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From {{EntityLink|Zombified Piglin}}
From {{EntityLink|Zombified Piglin}}
* '''{{ItemLink|Golden Sword}}<br>'''
* '''{{ItemLink|Golden Sword}}<br>'''
* ‘’’{{Itemlink|Crossbow}}’’’
From {{EntityLink|Vindicator}}
From {{EntityLink|Vindicator}}

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Surviving in Adventure mode can be extremely hard since breaking and placing blocks is impossible. However, it is possible to survive and gather resources by finding a village among other things. Also, before snapshot 14w02a, the player could still place blocks and break them with the right tools.

Setting up an Adventure World

The way to survive is choosing a normal world with generated structures. This is because there are jungle pyramids, mineshafts, desert pyramids, woodland mansions, shipwrecks, villages, dungeons, pillager outposts and strongholds, which can all be looted. Once the terrain is loaded, /gamemode adventure @s will switch the player into Adventure Mode.


When you first spawn into your world, kill any mobs you come across, except for villagers, but make sure that you leave at least 2 of each animal, for breeding later. Try to sprint and jump as little as possible to save food. Killing sheep can be useful for their mutton, but remember that there is no use making a bed with their wool, as it cannot be placed in adventure mode. You can, however, sleep in beds inside village houses.

Don't eat raw meat unless you're desperate; wait until you cook it in a furnace in a village forge. You can also trade it for emeralds if you wish, though this won't achieve much in the long run, unless you save up for diamond tools or armor. Many villager trades can be cheap and not worthwhile, so it's important to know what trades will be useful in the long run. See the "trading" article for more information.


A library in a plains biome village before the Village & Pillage update.

The most important thing to do early in the game is to search for a village. For plains villages, if the village does not have a weaponsmith or a small house with a crafting table, search for another village, but take note of the first village's coordinates. You will have a much easier time if you find a plains village with both a weaponsmith and a small house with a crafting table. Use the crafting table in the small house for crafting and the two furnaces in the weaponsmith's forge for cooking meat.

The easiest way to find a village is to first find a savanna, desert, taiga, plains, snowy taiga, or snowy tundra biome, and look throughout the whole biome. There is a good chance that once you have found one of these biomes, a part of that biome will contain a village. If you've found a village that does not have a furnace or a house with a crafting table, take notes of the coordinates and search for another village. That way, you will at least have a place to stay safe for the night.

While crafting tables can be found in some village small houses, only some buildings generate furnaces.

In the plains and desert villages, a furnace can only be found in village weaponsmith which contains 2 furnaces.

In the savanna village, a furnace can only be found in one of village weaponsmith variants which contain 2 furnaces.

In the taiga and snowy taiga villages, a furnace can only be found in one of village medium house variants, which contain a single furnace.

In the snowy tundra village, a furnace can be found in most houses, such as in small houses, medium houses and mason houses.

Smoker and campfire can also be used as furnace alternatives since the main use is only for cooking, and these blocks cannot smelt non-food resources. You can find a Smoker in each village butcher shop, while campfires can only be found in taiga and snowy taiga villages. A smoker cooks food twice faster than a furnace, while campfires cook food three times longer than a furnace and can only cook up to 4 items, but can cook different foods at the same time and don't require fuel.

After you have found a village and settled in, loot the chest in all buildings. Use the lava as a trash can for useless stuff you find in the chest or obtained from creeper explosions (see below). You can now use this chest for your storage purposes.

  • Barrels in the village fisher can also be used to store items.
  • Taiga and snowy taiga village buildings don't generate lava.

If the village bell is reachable by many villagers and there are enough villagers for gossiping, and you have enough armor and preparation, you can kill the iron golem for its iron ingots. However, be very careful, as iron golems have lots of health, and can deal great amounts of damage.

Gaining resources

Gathering resources in adventure mode can be difficult, as blocks cannot be mined or placed.

One extremely useful tactic is to get creepers to blow up a house or farm in a village; this way, you can get wood and cobblestone. Wheat can be used to breed animals or crafted into bread, though seeds cannot be replanted. Trampling is a more efficient way as you will not lose any of the wheat, however, melon farms in savanna and desert villages and pumpkin farms in taiga and snowy taiga are useless due to trampling stem drop seeds while pumpkins and melon are unbreakable. since you cannot place or destroy blocks in adventure; the only blocks that are used in crafting or for trading can be useful).

If you are lucky and have enough supplies, you can get creepers to blow up gravel and craft flint and steel which can only be used to ignite creepers or tnt. You can also make arrows with flint, although this is probably unnecessary because they can be obtained by killing skeletons. Note that bone meal cannot be used on pre-mature wheat, since that counts as interacting with a block or object. [verify]

A fishing rod can also be useful since it not only gives you infinite amounts of fish but can also give you junk and treasure items which can be useful in adventure mode. Village animal pens and plains stables can also be used as a makeshift pen for animals and mobs.

