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Day and night detectors are mechanisms in which allows for the player to detect what time of day it is.

Daylight Detector Method[edit]


Name Total
Redstone Dust est. 32
Redstone Lamp 3
Daylight Detector 1
Material of housing (Stone, Planks, etc.)

Making the circuit[edit]

  • Place the detector in an appropriate place, near a house.
  • Place lamps in an outer wall. Note that they must be visible from inside.
  • Connect the detector to a NOT gate, for best effect have a distance of 5-6 blocks.
  • Connect the NOT gate to the lamps.

Thanks to the Java Edition 1.8 update, there is an easier way to do this:

  • Place the detector in an appropriate place, e.g. near or on top of the home.
  • Place the lamps in an outer wall. Again, they must be visible from the inside.
  • Connect the detector to the lamps.
  • Use the detector


This circuit can be used for many things, including

  • Turn on lights inside or outside
  • Turn on in-ground "street lights" to prevent mobs from spawning in a certain area
  • Use lights to prevent spawning, and combine with other defenses to keep mobs out of the house (For example, the player could make a drawbridge that retracts at night, or something to automatically kill mobs outside the door in the morning, hooked up to the same circuit that will reduce mob spawning in the first place).
  • Use an AND gate to create a circuit that will only work at day, or one that will only work at night

BUD Method[edit]

This method of time of day detecting uses a block update detector.


Name Total
Water Bucket 4
Redstone Dust 50
Redstone Repeater 11
Redstone Torch 4
Redstone Lamp 3
Piston 4
Sticky Piston 5
Stone 16
Glass 6


Step Image Description
Step 1 Dimentions.png Dig a 4-block height, 10-block width, 13-block length hole
Step 2 Day-nightstep1.png Make your day/night detector as in the picture.
Step 3 Day-nightstep2.png Redstone
Step 4 Day-nightstep3.png Notice the stone blocks on each sticky piston.
Step 5 Day-nightstep4.png Glass