apple can give you a brief regeneration if you ever lose a lot of health.


In a raid, you can also bring potions (it's best to prepare them before the raid rather than brewing them when the raid has started) to heal yourself and damage enemies as potions can be effective. Brew negative potions as splash potions (either a harming potion, a poison potion, a slowness potion, a weakness potion, or a decay potion) to throw at your enemies. Be sure to watch out because if you splash yourself with the potion then it can be bad. Poison potions and weakness potions don't work on witches, since they are immune to poison and don't use melee attacks. Use harming potions to finish them off instead (or your weapons) and watch out for any potions thrown from the witch.

In the meantime, you can also brew positive potions to heal yourself (either a regeneration potion, a healing potion, a strength potion, a invisibility potion, a slow falling potion, a swiftness potion, or a fire resistance potion if you're fighting a raid in the nether) or give yourself some beneficial effects and if you have enough gunpowder you can use splash potions to heal yourself quicker. You can also heal any villagers or iron golems that are damaged using the positive splash potions or you can also give them positive effects (swiftness works for them as they can get to their enemies quicker and escape quicker and invisibility works for them as well because they can be undetected). Be sure not to heal any enemies when throwing the potion, since they are supposed to be killed.

You can throw a same healing or regeneration potion at any of your allies when they are in a group because that conserves the potion. Throwing a harmful splash potion at a group of raiding mobs can also help conserve the thrown potion.

Note: If you play Java Edition and is on hard difficulty, think twice before starting a high-level raid, particularly if you aren't very confident with your capabilities. Even with full sets of enchanted netherite equipments, you may get killed if you don't have the proper tactics, skills and potions that are necessary for tough combats. In Bedrock Edition this is usually not as big a problem since Bedrock Edition still uses older combat mechanism, but can still be very risky.

Starting the raid[]

The only way to trigger a raid is through the Bad Omen effect, which is obtained after killing an illager captain. Illager captains wear ominous banners, also known as illager banners on their heads and appear as part of patrols and pillager outposts, the latter of which can spawn several over time.

In Java Edition, if multiple raid captains are killed in succession, the Bad Omen level will stack to a maximum of V, increasing the likelihood of pillagers and vindicators wielding enchanted weapons. When the level of Bad Omen is higher than I, the resulting raid has an additional wave with a raider composition identical to that of the last wave. This does not work in Bedrock Edition.

To begin the raid, walk into a chunk comprising at least one villager and one claimed bed with the Bad Omen effect. Raiding illagers will then spawn within 64 blocks of the registered village.[1]

Defeating the raid[]

Once the raid starts, your immediate priority should be to locate the raiders and swiftly kill them before they kill any villagers, which can wipe out your village easily if they don't get back to their houses in time.

Ring the village bell to alert villagers and afflict any nearby raiders with the Glowing status effect and determine their locations. ‌[Java Edition only].

Prioritize ravagers, evokers and witches. Witches heal other raiders ‌[Java Edition only], ravagers destroy crops, and evokers spawn vexes which deal heavy damage and pass through solid walls and floors.

Once the current wave has been eliminated, the next one will start shortly. This process will repeat until every wave has been defeated.


Once the raid has been defeated, any player in the village boundary will be awarded the Hero of the Village advancement and be affected with the Hero of the Village status effect for 60:00 or 3 in-game days.

Villagers will throw gifts at nearby players once the raid has been defeated.‌[Java Edition only]


In Java Edition, the number of waves depends on the difficulty. If the Bad Omen level is higher than I, an additional wave spawns with an identical raider composition as the last wave.

There are three waves on Easy, five waves on Normal, and seven waves on Hard difficulty. Depending on the difficulty, up to 2 additional pillagers and vindicators may spawn per wave, and an additional witch may spawn on the third wave onwards.

In Bedrock Edition, as Bad Omen is not cumulative, there are no additional waves, and additional illagers do not spawn as well. Vindicators do not ride ravagers.

