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This tutorial is exclusive to Java Edition. 
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This guide is intended to show players how to obtain all 80 advancements in Minecraft: Java Edition. Three advancement guides are in need of cleanup. For more information about advancements in general, see the advancement page. For a guide on Bedrock Edition's achievements, see the page Tutorials/Achievement guide.


Advancements are basically tasks to complete that will help guide you in advancing further into the game. Some of the more advanced advancements will also give you experience as a reward. Advancements are organized into five categories: Minecraft, Nether, The End, Adventure, and Husbandry.

Even though many advancements have parents and are parents of other advancements, it does not matter which order you complete the advancements; the parents of advancements are just a guide of the easiest order to work through the advancements. For example, the advancement "Husbandry" is the parent of "The Parrots and the Bats", but this does not mean that "Husbandry" must be completed before "The Parrots and the Bats". Each advancement is independent of one another, despite them having parents. For more information, see the advancement page.


Advancement tree in the "Minecraft" tab


Advancement-plain-raw.pngThe heart and story of the game

Requirements: Have a crafting table in your inventory.

Get a crafting table in your inventory to get this advancement. This one is easy, but requires some prerequisites. First, just hold down the attack on a wood block until it breaks, then collect the dropped block by walking over it.

Wood logs are found on trees, which are very easy to find (as long as you didn't start out in an ocean or desert biome). Just look around when you spawn.

Use the wood log you just got from the tree and open your inventory. You will see a 2x2 grid near the top right-hand corner; place your wood log in any of those grids. Then, click on the planks that appear to obtain them.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Matching Log

If you turned on a bonus chest when you created your world, there is a good chance that it will contain either wood logs, wood planks, or both. If you have these, you probably won't need to get any wood to create a crafting table. However, it's good to collect some anyway, because you will need more in the future.

Finally, put one of the four wood planks you got into each container of your grid (a 2x2 square of wood planks). You can use to place a single plank into the grid, instead of all four.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any Planks

Once you have the crafting table in your inventory, you will get the advancement.

Parent of: Stone Age

Stone Age[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngMine stone with your new pickaxe

Requirements: Have cobblestone, cobbled deepslate or blackstone in your inventory.

First, place your crafting table on the ground by holding the crafting table in your hand and use the ground. Follow the crafting recipe below to make sticks (note that this can also be done in your inventory crafting grid):

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any Planks

Now arrange your sticks and some planks in the crafting table to make a wooden pickaxe:

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any Planks +

Note that you may need to get more wood in order to have enough to make a wooden pickaxe.

To get the actual advancement, you must find stone (which is easy, you don't need to find a cave for this), and mine it with your wooden pickaxe to get cobblestone (stone will become cobblestone if you mine it without a silk touch pickaxe). Exposed stone can be found on the sides of hills and in ravines/caves. If you find a cave or ravine, do not go deep into it, because you will encounter mobs (such as zombies and skeletons).

If you are in the Nether or below Y = 16 you can also mine blackstone or cobbled deepslate to get this advancement although the chances of you getting to the Nether or finding a deepslate blob without picking up any cobblestone are very slim. Blackstones are located in the basalt deltas biome. You may also find blackstone in other biomes near the lava ocean.

Parent of: Getting an Upgrade

Getting an Upgrade[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngConstruct a better pickaxe

Requirements: Have a stone pickaxe in your inventory.

You need to make a stone pickaxe to get this advancement. Using your wooden pickaxe, mine three stone blocks so you have three cobblestone blocks. If you are deep underground, you can also mine deepslate which turns into cobbled deepslate, which is suitable for crafting

If you are in the Nether, you can also make a stone pickaxe using blackstone. Blackstones are located in the basalt deltas biome. You may also find blackstone in other biomes near the lava ocean.

Now arrange your sticks and cobblestones / blackstones / deepslate in the crafting table to make a stone pickaxe:

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Cobblestone or
Blackstone or
Cobbled Deepslate +

Parent of: Acquire Hardware

Acquire Hardware[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngSmelt an iron ingot

Requirements: Have an iron ingot in your inventory.

The simplest and intended method of attaining this advancement requires finding iron ore (though iron ingots can also be found elsewhere, such as village blacksmiths and dungeon chests). It's easiest to find iron ore in caves, but because caves have monsters in them, they are not recommended to adventure into them until you have some armor and weapons. If you're lucky, you will find an exposed surface with iron ore. Otherwise, you can start a mineshaft. If you are feeling very daring and adventurous, make a stone sword and a few torches, and go ahead and search a cave. Torches can be made once you find coal, which is very common. You can usually find iron in caves very quickly, unless they are high in the air.

Once you find iron ore, mine it with your stone pickaxe (don't mine it with a wooden pickaxe since it won't drop anything). Then make a furnace and put the iron ore (if mined with the silk touch enchantment) or raw iron in a furnace, yielding an iron ingot:

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Iron Ore +
Any fuel

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Raw Iron +
Any fuel

You will get the advancement once you transfer the iron ingot from the furnace to your inventory. Iron ingots can further be made into many useful tools, weapons, and armor.

Parent of: Suit Up | Hot Stuff | Isn't It Iron Pick

Suit Up[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngProtect yourself with a piece of iron armor

Requirements: Have any type of iron armor in your inventory.

You need to collect at least four iron ingots.

Arrange the iron ingots in the crafting table to make at least one piece of the following armor:

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Helmet Iron Ingot

Iron Chestplate Iron Ingot

Iron Leggings Iron Ingot

Iron Boots Iron Ingot

You will get the advancement when you put one of the pieces of armor in your inventory.

Parent of: Not Today, Thank You

Hot Stuff[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngFill a bucket with lava

Requirements: Have a lava bucket in your inventory.

Gather 3 iron ingots, and arrange them in the crafting table to make a bucket:

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Ingot

Now, all you have to do is find lava and use your bucket to fill it up. Lava lakes can be found rarely on the surface in the Overworld, but more commonly underground. However, lava is most common in Y = 11 and below.

