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Mountains are one of the most dangerous biomes in Minecraft

Mountains are a type of terrain that appear in many different designs, but are typically described as very tall. They can be part of the badlands, possess a barren surface made of stone, or have snowy slopes. Conquering a mountain can be quite a challenge, especially for unprepared players, due to the several dangers, including deep patches of powder snow, the ramming goats, and of course, its steep and towering heights. However, not all mountains are generated equally as it can sometimes just be a big meadow hill or a short mountain peak, so it's best to find one with very tall terrain and a "peak" biome. There are many reasons for conquering a mountain. Perhaps you want to harvest its massive reserves of snow (Snowy slopes and frozen peaks only), stone, calcite (Jagged peaks only), spruce wood, iron and coal (except Snowy slopes), or even emerald ore or build something cool on top, or try to find a deep dark underground for an ancient city, or maybe you simply want to do it for the fun or challenge.


Necessary Equipment[]

  • Any common block or ladders, to tower up on cliffs too steep to climb easily.
  • Leather boots, to prevent falling inside powder snow.
    • Enchanting your boots with Feather Falling may help mitigate harm from potentially frequent falling.
  • A water bucket in case of any danger; necessary for all missions regardless of difficulty!
  • A boat to help you safely descend the mountain without taking fall damage. It is easier to use than the water bucket as it does not involve any clutching.
  • A sword, or an axe most preferably Iron at minimum, to quickly kill as much danger (e.g. Goats and pillagers) as possible. (An axe is stronger and can chop trees, especially if you can't see through the Grove forest or don't have any wood)
  • Plenty of nutritious food, such as steak and bread, to regenerate health.

Optional Equipment[]

  • Any banner of your choice to place on top of the summit of a mountain. Can also be used to mark paths so you won’t get lost.
  • An Elytra to conquer mountains much more easily. (This is not recommended if you prefer to climb mountains normally or if you think this is cheating)