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There are many biomes in Minecraft. Some are easier and harder to live in depending on the availability of food, wood, and other resources. Some biomes may have variants that can be easier or harder to live in.

The Overworld[]

The player first spawns in the Overworld where resources such as wood, food, and stone are plentiful in most biomes. However, certain biomes have other negative things in them, making them harder to survive in.

Best biomes to play[]


The forest is the most common type of biome with several similar biomes such as the birch forest, the dark forest, and the taiga. The forest contains loads of wood and food, and is a very common place for the player to spawn in. In the taiga, villages also generate here. Taiga villages contain iron armor as well as food. Some downsides to this biome are that in dense forests, hostile mobs can spawn, and the player's vision is often blocked by dense trees, making it easy to get lost.


Another common biome is the plains. The plains contains sparse trees and several flowers. Generally a good place for building because of the flat land and sparse trees. The trees are just enough for the player to easily spot one from anywhere within the plains biome and it is frequently bordered by a forest. Cave entrances can also be more easily spotted here, allowing for the player to collect resources such as coal ore, iron ore, copper ore, and even rarer minerals. Villages and animals can also generate here, giving a plentiful supply of food. Trading with villagers can also be quickly achieved via the hay bales that generate in the village.


The jungle is a dense forest biome that has loads of vines and wood. Jungle pyramids also generate here giving bamboo and possibly iron ingots and even diamonds. The jungle also contains melons, a food source. The main downsides are: the lack of room for any building as the foliage is too dense for any large buildings; The view is often blocked by dense foliage, making it easy to get lost.

Mushroom fields[]

Though not great for spawning in the biome, if resources like wood can be brought using saplings, the mushroom fields can be one of the best biomes to live in. First of all, the mooshrooms allow for infinite food when you use a bowl on a mooshroom. This gives you mushroom stew, a reliable food source. Next, hostile mobs don't spawn naturally, meaning that it is also one of the safest biomes to live in. It is also one of the rarest biomes you can find.

Best biomes for specific resources[]


Though not ideal for living in, the badlands contain an extra generating rule for gold ore, making it around 3 times more common, and directly at surface level. Mineshafts are also exposed, making them and their loot easier to find. Coal, iron ingots, golden apples, and even diamonds can be found in the mineshafts. Gold can be used to trade with piglins to get most Nether survival items, or to craft golden apples.

Swamps and Rivers[]

Worst biomes to play[]

Several biomes lack food and animals making them one of the worst biomes to play in.


Deserts are devoid of any food or wood with the exception of villages and desert pyramids. Only rabbits spawn outside of villages. During the night, most zombies are spawned in as husks which can inflict the Hunger effect when you get attacked by them, making the player easier to lose hunger points and lose the ability to sprint if the points are too low.


Nasty slimes spawn during the night. This can be a hard biome to play in since due to the lack of food and slimes that break in half if you kill them.

Snowy plains[]

There aren't too many trees in this biome, and again due to the lack of food this biome is a hard biome to play in. The player will have to kill speedy rabbits or strong polar bears to get rabbit and fish, which can be eaten as food.

The Nether[]

In the hot abyss of the underworld, the Nether houses many treasures. With hostile mobs and fire everywhere, you'll die in lava or burnt up by fire if you're not prepared. If you're looking for some Nether biomes to play in, read on to find out what Nether biome you want to play in and which Nether biome matches your playstyle!

Easiest biome to play in (Nether)[]

Man! Everywhere you look, there are hostile mobs everywhere! Where will it be peaceful in this dimension?

Warped forest biomes are good for you because no hostile mobs spawn here, except for endermen. Endermen are not hostile unless looked in the face or attacked, which it will be nastier than a wither skeleton. Bring a carved pumpkin and wear it, and all of your endermen problems will be over (well, if you don't attack them)!

If you go in this biome, try to find a warped fungus (find more if you want) so you can craft a warped fungus on a stick (kill striders for string, and get sticks from the warped stems) and ride a strider over the lava seas with ease! You will need a saddle though.

Hardest/dangerous biomes to play in (Nether)[]

The Nether is already hard enough for most players, but not for players who are brave enough to get into the depths of the Nether. The biomes below will tell you the hardest biomes in the Nether and whether if you dare to try it or not.

Basalt deltas are the #1 most dangerous biome in the Nether, as magma cubes are everywhere, lava pits are under you, and there are a lot of high cliffs. Bringing fire-resistance potions is recommended in case you fall in lava and the lava burns you up. If you want to go here, bring at least full iron armor, weapons, tools, and a bow and at least a stack of arrows to get rid of the magma cubes without them knocking you off into the lava. Cheap blocks such as netherrack and cobblestone can be used to assist movement, such as bridging around or pillaring up.

Crimson forests are the #2 most dangerous biome in the Nether, since piglins spawn everywhere and attack you if you don't wear gold armor, and hoglins attack you on sight. The trees are also pretty thick in this biome, which the piglins and hoglins can corner you and end up killing you if you don't kill all of them in time.

Soul sand valleys are the #3 most dangerous biome, because of the soul sand everywhere can slow you down and cause the skeletons and ghasts that generate in this biome to hit you more accurately. Any fire in this biome ends up as soul fire, which does 2 times as much damage than normal fire. If you don't bring good armor then this biome can cause death pretty quickly. There are also nether fossils in this biome, so if you find one you can grind the bone blocks into bone meal for growing your crops quicker.