Notice that you have to use the bucket on the source of lava. Normally, if the lava you see is not flowing, you can use the bucket anywhere, because every block of lava is a source block. But if you see a stream of flowing lava, you have to trace the lava flow to its source, and use the bucket on it.

Parent of: Ice Bucket Challenge

Isn't It Iron Pick[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngUpgrade your pickaxe

Requirements: Have an iron pickaxe in your inventory.

This advancement can be achieved by making an iron pickaxe, which requires 3 iron ingots.

Arrange the iron ingots and 2 sticks in the crafting table to make the iron pickaxe:

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Ingot +

Parent of: Diamonds!

Not Today, Thank You[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngDeflect a projectile with a shield

Requirements: Block an incoming projectile using a shield.

First, you need to craft a shield:

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any Planks +
Iron Ingot

Then you need to find a skeleton, a pillager, a stray, a shulker, a blaze, a drowned with a trident, another player to help you, or anything else that fires projectiles. Holding the shield in either hand, hold use, and let the projectile shoot toward you. The shield should block it (except if an arrow was shot from a crossbow with Piercing), therefore rewarding you the advancement.

Ice Bucket Challenge[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngObtain a block of obsidian

Requirements: Have an obsidian block in your inventory.

Use three diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe:

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Diamond +

You also need a bucket of water: find a water source and use it with your bucket.

Next, you need to go down to the bottom of a cave, at below Y-level 11. Find a lava lake (you cannot use flowing lava, or else it will become cobblestone), and pour the bucket of water next to the lava. An alternative method is to find a flat biome (plains, desert, etc.) and search for a lava lake there, and do the same thing. The water should flow onto the lava, turning it into obsidian. If you find naturally occurring obsidian, that works as well. Mine the obsidian with your diamond pickaxe, and pick it up.

Parent of: We Need to Go Deeper


Advancement-plain-raw.pngAcquire diamonds

Requirements: Have a diamond in your inventory.

Get a diamond in your inventory to get this advancement.

First of all, you must find diamond ore. Diamond ores are very rare, but by either branch mining deep down in the world or exploring caves that go very low, you will eventually find one. Mine it with your iron pickaxe, and collect the dropped diamond.

Parent of: Cover Me With Diamonds | Enchanter

We Need to Go Deeper[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngBuild, light, and enter a Nether Portal

Requirements: Enter the Nether dimension.

First of all, you will need to build a nether portal. For this you need at least 10 obsidian, an iron ingot, and a piece of flint. Make your nether portal using the obsidian like so (build it upright, or else it will not work):

Budget version

Alternatively, you could build it like this, but it uses up more obsidian:

Full version

Then, use your iron and flint to make a flint and steel, and light your nether portal frame with it. Your portal will look like this now:

Or like this:

Once you stand inside it for a while, you will be teleported to the Nether, and you will get the advancement. If you are not prepared to go into the Nether, go back to the Overworld the moment you set foot in the Nether. To return, step out of the portal and step back in again.

Parent of: Zombie Doctor | Eye Spy

Cover Me With Diamonds[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngDiamond armor saves lives

Requirements: Have any type of diamond armor in your inventory.

Craft any piece of diamond armor. You will need to collect at least four diamonds.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Diamond Helmet Diamond

Diamond Chestplate Diamond

Diamond Leggings Diamond

Diamond Boots Diamond

Once you have one of those four pieces of diamond armor in your inventory, you will be rewarded the advancement.


Advancement-plain-raw.pngInvicon Enchanted Book.gifEnchant an item at an Enchanting Table

Requirements: Enchant an item at an enchanting table.

To get this advancement, you must build an enchanting table and enchant an item:

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Book +
Diamond +

To enchant, you will need a maximum of three lapis lazuli, which can be found between levels 0 and 32. Also, make sure you have plenty of experience levels, as you will need them to enchant an item.

Zombie Doctor[]

Advancement-oval-raw.pngWeaken and then cure a Zombie Villager

Requirements: Turn a zombie villager into a villager.

Throw a splash potion of Weakness at a zombie villager and give it a golden apple (by facing the zombie and pressing the use key with a golden apple in your hand). Then, wait a few minutes. Don't let the zombie burn in the daylight. You can do this by having something blocking the zombie overhead, giving it Fire Resistance, or a helmet to keep the zombie from burning. Alternatively, you can do this at night.

If you don't have an igloo near your spawn, your best bet to gather these supplies would be to go in the Nether and gather ingredients for a brewing stand and then for a splash potion of weakness. If you really want an igloo, or you can't gather the supplies from the Nether, but don't have an igloo near spawn, you can go exploring and try looking for one. If you have igloos near your spawn, about half of them have a basement underneath them, supplying not only all the ingredients needed to cure a zombie villager, but also a zombie villager itself.

To brew a splash potion of Weakness, you will first need a fermented spider eye:

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Fermented Spider Eye Brown Mushroom +
Sugar +
Spider Eye

The following steps are performed in the brewing stand.

Potion Potion ingredients Potion brewing recipe
Potion of Weakness
Potion of Weakness
( 1:30)
Potion of Weakness
Fermented Spider Eye + Water Bottle

Splash Potion
Splash Potion of Weakness
Splash Potion of Weakness
( 1:30)
Splash Potion of Weakness
Gunpowder + Potion of Weakness

Potion of Weakness

For more information about brewing, see the pages "Potion" and "Brewing".

Alternatively, you can shoot the zombie villager with an arrow of Weakness. It can be crafted, but the easier way to obtain it is to buy it from master-level fletcher villagers.

Here is the crafting recipe of the golden apple. You can also occasionally find them in naturally generated chests.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Golden Apple Gold Ingot +

Once the zombie villager turns into a villager, you will be rewarded the advancement.

Eye Spy[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngFollow an Eye of Ender

Requirements: Enter a stronghold.

Enter a stronghold to get this advancement. Strongholds can be found by using eyes of ender. Throw eyes of ender up in the air and following which direction they go. When you throw them and they go into the ground, dig where they went underground, until you reach stone bricks, which is the stronghold.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Blaze Powder +
Ender Pearl

Parent of: The End?

