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Chorus plantation example

An example of a manual chorus plantation without confinements for the plants. To the side is a platform for collecting chorus flowers from a row of the plants; in order to collect flowers from other plants, it is needed to jump onto them.

Chorus farming or chorus fruit farming is the process of growing chorus plants for harvesting chorus fruit and, if possible, flowers for further growing.

Description of the plant[]

Chorus is a plant that grows naturally on outer islands of the End, accessible via end gateways which generate after killing the ender dragon. The plant grows from chorus flowers planted on end stone. When growing, a chorus may grow additional flowers on any side, which can grow independently into separate stalks or branches, making the plant grow wide. A fully grown chorus measures up to twenty blocks in height, sometimes even higher. A chorus plant block has a chance to drop one chorus fruit. If a block below the plant’s main part is chopped down, blocks above it are chopped automatically; chorus plants drop fruit as usual, but chorus flowers do not drop, which means they must be harvested directly.

Chorus flowers can be planted in any dimension, as soon as there are blocks of end stone to plant them on. They do not require specific light levels for growth.

Chorus fruits can be eaten (to restore 4 (🍗🍗) points of hunger), but the player has a chance of being teleported in a random direction. They can also be popped in a furnace and then used for crafting stone brick-like purpur blocks, as well as end rods.


Chorus plantations are mainly used to provide purpur blocks for construction. First, the gathered chorus fruits are popped in a furnace, then the popped fruits are used to craft purpur blocks (at a ratio of 4 per 4). This setup works best with a group of furnaces and a renewable source of fuel, such as a tree farm which provides logs for smelting into charcoal. This combination is self-sufficient, which means it can be built anywhere regardless of the availability of local resources (or the lack thereof), such as space between the End's central and outer islands or space above the Nether's top bedrock layer.


In order to harvest a chorus plant it is sufficient to chop down the plant’s bottommost block, which will cause all blocks above it to be harvested, with a chance of dropping chorus fruits. While easy, this does not allow for chorus flowers to be harvested, because they do not drop this way, so they must be harvested separately.

Manual harvesting[]

Manual harvesting of chorus plants involves manually planting the chorus flower (or multiple flowers), waiting for the plant(s) to grow, and manually harvesting the plant.

Because the chorus plants grow quite tall, it is preferable to create a separate platform at the height where it would be possible to harvest chorus flowers from. Once the plants are fully grown, the player would climb onto the platform and harvest the flowers. If some plants are not accessible from the platform, they can be reached by jumping onto other plants, but this method has a risk of falling onto the surface from a considerable height. The varied and unpredictable shape of chorus plants can also pose a problem. In order to simplify this process, it is possible to shoot chorus flowers with a bow (or with snowballs), dropping the chorus flowers. Plants can also be confined within a “tube” of solid blocks in order to limit their width and to simplify harvesting.

Automated harvesting[]

Automated harvesting involves automating specific processes of harvesting using pistons or flowing water. Virtually all automated farms use confinement of plants’ growth in order to simplify the process.

Semi-automatic harvesting[]

Semi-automatic designs usually involve manual harvesting of chorus flowers in amounts enough to sustain the plantation and automated harvesting of the plants. Usually, some plants are limited in height to allow for simple harvesting of chorus flowers. After the harvesting is done, pistons or flowing water are used to chop the plants. The drops can be concentrated in a hopper line.

AFK harvesting[]

Away from keyboard (AFK) harvesting involves collecting flowers and fruits by chopping them with an array of pistons, similarly to automatic tree farms. But, unlike tree farms, chorus plants’ growth can’t be sped up by bone meal, which significantly slows down the production rate in comparison to tree farming. On top of that, the flowers must be broken manually in order for this kind of farm to be sustainable. A layer of downward-pointing dispensers above the farm, loaded with snowballs, can harvest a fair number of the chorus fruits. It can be automated by fixing the use and break buttons in a pressed position (such as by a heavy object). Unlike manual or semi-automatic chorus planting, AFK-able designs are more complicated to build and are quite rare.


Ncolyer's fast AFK design for 1.16 versions and above

Cubfan135’s semi-automatic farm

Ray’s Works’ AFK design

GTexperience’s AFK design

Javamonk’s design

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