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Deep Dark Cities are among the most challenging structures to defeat in the game. They are dark and are home to the warden, which can easily smother players, even in full netherite armour.


There will be several benefits to defeating a Deep Dark City:

  • A way to obtain Sculk Blocks without a Sculk Catalyst
  • Using the city as a base
  • Obtaining Soul-related items without going to the Nether

What you might need[]

Starting Out[]

To prepare yourself for an expedition to a Deep Dark City, there are a few things you will need to do.

Finding a City[]

You will first need to go to the deepslate layer, nearly to the bedrock level. If you mine into it from a higher level, there is a higher chance that you will mine into the city and likely die from fall damage. Once you get somewhere around Y -44, begin strip or branch mining. This will give you the highest chance of finding a city.

The rest of this page is WIP and I mean it. There's not a lot of content and most of the stuff here isn't really confirmed.