The End?[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngEnter the End portal.

Requirements: Enter the End dimension.

Jump into an end portal, which is found in end portal rooms in strongholds. You will get the advancement before the actual terrain loads. Once the End's terrain loads, you will get "The End" advancement (the difference is the question mark). Make sure you come prepared before going to the End, because the only way out is to either defeat the ender dragon, or die in the attempt. In hardcore mode, to beat the ender dragon, you must not die otherwise you can't respawn.


Advancement tree in the "Nether" tab


Advancement-plain-raw.pngBring Summer Clothes

Requirements: Enter the Nether dimension.

To get this advancement, you will need to enter the Nether dimension. Do this by walking into a nether portal, and then you will appear in the Nether.

Parent of: Return to Sender | Those Were the Days | Hidden in the Depths | Subspace Bubble | A Terrible Fortress | Who is Cutting Onions? | Oh Shiny | This Boat Has Legs

Return to Sender[]

Advancement-fancy-raw.pngDestroy a Ghast with a fireball

Requirements: Kill a ghast with a ghast fireball. Other fireballs do not work.

Kill a ghast using its own fireball to get this advancement. When a ghast shoots a fireball at you, wait until it comes towards you, and then attack the fireball to send it flying back to the ghast and kill it. The reflected fireball will roughly go in the direction the player's crosshair is pointing in, so the player can aim at the position where the ghast is about to fly to.

The above method is, however, very dangerous for unskilled players. A safer method is to shoot a projectile, such as an arrow or a snowball, at the fireball.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 50 experience.

Parent of: Uneasy Alliance

Those Were the Days[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngEnter a Bastion Remnant

Requirements: Go inside a bastion remnant.

To get this advancement, the player needs to enter a bastion remnant. They are hard to miss, since they are enormous and made of blackstone (and all of its variants). Bastion remnants spawn in every biome in the Nether except for the basalt deltas. When you enter the bastion, you will be rewarded the advancement.

Parent of: War Pigs

Hidden in the Depths[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngObtain Ancient Debris

Requirements: Have ancient debris in your inventory.

In order to get this advancement, the player must find ancient debris. It can be found in the Nether, at levels 8 to 119 and mainly at levels 8 to 22. On average, level 15 has the most ancient debris. Ancient debris can also rarely found in chests in bastion remnants. To mine it, you need a diamond pickaxe or better. Once you have the ancient debris in your inventory, you will be rewarded the advancement. For a tutorial on how to find ancient debris, see the pages "Ancient Debris" and "Tutorials/Ancient Debris".

Parent of: Country Lode, Take Me Home | Cover Me in Debris

Subspace Bubble[]

Advancement-fancy-raw.pngUse the Nether to travel 7 km in the Overworld

Requirements: Travel at least 875 blocks horizontally from your original nether portal in the Nether, and then create and enter another nether portal in that location.

To get this advancement, you will need to use the Nether to travel between two points in the Overworld with a minimum horizontal distance of 7000 blocks between each other.

Horizontal distances are scaled down in the Nether by a ratio of 8:1 for travel in the Nether. This essentially means that for every one block you travel in the Nether, you travel eight blocks in the Overworld. This also means that you must travel at least 875 blocks in the Nether in order to travel 7000 blocks in the Overworld.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 100 experience.

A Terrible Fortress[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngBreak your way into a Nether Fortress

Requirements: Enter a nether fortress.

Enter a nether fortress to get this advancement. Look for a dark brown structure with many rooms, hallways and pillars, made of nether bricks. Sometimes one may have to travel a long way in the Nether in order to find a Nether fortress.

Parent of: Spooky Scary Skeleton | Into Fire

Who is Cutting Onions?[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngObtain Crying Obsidian

Requirements: Have crying obsidian in your inventory.

To get this advancement, you will need to obtain crying obsidian. Crying obsidian can be obtained from bartering with piglins, from finding it as part of ruined portals, or from loot chests in bastion remnants. You will need a diamond pickaxe or better to mine it. Once you have the crying obsidian in your inventory, you will be rewarded the advancement.

Parent of: Not Quite "Nine" Lives

Oh Shiny[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngDistract Piglins with gold

Requirements: Throw a gold-related item at a piglin while not wearing golden armor.

To complete this advancement, you will first need to get a piglin to become aggressive toward you (it must not be a baby piglin) while you are not wearing any golden armor. Attacking the piglin while wearing any golden armor will not trigger the advancement. Then, you have to either throw or use one of the following items item at the piglin:

Any other items, even if they are gold-related, will not unlock this advancement.

Once the piglin gets the item, you will be rewarded the advancement.

This Boat Has Legs[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngRide a Strider with a Warped Fungus on a Stick

Requirements: Ride and boost a strider with a warped fungus on a stick.

To get this advancement, you will need two items: a warped fungus on a stick and a saddle. A warped fungus on a stick can be crafted using the recipes below. A saddle can be found in loot chests, from fishing, or it can be obtained by trading with master-level leatherworker villagers.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Fishing Rod or
Damaged Fishing Rod +
Warped Fungus

Once you have those items, you have to find a strider. They can be found in the lava seas and lakes throughout the Nether. Because of this, you may have to bridge across a sea of lava to get to the strider. If you are in the endgame and have an elytra, you can fly to a body of lava and find some striders easily. Alternatively, you could attract them with warped fungus.

Once you have a strider in range of you, use it with the saddle to saddle it. If there is a zombified piglin or a baby strider on top of the strider, then you will have to choose a different strider. However, zombified piglins are good, because the strider which is riding the zombified piglin will have a saddle already equipped on it. There is a 1 in 30 chance of a zombified piglin riding a strider. If that is the case, try killing the zombified piglin. Then, you will have an already saddled strider.

Afterwards, use the strider to ride it. Then, select the warped fungus on a stick and ride the strider. Then, once again use the warped fungus on a stick to boost the strider. This will use up one durability on your warped fungus on a stick. Once you have boosted the strider, you should be rewarded the advancement.

