...The Woodland Mansion houses many treasures worth the risk - not least of which resides within the robes of the Evoker himself. Best him in combat and he will drop a Totem of Undying - a magic relic that, if equipped during some fatal calamity, will bring the player back from the brink of death!
~ Marsh Davies

A totem of undying is a single-use Item which allows a player to avoid dying from a usually-fatal source.


The totem of undying will only drop from the spell-casting Evoker, usually every time they are killed. This isn't affected by the looting enchantment. If the totem of undying is equipped in either of a player's hand or offhand when they receive what would normally be fatal damage, the totem of undying will allow a player to stay alive instead, leaving them 9px-Half Heart.svg of health. Any negative Status Effects are also removed from a player when the totem activates, and the player is given 5 seconds of Absorption II and 40 seconds of Regeneration II. In the Console Editions, it also provides the player with 40 seconds of Fire Resistance.

Upon inflicting the player with its effects, the totem will be destroyed, with the only way of obtaining another is by slaying another Evoker.

The totem of Undying will not work in the void.

A totem of undying can also be held on the player's offhand, making it useful in dangerous combat when the player is going to die.


  • A totem of undying cannot always prevent a player from dying. For example, if a player gets blown up by a big group of TNT, due to the explosion delay, the TNT can kill a player right after the totem of undying is used.
    • Another way for this to happen is if a player was in lava and they died. When the totem of undying was used, if the user didn't get out of the lava before the fire resistance wore off, they would still die of burning again.
  • If a mob such as a Zombie or Skeleton is wielding a totem of undying and they take fatal damage, they too will be resurrected by the totem of undying, though they will not share the same effects the player receives if they use it. The same effect also works when a fox holds this item.
  • The totem of undying's technical name was originally "totem", but it was changed to totem_of_undying in snapshot 16w50a.
  • The totem of undying looks different in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.


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