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A view of Trial Chambers

Trial Chambers are structures in the 1.21 update. They generate naturally and contain a unique mob named Breeze. The Breeze, Silverfish, Skeletons, Husks and Bogged spawn from Trial Spawners. They are composed of various Blocks of Copper, Copper Bulbs, Chiseled Copper, Tuff Bricks, Chiseled Tuff, Chiseled Tuff Bricks, Copper Doors, Copper Trapdoors, Copper Grates, and the blocks that correspond with the mobs that spawn from this structure. This structure contains Vaults that can only be opened using a Trial Key.


Trial Chambers can be located using an explorer map which can be bought from a Cartographer Villager when the villager reaches Level 3- Journeyman.

Loot from a vault
Loot Rarity(BE) Rarity(JE) Amount
Wind charge
Iron Ingots