Parent of: Hot Tourist Destinations

Uneasy Alliance[]

Advancement-fancy-raw.pngRescue a ghast from the Nether, bring it safely home to the Overworld... and then kill it

Requirements: Kill a ghast in the Overworld.

This advancement is rather difficult. The hardest part is getting the ghast through a nether portal. Soul sand valley biomes are the best places to get the ghast but the amount of skeletons might be dangerous.

The first step is building the biggest nether portal possible (23x23). Before attempting to move the ghast through it you should enter the portal to load the chunks and remove any block which might suffocate the ghast. Then you can use fishing rods (prepare a lot of them because they break really fast) to move a ghast through the portal. Keep a flint and steel in the hotbar in case the ghast breaks the portal. Elytra and fire resistance potions are not necessary but really helpful.

Once the ghast is in the Overworld, you will have to kill it. Once you have successfully killed the ghast, you will be rewarded the advancement.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 100 experience.

War Pigs[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngLoot a chest in a Bastion Remnant

Requirements: Open a chest in a bastion remnant.

For this advancement, the player needs to enter a bastion remnant and find a chest. Then, open the chest. The advancement will be rewarded as soon as you open the chest.

However, it should be noted that any nearby piglins that can can see you will attack you when you open the chest. So to safely open the chest, you should either find a chest with no piglins around, or block the piglins off so they can't get to you.

Country Lode, Take Me Home[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngUse a compass on a Lodestone

Requirements: Use a compass on a lodestone.

To complete this advancement, you will need a lodestone. To obtain a lodestone, you need a netherite ingot and chiseled stone bricks.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Chiseled Stone Bricks +
Netherite Ingot

One lodestone always generates in the bridge chest in the bridge bastion remnant.

Once you have your lodestone, you need to get a compass. Once you have your compass, place the lodestone and use it with the compass. The advancement will be rewarded to you as soon as you use the compass on the lodestone.

Cover Me in Debris[]

Advancement-fancy-raw.pngGet a full suit of Netherite armor

Requirements: Have every piece of netherite armor in your inventory.

To get this advancement, you will need a full set of netherite armor. To first acquire this, you will need a full set of diamond armor, four netherite ingots and a smithing table.

Netherite ingots and diamond gear can be crafted or found in bastion remnant chests. Diamond gear can also be obtained by trading with villagers, killing mobs for drops, and it can also generate in end city and woodland mansion chests. Smithing tables can also naturally generate in toolsmith houses in villages.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Diamond Helmet Diamond

Diamond Chestplate Diamond

Diamond Leggings Diamond

Diamond Boots Diamond

Netherite Ingot Netherite Scrap +
Gold Ingot

Smithing Table Iron Ingot +
Any Planks

You can then place down your smithing table and make a full set of netherite armor:

Ingredients Smithing recipe
Diamond Helmet or
Diamond Chestplate or
Diamond Leggings or
Diamond Boots +
Netherite Ingot
Upgrade Gear

Once you make all of the armor, you will be rewarded the advancement.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 100 experience.

Spooky Scary Skeleton[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngObtain a Wither Skeleton's skull

Requirements: Have a wither skeleton skull in your inventory.

Get a wither skeleton skull. Wither skeletons, found in nether fortresses, have a small chance of dropping one upon death. Wither skeletons have a 2.5% chance of dropping their skull, a 3.5% chance of dropping with Looting I, a 4.5% chance with Looting II, and a 5.5% chance with Looting III.

Once you have obtained the skull, you will be rewarded the advancement.

Parent of: Withering Heights

Into Fire[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngRelieve a Blaze of its rod

Requirements: Have a blaze rod in your inventory.

Acquire a blaze rod in your inventory to earn this advancement. A blaze may drop a blaze rod when killed by the player. When you have obtained the blaze rod, you will get the advancement.

Parent of: Local Brewery

Not Quite "Nine" Lives[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngCharge a Respawn Anchor to the maximum

Requirements: Charge a respawn anchor with glowstone four times (to the limit).

To complete this advancement, you will need a respawn anchor. To make a respawn anchor, you need 6 blocks of crying obsidian and 7 blocks of glowstone.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Crying Obsidian +

Then, place your respawn anchor and use glowstone on it four times to fully charge the respawn anchor, and you will get the advancement.

It is strongly recommended that this is performed in the Nether dimension. Although respawn anchors can be charged in the Overworld and the End, the moment you click on a charged respawn anchor, it will explode.

Hot Tourist Destinations[]

Advancement-fancy-raw.pngExplore all Nether biomes

Requirements: Find every biome in the Nether.

This advancement is achieved by setting foot in all five biomes in the Nether: the basalt deltas, the crimson forest, the nether wastes, the soul sand valley, and the warped forest.

If you go to the advancement tab, you can see a progress bar, showing how many of the five biomes you have visited. However, it does not show which of the five biomes have been visited.

Once you have entered all of these biomes, you will be rewarded the advancement.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 500 experience.

Withering Heights[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngInvicon Nether Star.gifSummon the Wither

Requirements: Be in a 101×101×104 (approximate) range from a wither when the wither explodes.

Summon the wither. Place 4 soul sand or soul soil in a T shape, in any direction, and place 3 wither skeleton skulls on the line of 3 soul sand/soul soil.

The wither will immediately spawn, but cannot deal any damage nor be done any harm for 10 seconds, until it explodes. At this point, as long as you're within a 100.9 x 100.9 x 103.5 area, you will get the advancement. For more information on the wither, what to expect, what to prepare, and how to fight the wither, see the pages "Wither" and "Tutorials/Defeating the wither".

Parent of: Bring Home the Beacon

Local Brewery[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngBrew a potion

Requirements: Remove an item from a brewing stand's potion slot.

Before beginning, you will need a glass bottle (made with 3 glass) and, of course, a brewing stand, made like so:

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Blaze Rod +
Any stone-tier block

Brewing stands can also be found occasionally as workstations in villages in the Overworld.

In the inside of a brewing stand, there are three slots on the bottom with the outline of a glass bottle, and another slot on top, which is for the actual potion ingredient. There is also a slot in the top left with the outline of blaze powder.

