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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 

This tutorial is an advanced guide to creating a resource pack add-on for Bedrock Edition. This is not a guide to creating a behavior pack. For behavior packs, see Tutorials/Creating behavior packs.


  • Good knowledge of file managers.
  • Intermediate knowledge of JSON file format, an image editing program (the program is required to support transparent images and colors) and a text editor.

First steps[]

1. Create a folder wherever you like, name it with your intended pack's name.
2. Jump into that folder.
3. Create a new file manifest.json with the following content:
    "format_version": 1,
    "header": {
        "description": "[Your pack description]",
        "name": "[Your pack name]",
        "uuid": "[Pack UUID]",
        "version": [0, 0, 1],
        "min_engine_version": [1, 2, 6]
    "modules": [
            "description": "[Your pack description]",
            "type": "resources",
            "uuid": "[Module UUID]",
            "version": [0, 0, 1]

Alternatively, you can use a pack manifest generator

  • Replace strings that are enclosed in square brackets with the appropriate phrase.
  • For pack and module UUIDs, generate each independently and replace the corresponding string with the generated UUID. You can use this UUID generator.
4. Create an image named pack_icon.png. Draw your pack's icon there. The image should be a square.

That's it. You can proceed to the next parts.

General rules[]

  • If you are not going to modify something, do not add it to the pack.
  • Keep path length to a maximum of 70 characters.

This part is not yet written.

Packaging and distributing[]

Should you have finished your resource pack, it's time to try the pack in Minecraft:

  1. Put your pack content into a ZIP archive.
  2. Change the extension to .mcpack.
  3. Open the file so that Minecraft launches and import the pack.

Now you can test the pack.

After testing, if you are sure the pack functions correctly and it is complete, you can distribute the .mcpack file wherever you like. However, if you are not a partner of Mojang, you cannot get your pack to the Marketplace.