Wave 1: There are only pillagers. Simply charge up to them and dispatch them with your sword, blocking any arrows, or snipe at them from a distance if they are still grouped together. If they are in a line or a clump, it's best to use a crossbow enchanted with multishot or piercing, so you can shoot them all from a distance.

Wave 2: There are pillagers and vindicators. Melee tactics are enough for now, but always fall back to ranged combat if you’re facing many illagers at once. You can also pillar jump to kill the vindicators easier.

Wave 3: There is a ravager and some pillagers. You may need to use hit-and-run tactics against the ravager, as it can resist knockback. Alternatively, get to high ground and pelt it with arrows. Using a lava bucket on the ravager might also work, just try to lure it into an open area so you don't burn any houses down. Kill the pillagers as per normal.

Wave 4: There are witches, pillagers, and vindicators. Catch the witches by surprise and quickly strike them until they die, such that they do not throw harmful potions that make you vulnerable. Another way to kill the witches is to get the pillagers and vindicators to chase you, and when you run into the witch, quickly move out of the way so the witch will throw the harmful potions into the pillagers and vindicators. The pillagers and vindicators will fight back at the witch, allowing you to shoot the witch without the witch targeting you alone. It's best to quickly locate the mobs in this raid, since they might separate when in the village.

Wave 5: There are pillagers, vindicators, an evoker, and a pillager riding a ravager (In Bedrock Edition there is an additional ravager). Shoot the pillager mount from a distance or fling the pillagers off the ravager with a fishing rod before closing in on the ravager. Corner the evoker into a small space (while dodging its fangs) for melee combat, or snipe at it from a distance. Kill the other raiders as per normal.

Wave 6: There is only one evoker, but many pillagers and vindicators. Try to single out the evoker first as vexes can be troublesome to deal with. Kill the other raiders as per normal, but be especially careful to not get swarmed.

Wave 7: It’s a massive raiding party consisting of almost all raiding illager types, including an evoker and vindicator riding a ravager each. Vindicators constitute the majority of raiders. Be careful and try to single out illagers to reduce group sizes. Snipe at the mounted evoker first to make the ravager less of a threat and defeatable with melee strategies. As with the third wave, attack the witches quickly, and by surprise, to avoid potion chaos. You can also make the witch throw the harmful potions at the other raiding mobs to pose a distraction. Use a water bucket or a lava bucket to dispatch vindicators without getting hit by large hordes.


Using any traps while you're getting chased is a better idea since you know where the mobs are chasing you. Putting traps around the village before the raid is not a good idea as villagers and iron golems can run into them and you cannot guaranteed 100% that the raid mobs will pass that location.

Water bucket trap[]

This is not really a trap, but it slows down mobs since they cannot push against the flow of the water unlike the player. Placing a water bucket at the raiding mob's feet slows them down, allowing you to take the raid mobs down using a bow from a safe distance. Pillagers will try to use melee attacks when in water, so you can kill the pillagers with ease.

Be careful of ranged mobs, such as pillagers and evokers (and witches if the water bucket distance if not too big) because they can still snipe you from a distance, even when getting slowed water.

Lava trap[]

The best place to use this trap is away from the village houses, since many of them can catch fire from the lava. Putting cobblestone around the village houses allows you to use this trap anywhere. Dump a bucket of lava if you're away from the mobs and stand behind the lava. The raid mobs that see you goes towards you and gets burned in the lava between you and the mobs. Since this trap destroys most mob loot, it's not a recommended trap in Bedrock Edition.

Cobweb trap[]

Place cobwebs in a line in front of you so the mobs get stuck there. Shoot them safely with a bow or kill them with your axe or sword. This trap won't work for pillagers, since they can still shoot from cobwebs. While in the cobwebs, evokers can also summon vexes or evoker fangs that can still attack the player. Make sure you kill the ranged mobs before moving to melee mobs, as the ranged mobs can still shoot.


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