Brewing a potion is not actually required to complete the advancement.[1] The simplest way to do it is to put any glass bottle (even an empty one) into any of the bottom three slots of the brewing stand interface and then remove it to get the advancement. No blaze powder or potion ingredients are required.

Parent of: A Furious Cocktail

Bring Home the Beacon[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngConstruct and place a beacon

Requirements: Be in a 20×20×14 range when a beacon is activated.

This advancement requires being near a beacon when it is activated. First, you must craft the beacon, which requires the rare and precious nether star.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Glass +
Nether Star +
Nether Star

However, when you place a beacon by itself on the ground, it will not do anything. You need a pyramid of certain blocks, which include blocks of iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds, and/or netherite. When activated, beacons can give you special powers if you are a certain number of blocks from the beacon. Placing a beacon on top of the center of mineral blocks on a 3 x 3 layout will give the beacon a power level of 1. If you place mineral blocks in a 5 x 5 manner with the 3 x 3 layout and a beacon on top of that, the beacon with have a power level of 2. You can continue adding bigger pyramid layers up to level 4, of which the beacon and pyramid should look like this:

Layer 1 (highest): Beacon, Layer 2: 3 x 3 layout of iron, gold, diamond, emerald or netherite blocks, Layer 3: 5 x 5 layout of mineral blocks, Layer 4: 7 x 7 layout of mineral blocks, Layer 5: 9 x 9 layout of mineral blocks,

To get this advancement, it doesn't matter what power level the beacon as on. As soon as the beacon is activated, it will shoot a beam of light to the sky, and you will get the advancement. Also, if you use the beacon, you can give the beacon iron ingots, gold ingots, diamonds, emeralds, or netherite ingots to get special powers. The higher-level beacon you have, the better powers you can get.

Parent of: Beaconator

A Furious Cocktail[]

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Advancement-fancy-raw.pngHave every potion effect applied at the same time

Requirements: Have every status effect that can be obtained from a potion.

To get this challenge advancement, you will need to brew and use these 12 potions:


Tip: So that you don't have to spend a long time drinking every potion, turn each potion into a splash potion using gunpowder, and continuously throw each splash potion at the ground below you, to get all 13 effects quickly.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 100 experience.

Parent of: How Did We Get Here?


Advancement-oval-raw.pngBring a beacon to full power

Requirements: Be in a 20×20×14 range when a beacon is activated with a pyramid of height 4 (excluding the beacon itself).

Be near a beacon when it is powered by a full-size level 4 pyramid. To acquire this, place blocks of iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds and/or netherite on the ground in a 9 x 9 layout. Place another layer of minerals blocks on top of that in a 7 x 7 layout, and another on top of that in a 5 x 5 layout. Finally, your final layer should be 3 x 3, and you can place your beacon on top of this. Once the beacon shoots its beam to the sky, you will get the advancement. A level 4 beacon can also give special and rare powers to the player, if opened and given a type of mineral.

How to get the "Beaconator" advancement.

How Did We Get Here?[]

Advancement-fancy-raw.pngHave every effect applied at the same time

Requirements: Have every status effect applied to the player that is obtainable in survival mode (with the exception of Saturation).

To get this challenge advancement, you need to be affected by all the following status effects at once:

Before attempting this advancement, you must have killed the ender dragon, so that you can reach the outer islands of the End.

First, find a naturally-generated sculk shrieker (such that its can_summon property is true according to the targeted block info on the F3 debug screen) as close to an unexplored ocean monument (such that it still has at least one elder guardian). If you know your seed or are on a singleplayer world, you can use a seed map program like Chunkbase to look for a deep dark biome with a nearby ocean monument (note that, due to how the deep dark generates, it's impossible for a deep dark biome to be right under a deep ocean biome).

Dig a simple 2x2 staircase down to near the inner horizontal edge of the deep dark biome to about Y=-51 and tunnel around inside the deep dark biome to look for a cave system with a shrieker in it. Use the F3 debug screen to confirm that the shrieker's can_summon property is true, then surround the shrieker with wool (optional) and start destroying any nearby sculk sensors, followed by any sculk catalysts. If there are any other shriekers nearby besides the one you intend to use, destroy those first. If shriekers are activated three times (such that one of the "Warden draws close" sounds plays), carefully leave the area and wait at least thirty minutes for your warning level to drop back down to 0 before continuing, as a fourth shrieker activation within ten minutes after the "Warden draws close" sound will summon a warden. When done, double check that there are no more sensors nearby by making some extra noise around the area, then remove the wool surrounding the shrieker, but put a bottom slab on top of it to prevent you from accidentally stepping on it.

Then, begin building the contraption around the shrieker as shown below. The stone bricks can be any full, solid block that blocks mob sightlines (including glass blocks), and the gold block can be any solid opaque block that can be powered by redstone. Note that all dispensers and observers are horizontal and the piston is facing up. The trapdoor in Layer 2 should be covering the adjacent dispenser face, and the trapdoor in Layer 1 should be covering the block under it so that the shulker minecart is raised slightly off the ground. When done, remove the bottom slab over the shrieker. The water column above the beacons should extend all the way up to sea level, and there should be no opaque blocks between the beacons and the sky (things like water and leaves are fine). The iron blocks can be any beacon-compatible mineral block, but iron is the easiest and fastest to obtain.

1.19 How Did We Get Here contraption trapdoor placement.png

Once finished, place the spectral arrows in the Layer 1 dispenser and the splash potions in the Layer 2 dispenser and set the beacons to Strength I+Regeneration I, Haste II, Speed II, Jump Boost II, and Resistance II. Dig a simple tunnel at least 1 block wide and at least 2 blocks tall from the top of the water column (at sea level) to the ocean and fill it with at least 1 layer of water (keeping at least 1 layer of air). Find a dolphin (remember that they can spawn in all ocean biome types except frozen and cold) and lead it back to the tunnel and down to the room with the waterlogged chests, then tie it to the fence post there and put a nametag on it to prevent it from despawning. The waterlogged chests should prevent the dolphin from drowning while also allowing it to keep contact with water to prevent it from dehydrating.