Endermen have the ability to move blocks and they are your only way to do such thing.

Once you are done with a village, take as many useful items as you can from your chest and head off for the next village. Repeat the above steps if necessary and see how long you can survive! It's also possible to find a mineshaft, dungeon or even a stronghold by exploring caves. Although there are extremely valuable items you can find in chests, it is also extremely dangerous. For entering the stronghold, seek out the dead end of a corridor by exploring around in caves because sometimes dead-end corridors have an open hole to the cave.

If you prefer to explore the ocean, shipwrecks and buried treasures (for those you'll need to remove the sand covering the chest with creepers) are the only structures which can be looted, as you cannot dig the blocks covering the chests in ruins, making that structure useless, another structure that is useless are ocean monuments which provide nothing than just a challenge due to you unable to break sponge and gold, nor prismarine from guardians as you cannot place blocks made from the prismarine you crafted.

You can also find lootable structures on the surface. They are: jungle temples, pillager outposts, woodland mansions, and swamp huts (swamp huts continuously spawn witches).

The Nether

Accessing the nether in adventure mode is really hard but possible. To build the nether portal you need to find a 5 blocks deep lava pool and to use creepers to funnel water so that it converts the bottommost layer of lava into obsidian. Then, using the endermen's ability to place blocks, you need to remove all the lava sources except those which will create the portal. Endermen however will only place blocks where there is air, meaning that you will need a platform over the lava pool where endermen could place gravity affected blocks, then a creeper to blow up the platform to make those blocks fall into the lava and remove the lava sources you don't need. You can then funnel more water to convert the remaining lava into obsidian, remove the water you used with the endermen's help once more and remove the blocks you used to remove the lava by exploding a creeper.

Now that you've built the structure you only need a trident enchanted with channeling (as you can't enchant in adventure mode it needs to be dropped enchanted by a drowned) to light up the portal.

Obtainable Items

Note: Items with a use in adventure mode are in bold.

Book and Quill JE2 BE2.png
This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
Obtainable items
Creeper Trading Village chests Other chests Killing mobs Smelting   Other
Book Armor
  • Iron boots with soul speed




Village Armorer & Village Weaponsmith:

Village Weaponsmith:

Village Tannery:



Woodland Mansion:


Armor from

Leather Cap
Leather Tunic
Leather Pants
Leather Boots
Golden Helmet
Golden Chestplate
Golden Leggings
Golden Boots
Chainmail Helmet
Chainmail Chestplate
Chainmail Leggings
Chainmail Boots
Iron Helmet
Iron Chestplate
Iron Leggings
Iron Boots
Diamond Helmet
Diamond Chestplate
Diamond Leggings
Diamond Boots

Cooked meats/Fishes Eggs
Chest Arrow Bread Diamond Bone Baked Potato Milk
Stairs Bookshelf Gold ingot Redstone dust Bow Nugget Music discs
Crafting table Bottle o' Enchanting Iron ingot Emerald Cooked meats/Fishes Seeds
Dirt Bread Obsidian Iron ingot Feather Wheat
Fences Leather/Chainmail/Iron/Diamond armor Leather/Iron armor Leather/Chainmail/Iron Armor Gunpowder Wool
Flint Clock Pumpkin pie Golden helmet Ink sac Scute
Furnace Compass Beetroot soup Rotten flesh Armor Mushroom
Gravel Cooked meats/Fishes Potato Treasure Map Iron ingot Rabbit's foot
Iron bars Cookie Carrot Bone Leather String
Ladder Stone/Iron/Diamond Tools. Seeds Diamond Chestplate Rotten Flesh Rabbit hide
Cobblestone Diamond/Iron Swords Iron Sword Lead Cooked meats/Fishes Feather
Seeds Emerald Emerald Gold Ingot Redstone Dust Phantom Membrane
Slabs Ender Pearl Spruce Log Gunpowder Slimeball Raw Chicken
Torches Flint Snowball Spider Eye Spider Eye Lead
Trapdoors Shield Bucket Nugget String Tripwire Hook
Wheat Glass Map Iron Sword Stick Bow

Log, Wood, Stripped Log, and Stripped Wood

Glowstone Dust Iron Pickaxe Lapis Lazuli Wool
Doors Crossbow Sapling Ender Pearl Iron Axe
Planks Pumpkin Pie Stick Saddle Potion

From Witch:

From Wandering Trader:

Wool Saddle Saddle Enchanted Book Emerald

Fletching Table
Cartography Table
Brewing Stand
Blast Furnace
Smithing Table

Shears Shears Tool Mob Equipment

Iron Shovel

Iron Sword


From Drowned:

From Zombified Piglin

From Vindicator

From Pillager