Minecraft Wiki

To play Minecraft from a custom directory, you can use these simple steps.

If you have anything important in your Minecraft folder, it is strongly recommended you make a backup before moving it!

Windows 10[]

Method A

Note: This doesn't work when using a launcher installed via the Microsoft App Store

  • Go to the folder where you installed Minecraft.
  • Shift right click in a blank space and press "Open Command Window Here."
  • Get the Directory Path of where you want to store the game.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type in: echo java -jar Minecraft.exe --workDir=" . Do not press enter yet.
  • In the file browser, find the folder you want Minecraft to be installed in to.
  • Click and drag the folder to the open command prompt window. It should fill in the path automatically.
  • Finish typing " > run.bat and press enter.
  • In the folder, run the "run.bat" file.

Method B

Use this method if you've installed Minecraft via the Microsoft App Store.

  • Create a folder in the location you want Minecraft moved to. We will call this the 'destination folder', but you can name it whatever you want.
  • Open the original .minecraft folder (By default, you can find this by going to %appdata%, then opening roaming\.Minecraft)
  • Copy all contents of the original .minecraft folder and paste them into the destination folder
  • Delete the original .minecraft folder
  • In the search bar, find Command Prompt, right click and open as administrator
  • Paste cd %appdata% and click enter. The command prompt should acknowledge the appdata\roaming folder
  • Paste mklink /D ".minecraft" "<destination folder>" Replace <destination folder> with the address of the destination folder. For example, if you're moving Minecraft to "E:\MyMinecraft", the command would be mklink /D ".minecraft" "E:\MyMinecraft"
  • Press enter. Command prompt should say "symbolic linked created for .minecraft"
  • If command prompt says "cannot create file when that file already exists", it is because you didn't delete the original .minecraft folder. Delete it and run the command again

Shortcut Method[]

  • Right click the Minecraft shortcut on your desktop and select "Properties".
  • If you do not have a shortcut, navigate to the folder where you installed Minecraft, right click MinecraftLauncher.exe, and click "Create Shortcut".
  • There should be a line labeled Target. After the file path, add a space and type: --workDir DIR_PATH
  • Replace "DIR_PATH" with the directory you want the game to use.
  • Minecraft will now use that directory as long as you launch it from that shortcut.