From the rails on Layer 5, dig a straight staircase up and toward the world spawn until you reach the surface. At that point, go directly to the world spawn and use a compass to find the specific location of the world spawn, which is (by default) the northwest corner of the chunk. Press F3+G (or equivalent on a non-QWERTY keyboard) to show chunk borders and use a compass to find the 1x1 vertical column that the compass always points to as you walk around it. Make sure that there are no blocks over this block (including non-solid ones like flowers, grass, torches, and leaves), then surround the spot with glass and rails as shown below:

The netherrack shown above represents the world spawn, where entities show up when they come through the exit portal in the end.

Extend the rail out by 16 blocks on both ends, then begin running rails from this spot all the way to the staircase dug earlier, bridging over water if necessary. If possible, try to tunnel through hills rather than going over them, as the minecart could get stuck otherwise. It may take thousands of rails and bridging blocks to get from the world spawn to the build site, so it may be easier to simply bring a few stacks of logs and iron blocks with a crafting table to craft rails as you go. This is one of the most time-consuming parts of this advancement, but it's far more reliable than using a boat since boats can't be moved vertically up without a piston, riding a boat across water risks drowning the shulker if you move too quickly, and moving a boat across a bridge in the end risks having an enderman teleport and push the boat off the bridge and into the void. Using a minecart to carry the shulker, pushed by a furnace minecart, also allows the player to keep a healthy distance to avoid getting shot at by the shulker, and using a furnace minecart and regular rails instead of powered rails is much more resource-efficient.

Once the rails are run all the way from the world spawn to the build site, double check that there are no gaps anywhere in the rail line from the world spawn all the way up to the contraption's drop shaft, then break the most recently used bed, make sure you're not wearing any armor with Thorns, optionally grab a shield, and head into the end and find an end city with two shulkers still at the entrance. The city should be as close to an end gateway as possible, though exact distance is less important than how much bridging you'll need to do between the two. Again, Chunkbase can be used to find a suitable candidate. Enter through the opposite side from the entrance to prevent the shulkers from seeing you and place blocks as shown below to obscure the shulkers' vision and set up the rails which will eventually be used to pick up the shulker.

The red concrete blocks mark the spaces that must contain full, solid blocks to prevent the shulker from being ejected there instead of inside the exit portal.

Once that's done, place regular rails leading all the way up and into the end gateway. Take note of the direction your rails are facing using the F3 debug screen, then go through the gateway. A trapdoor or fence gate can be used to force you into the 1-block-tall swimming position to go through without using an ender pearl each time. Depending on the type of gateway, you'll either end up at a corresponding gateway on the main island or on the obsidian platform at 100,49,0. If you arrive at the obsidian platform, just remember that any blocks on and above it will be reset to air anytime an entity enters the end, so if you exit and re-enter the end after building here (or if anyone else enters the end if you're on a server) before you get the shulker, you'll need to replace the rails. Wherever you arrive, place rails under yourself in the same direction as before and continue placing rails up to the corner of the exit portal, with an activator rail at the end, powered by a lever. The activator rail will try to eject the shulker into one of the up-to-8 adjacent air blocks at its Y level, so make sure that there are solid blocks in the spaces around the activator rail so that the only available spot is inside the exit portal.

1.19 How Did We Get Here contraption shulker+slab placement.png

Now head back to the end city, double-check to make sure you don't have Thorns on your armor, enter through the back like before, place a minecart on the powered rails, and crouch and use a fishing rod to hook the minecart, then get behind the glass blocks and pull the minecart. Wait for the shulker to pass by, then place a furnace minecart on the powered rails and give it some coal/charcoal and a push toward the shulker minecart. Keeping a safe distance, follow the two through the gateway, onto the main island, and up to the exit portal. You should see an empty minecart and furnace minecart and no shulker nearby. Grab both minecarts and go through the exit portal and you should see the shulker in the glass enclosure from earlier. Place the minecart and furnace minecart on the rails leading to the shulker, give the furnace minecart some coal/charcoal and a push, and the shulker will be picked up. Follow it at a safe distance all the way to the build site, but be careful to not let the shulker take damage on the way. If you suspect the shulker may not be at full health, hit it with a splash potion of regeneration. The shulker minecart should fall into the column on top of the trapdoor. Once it does, place a top slab just over the shulker to lock it in place.

Now head to the ocean monument and time how long it takes to go from the ocean monument back to the build site. If it takes longer than about two and a half minutes, you'll need to use nether portals to get from place to place. It may be helpful to build the portals on top of the nether roof to facilitate easy, safe transit. Now look for the nearest pillager outpost and village (Chunkbase can be used for this as well) and build portals to get there as well (unless you can get from the village to the pillager outpost and from the pillager outpost to the build site in under 10 minutes each). At the village, trap at least one villager in a fully-enclosed area with access to a job site, as this is all that's required to count as a "village" for the purpose of raids. At the pillager outpost, it may be helpful to fill the spawning area of the outpost (a 72x54x72 cuboid centered on the top floor) with as many grass spawning platforms as possible to maximize the chances for pillagers (and therefore pillager captains) to spawn and decrease the time it'll take after beating a raid to get Bad Omen again.

At this point, double check that the contraption is set up correctly with a nametagged dolphin tied to the fencepost, a shulker in a minecart next to the shrieker, spectral arrows in the lower dispenser, and splash potions of Fire Resistance, Invisibility, Night Vision, Slowness, Slow Falling, Water Breathing, and Weakness in the upper dispenser (behind the vertical trapdoor). Make sure you can get from the village to the pillager outpost in under 10 minutes, from the pillager outpost to the ocean monument in under 10 minutes, and from the ocean monument to the contraption in under 2.5 minutes (if not, you may need some extra swiftness potions or some other means of fast transportation through the nether portals. Also make sure that the bottom slab covering the sculk shrieker has been removed. If everything looks good, you should be ready to start the process of getting all the effects. It's recommended to make a backup of the world before continuing in case something goes wrong. It may also be helpful to record your screen so that, if something goes wrong, you can see exactly which effect(s) weren't applied.