Nether wastes are the #4 most dangerous biome, because of the lava seas, zombified piglins, ghasts and piglins everywhere, which getting attacked can knock you into the lava seas below the mass of land. Zombified piglins are neutral unless hit, which isn't a problem compared to other hostile nether waste mobs. Because of the netherrack everywhere, if a fire from a blaze or a ghast starts, it burns on netherrack forever but does not spread. Striders also spawn in the lava seas, which allows you to cross the seas more quickly as boats burn in lava and swimming over the lava with the Fire Resistance effect can take a long time and damages your armor.

The #5 most dangerous biome is the warped forest biome, but only endermen can get you if you don't watch out and stare them in the face. This biome is also the most peaceful biome in the Nether, as you learned above.

Best biomes for wood (Nether)[]

Planning to build a wooden survival house in the Nether using Overworld wood but the house keeps burning down? Use Nether wood, as they never burn!

The crimson forest and the warped forest are the only biomes in the Nether that has wood, which can be grown from using bone meal on a fungus on the matching type of nylium. If you're venturing into the crimson forest, be careful, as piglins and hoglins attack you. The warped forest is a better idea for a more peaceful biome for wood but if you anger an enderman by staring at it directly on the face or hitting it, they can deal more damage than a piglin or a hoglin.

Depending on the type of color (crimson or teal) you want your house to be (or both, if you have a really good building style), you can build it using wood from the biome that supports it.

Best biomes for food (Nether)[]

Looking hungry in the Nether and looking for food? It can be annoying sneaking into a bastion remnant and robbing hoglin stable chests for porkchops while getting hit by a piglin or piglin brute that saw you opening their chests or getting bucked into the air by a hoglin that spawned there. Don't worry, read on for more info for foods you can obtain in the Nether whether by killing mobs or looting chests from generated structures!

Getting food from mobs[]

You best bet is the nether wastes, as finding a bastion remnant or a ruined portal can take a while. Kill zombified piglins for 0-1 rotten flesh and eat it, but it might cause the Hunger effect for 30 seconds. You can also get gold nuggets from killing it and killing one does not anger piglins around the zombified piglin. Remember, hitting a zombified piglin causes other zombified piglins in that area to attack you unless killed one in one hit and angering one can possibly trigger an army of hostile zombified piglins that could kill the player.

Hoglins spawn in crimson forests in groups of 3-4. and killing one drops 2-4 raw porkchop (if killed by fire, it drops cooked porkchop) and 0-1 leather, making food really obtainable in the Nether. Don't bother killing baby hoglins for food, as they only drop experience when killed.

Getting food from generated structures[]

If you don't want to kill mobs for food then you can look in chests in some Nether structures and find food there.

Nether fortresses only supply nether wart, which is a brewing item and cannot be eaten by the player. Don't bother looking in nether fortress chests for food.

Bastion remnants can supply a lot of porkchop (raw or cooked) in hoglin stable chests, but killing piglin brutes are necessary to get to the chests safely with gold armor, and killing or hitting a piglin brute causes the piglins and piglin brutes around it to be hostile to the player. Try to use iron golems as a distraction or use it to assist you in a fight, and using more than one iron golem is always better than using only one iron golem. Tamed wolves also work, but they can fall into 1x1 block holes of lava and possibly die, unlike iron golems. Check here for the full guide on how to defeat a bastion remnant.

Ruined portals can supply enchanted golden apples and golden apples in the chests, but eating one isn't necessary as it's meant to be eaten when the player is engaged in combat. They can still provide lots of gold and ruined portals do not generate any hostile mobs around it, making it peaceful to loot the chest, although hostile mobs can still attack the player while the player is looting the chest.

Using the piglin hunts technique to get porkchops[]

If your weapon keeps on breaking because of attacking hoglins for porkchops, consider this: with piglins being your enemy, and hoglins also being your enemy, why not make them fight each other? If you're interested in this risky way to get food, read on for the steps! Don't worry, piglins don't care if they're doing your dirty work (they only care about gold)!

Piglins and hoglins both spawn in crimson forests, making it a dangerous place. There are two ways to make your enemies fight each other.

Way 1, using a hunt: First, calm down your piglin enemies by putting on at least a piece of gold armor and prevent opening or breaking containers right in front of them. Second, go find some piglins once you're in piglin-style. The more you have in your army, the better (hold a gold item to make any piglins follow you around and get a large group of piglins by making more follow you around). Next, go find some hoglins, if you want a lot of porkchop then find more hoglins and lead them back to your piglin army. Make them chase you around the piglins until a piglin member in your mini-army starts a hunt. After that, every piglin in the army will attack, and the hoglins will fight back. Join the fight by killing any hoglins, but be careful and don't hit any of your piglin warriors. After that, pick up the porkchop before the piglins pick them up (unless you have /gamerule mobGriefing set to false). Enjoy eating the porkchops with your piglin friends!

Way 2, make them fight: First, go find some piglins, but don't wear gold armor, and make them chase you until your piglin patrol has at least a crossbow piglin. Second, go find some hoglins and lead them back to the tiny angry piglin patrol. Next, stand in the middle of a crossbow piglin and a hoglin, and move once the piglin shoots, which will hit the hoglin. The hoglins will fight back, of course, and after the sacrificing crossbow piglin has been damaged by a hoglin, the other piglins will fight! Finish any remaining mobs from the fight with your weapons and pick up the porkchops.

Note: For the second way, try not to use too many piglins as you might accidentally get killed by them. The point is to kill all the unnecessary piglins and leave a few that can fight the hoglins, and you must leave at least a crossbow piglin in order for it to work.