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A texture atlas is an arrangement of game sprites on a single image file, used by the game to store and access associated sprites more efficiently than with individual files. Minecraft uses both procedurally-generated and predefined texture atlases for different purposes.

Procedurally-generated texture atlases[]

Jigsaw Block (top texture) JE2 BE2.png
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Block and item textures are combined into the same atlas. It is not known where particle, painting, status effect and other individual textures are combined.

Predefined texture atlases[]



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bars.png is used for storing boss bar textures and their overlays. As of Java Edition 1.16.4, this file is still in use.

The file was compressed in 15w49a, 1.11-pre1 and 19w41a.

Java Edition
201507291523 bars.png
bars.png has been implemented.


Main article: icons.png

icons.png is used for storing the textures of certain UI elements.

As of Java Edition 1.17, this file is still used in the game.


Main article: inventory.png

This file is only loosely defined as a texture atlas due to the small amount of auxiliary sprites surrounding the main inventory box. Nonetheless, it has a notable history of housing several status effect textures.


Main article: kz.png
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 

kz.png is used for storing the textures of paintings.


This file is used for static icons on maps. Interestingly, it has many unused icons which have existed for many years.

Java Edition Beta
1.6Test Build 3201105101121 map icons.png Added mapicons.png.
1.8Pre-release201108191111 map icons.png Updated mapicons.png.
Java Edition
1.6.113w24aRenamed mapicons.png to map_icons.png.[is this the correct version?]
1.1116w39a201609281531 map icons.png Updated map_icons.png.
1.1318w10a201803061454 map icons.png Updated map_icons.png.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.14.0build 1201108191111 map icons.png Added map_icons.png.
Bedrock Edition
?Map icons BE.png Updated map_icons.png.


Main article: particles.png
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 

particles.png is used for storing the textures of most particles. Two other atlases, explosion.png and sweep.png, were used for respectively storing explosion and sweeping attack particles.‌[Java Edition only]


Main article: widgets.png

widgets.png (previously known as gui.png) is used for defining several types of menu buttons and icons. The file is still in use in Java Edition 1.16.4.



Main article: items.png

items.png was used for storing the textures of items


Main article: terrain.png

terrain.png was used for storing the textures of blocks.


Specific changes to texture files are documented in each texture file's dedicated section or page.


Java Edition pre-Classic
rd-131655Added terrain.png.
Java Edition Classic
0.0.20a_01Added gui.png.
0.26 SURVIVAL TESTAdded particles.png.
Java Edition Indev
0.3120091231-2Added items.png.
Minecraft Indev20100223Added kz.png.
Java Edition Beta
1.6Test Build 3Added mapicons.png.
1.8Pre-releaseAdded explosion.png.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 2inventory.png now contains an atlas of effect icons.
1.915w31aAdded bars.png.
15w34cAdded sweep.png.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.1.0Added terrain.png, items.png, particles.png and gui_blocks.png.
v0.8.0build 2Added terrain_atlas.tga and items_opaque.tga.


Java Edition
1.513w02aterrain.png and items.png have been split up into their constituent textures.
1.1419w06aparticles.png, explosion.png and sweep.png have been split up into their constituent textures.
19w07apaintings_kristoffer_zetterstrand.png has been split up into its constituent textures.
19w08ainventory.png has been partially split up to remove the status effect textures, which are now split into individual textures, leaving only the actual inventory textures.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.8.0build 2terrain.png, items.png and gui_blocks.png have been replaced with other atlases.
v0.15.0build 1terrain_atlas.tga and items_opaque.tga are no longer used.

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