The sequence for getting the effects is as follows:

  1. Go to the pillager outpost and kill a pillager captain to get Bad Omen (1/27).
  2. Go to the village (losing Bad Omen (0/27)) and beat a raid (kill at least one raid mob in a raid that ends in victory) to get Hero of the Village (1/27). Timer is now 40 minutes. After this point, you should make sure to only eat food if absolutely necessary. Your hunger bar must be at most 15/20 by the time you reach the contraption.
  3. Go back to the pillager outpost and kill another pillager captain to get Bad Omen again (2/27).
  4. Go to the ocean monument and get cursed by an elder guardian to get Mining Fatigue (3/27). Timer is now at most 5 minutes.
  5. Go to the contraption. Getting within range of the beacons gives Haste, Jump Boost, Regeneration, Resistance, Speed, and Strength (9/27).
  6. Eat the golden apple to get Absorption (10/27). Timer is now at most 2 minutes.
  7. Enter the contraption and close the fence gate to enter the swimming position and get Conduit Power (11/27).
  8. Sprint-swim (giving Dolphin's Grace (12/27)) over the shrieker (which will activate and give Darkness (13/27)) and toward the wither rose in the gap between the grindstones to get Wither (14/27). The shulker will also begin firing at you, giving you Levitation (15/27). Continue sprint-swimming toward the wither rose throughout the rest of the steps.
  9. Flip the lever to the right of the wither rose to trigger the dispenser behind you to shoot a spectral arrow at you (giving Glowing (19/27)) and to trigger the piston next to the lever to extend and activate an observer clock which quickly fires the potions in the upper dispenser, giving Fire Resistance, Invisibility, Night Vision, Slowness, Slow Falling, Water Breathing, and Weakness (23/27). The lever can be flipped again to fire another spectral arrow if necessary.
  10. Eat the pufferfish for Hunger, Nausea, and Poison (26/27). Timer is now at most 15 seconds.
  11. Eat the suspicious stew to get Blindness (27/27). This should grant the advancement. However, if Glowing expired before you could eat the suspicious stew, quickly flip the lever again to fire another spectral arrow and give glowing again. As long as you keep sprint-swimming at the wither rose, Wither, Levitation, Darkness, Conduit Power, Dolphin's Grace, and the six beacon effects can all be refreshed (though triggering the sculk shrieker too many times runs the risk of potentially spawning a warden).

This is a hidden advancement, meaning that it can only be viewed when the player has completed the advancement.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 1000 experience, which is the equivalent of 26 levels if the player previously had no experience.

The End[]

Advancement tree in the "The End" tab

The End[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngOr the beginning?

Requirements: Enter the End dimension (Same as 'The End?').

To get this advancement, you will need to enter the End dimension, by going through an end portal. Once the terrain forms, you will get the advancement.

Parent of: Free the End

Free the End[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngGood luck

Requirements: Kill the Ender Dragon for the first time.

To get this advancement, you must deliver the last hit to the ender dragon. If there are multiple players, only the player that deals the last hit to the dragon will get the advancement. See the tutorial on how to kill the ender dragon for a proper tutorial.

Parent of: The Next Generation | Remote Getaway | The End... Again... | You Need a Mint

The Next Generation[]

Advancement-oval-raw.pngHold the Dragon Egg

Requirements: Have a dragon egg in your inventory.

To get this advancement, you must get the dragon egg into your inventory. This is achievable after defeating the ender dragon. However, when you punch the dragon egg, it will only teleport. The easiest way for the dragon egg to drop as an item is to place a piston facing the dragon egg, with a lever behind it. Flip the lever to push the piston, which will make the dragon egg drop as an item. Alternatively, you may bring a torch (or just take one of the torches on the exit portal), dig one block under the block the dragon egg is sitting on, place the torch under, and break the block. The dragon egg will fall on the torch, then drop as an item. Of course, any non-full block will work in place of the torch (such as a Fencepost, Bottom-Half Slab, or Pressure Plate). However, the usage of torches is suggested, as they are cheap and easy to obtain.

Remote Getaway[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngEscape the island

Requirements: Enter an end gateway.

To get this advancement, you must enter an end gateway. Because the gateway opening is only one block high, you cannot walk in directly. You can either throw an ender pearl through, or force your player model in crawling position, most easily achieved with a trapdoor. This will teleport you to one of the outer islands in the End, which is the only place where end cities can be found.

Parent of: The City at the End of the Game

The End... Again...[]

Advancement-oval-raw.pngInvicon End Crystal.gifRespawn the Ender Dragon

Requirements: Respawn the ender dragon using end crystals.

To get this advancement, you need to respawn the ender dragon. This is possible by placing end crystals on certain blocks of bedrock that surround the exit portal in the End. The exit portal is surrounded by three bedrock blocks on each side, with blocks connecting each of the sides, for a total of 16 blocks. Place an end crystal on the middle block of each of the sides. This will respawn the end crystals on the obsidian towers, as well as the ender dragon herself.

This is the arrangement of end crystals on the End's exit portal that will respawn the ender dragon.

You Need a Mint[]

Advancement-oval-raw.pngCollect dragon's breath in a glass bottle

Requirements: Have a bottle of dragon's breath in your inventory.

To get this advancement, you must collect dragon's breath. To do this, use a glass bottle on the dragon's breath particles, and you will get the advancement as soon as there is a bottle of dragon's breath in your inventory.

The City at the End of the Game[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngGo on in, what could happen?

Requirements: Enter an end city.

To get this advancement, you must walk into an end city. The only place in the game where you can find end cities are on the outer islands of the End, accessible through an end gateway, which generates when the ender dragon is killed. End cities contain lots of valuable treasure, along with many other things.

Parent of: Sky's the Limit | Great View From Up Here

Sky's the Limit[]

Advancement-oval-raw.pngFind elytra

Requirements: Have a pair of Elytra in your inventory.

To get this advancement, you must get the elytra in your inventory, which can be found in end city ships.

Great View From Up Here[]

Advancement-fancy-raw.pngLevitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker

Requirements: Travel 50 blocks vertically while being affected by Levitation.

To get this advancement, you must levitate at least 50 blocks vertically under the Levitation effect, which is acquired by getting hit by a shulker's projectile. Earning this advancement becomes significantly easier if you throw an ender pearl at an end city tower above you after gaining Levitation. To avoid dying from fall damage after the effect wears off, you can throw another ender pearl, glide down using elytra, try to position yourself just above a tower roof, place a water bucket where you intend to land, or wear iron or diamond boots enchanted with a high Feather Falling level.

Another way to complete the advancement is to make a 50 block tall tower. Place water at the top, and swim up once the shulker hits you.

You can also get this advancement by traveling downwards 50 blocks, so you can get to the top of a tall end city (more than 50 blocks), and be hit by a shulker. You will be granted the Levitation effect. Next, get at least 8 blocks away from the end city, and then eat a chorus fruit. Because of the way chorus fruit teleportation works, it will teleport you directly on the ground, and you will get the advancement.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 50 experience.


Advancement tree in the "Adventure" tab


Advancement-plain-raw.pngAdventure, exploration, and combat

Requirements: Kill a mob or get killed by one.

This advancement is easily achieved; either by killing any entity or being killed by any entity. The easiest entity to find early in the game is probably squid, if you spawn near water. Otherwise, you can try to find animals to kill, or wait until nighttime to kill a hostile mob. Overall, no special attention is needed to get this advancement.

Parent of: Voluntary Exile | Monster Hunter | What a Deal! | Sticky Situation | Ol' Betsy | Light as a Rabbit | Sweet Dreams

Voluntary Exile[]

Kill a raid captain.

Advancement-plain-raw.pngMaybe consider staying away from villages for the time being...

Requirements: Kill an illager captain, either from an illager patrol or a pillager outpost.

This advancement is rather easy. All you need to do is wait for an illager patrol to happen, and find the raid captain. Kill it and you will get the advancement.

Alternatively, you can find a pillager outpost and wait for a raid captain to spawn in. Then you need to kill him in a 'direct' way like a sword or a bow. Once you kill it, you will get the same result.

Parent of: Hero of the Village

Monster Hunter[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngKill any hostile monster

Requirements: Kill any hostile mob.

You must kill a hostile mob to get this advancement. One of the 34 mobs you could kill are: blazes, cave spiders, creepers, drowned, elder guardians, ender dragons, endermen, endermites, evokers, ghasts, guardians, hoglins, husks, magma cubes, phantoms, piglins, piglin brutes, pillagers, ravagers, shulkers, silverfish, skeletons, slimes, spiders, strays, vexes, vindicators, witches, withers, wither skeletons, zoglins, zombies, zombified piglins, and zombie villagers. You can use any type of weapon, block, or your bare hands to kill the monster, but it is recommended to have a sword or an axe, to decrease your chances of being killed yourself.

Parent of: A Throwaway Joke | Take Aim | Monsters Hunted | Postmortal

What a Deal![]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngSuccessfully trade with a Villager

Requirements: Trade with a villager.

To do this, gather the item that the villager wants, use the villager to access their trades, and put it in their trading slot. Then, put the item that they give you in return in your inventory.

Parent of: Hired Help

Sticky Situation[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngJump into a Honey Block to break your fall

Requirements: Jump into the side of a honey block so that it slows you down as you fall.

To acquire this advancement, you need to have a honey block. To craft a honey block, you need to have four honey bottles. Next, place the four bottles in a crafting grid like so:

Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Honey Bottle

Empty bottles remain in the crafting grid after crafting the honey block.
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Place the honey block one block above the ground and jump onto the side of it. The advancement should be awarded if the player touches the honey block before touching the ground.

Ol' Betsy[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngShoot a crossbow

Requirements: Load (fire up) a crossbow, then shoot with it.

This advancement is achieved by simply firing a crossbow. Crossbows can be made with three sticks, two string, one iron ingot, and one tripwire hook. Crossbows can also be obtained from pillager drops.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Stick +
Iron Ingot +
String +
Tripwire Hook

Parent of: Two Birds, One Arrow | Who's the Pillager Now? | Arbalistic

Sweet Dreams[]

Advancement-plain-raw.pngSleep in a bed to change your respawn point

Requirements: Sleep in a bed.

This advancement is achieved by sleeping in a bed. Beds can be made with 3 wool and 3 planks, which is easy if players have sheep nearby.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Matching Wool +
Any Planks

Sleeping in a bed will reset the player's spawn point, so that when they die, they will respawn next to their bed. Note that this advancement can only be done at night or during a thunderstorm.

Only perform the above steps while in the Overworld. If you try to sleep in the Nether or the End, the bed will explode.

Parent of: Adventuring Time

Hero of the Village[]

Advancement-fancy-raw.pngSuccessfully defend a village from a raid

Requirements: Kill a raid captain, enter a village and complete a raid.

First, kill a raid captain (which will award the "Voluntary Exile" advancement) and get the Bad Omen effect. Then, go to a village. You will see a bossbar labeled "Raid" and your Bad Omen effect disappeared, indicating that the raid has started. There will be numerous amounts of waves of the raid based on the difficulty. There are 3 waves in Easy, 5 in Normal, and 7 in Hard.

Mobs that will spawn during the raid are: pillagers, vindicators, and ravagers, which spawn on all difficulties. Evokers, vexes and witches only spawn on normal and hard difficulties. Ridden ravagers spawn with a pillager on normal and with pillagers, vindicators and evokers on hard. Illusioners are unused.

Once you have completed the raid (you have killed every illager in the raid), you will get the "Hero of the Village" advancement. You will also get the status effect of the same name of the advancement, Hero of the Village.

Completing this advancement will reward the player 100 experience.

A Throwaway Joke[]

Throw a trident at something.

Advancement-plain-raw.pngNote: Throwing away your only weapon is not a good idea.

Requirements: Throw a trident at any entity.

To get thi