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This article is about the specific update to textures which took place in Java Edition 1.14 and Bedrock Edition 1.10.0. For an extensive history of block texture changes throughout the game's lifetime, see History of textures.
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Texture Update

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Release date

Java Edition:
April 23, 2019 (with 1.14)
Bedrock Edition:
March 19, 2019 (with 1.10.0)
PlayStation 4 Edition:
April 15, 2019 (with 1.90)

Jasper Boerstra Mojang avatar.png

Changing the textures! Except for a few, like the Creeper.
Across all versions? YEP, both on Java and Bedrock. You cannot escape my sweet, sweet textures.

When? Soon! In the Beta Resource Pack, where all my beloved pixels live.

Jasper "JAPPA" Boerstra[1]

The Texture Update is an update released in Java Edition 1.14[2], Bedrock Edition 1.10.0[3] (with further amendments in Bedrock Edition 1.17.10, PlayStation 4 Edition 1.90, as well as minor revisions in subsequent major updates for textures which were left behind). The update changes most of the textures in the game,[4] except for a few iconic textures like the creeper. The textures were developed primarily by JAPPA (Jasper Boerstra). The original textures (with the exception of leather horse armor) are available as a resource pack/texture pack built in-game‌[Java Edition only] or as a separate download‌[Bedrock Edition only] (named "Programmer Art" in Java Edition, and "Classic Textures" in Bedrock Edition).[5][6]



Natural blocks[]






Creative only[]


Raw Materials[]












Creative only[]









Preview textures[]

Some unreleased textures Jappa made when developing the final ones for the update.

Missed textures[]

While the majority of textures have been updated to conform to the new art style, the following have been missed out.

Textures which were not updated at all[]

  • The nether wart, blaze rod and blaze powder items still use their old texture.
  • Chests, trapped chests and Christmas chests still use their old textures, rather than updated ones.
  • The default player skins, "Steve" and "Alex", have not been updated in Minecraft Java Edition unlike Bedrock Edition, creating a mismatch between the "Steve" texture and the zombie texture, which are supposed to be related.


  • The cactus bottom texture still uses the color scheme of the old cactus side texture.[7]

Textures still using pre-Texture Update elements[]

  • The top texture of the observer is still largely based on the old "polished cobblestone" texture, rather than its updated version. This is apparently completely intentional.[8]
  • The top texture of the ender chest is still largely based on the old "cobblestone" texture, rather than its updated version. Mojang have decided not to fix this.[9]
  • The bedrock texture in natural end crystals has not been updated at all.[10]
  • The inventory and toast GUIs still use the old Knowledge Book texture, rather than its updated version.[11]
  • The Tutorial hints still uses the old oak planks texture, rather than its updated version.[12]
  • Spectator icons, such as the 'exit menu' and 'teleport to player' are still based on the old barrier and eye of ender textures.
  • The pack.png for the default resource pack still uses the old grass[verify] and cobblestone textures, rather than their updated version.[13]
  • The favicon for the game window uses the old crafting table texture, rather than the new one.[14]
  • The slab part of the armor stand still uses the old smooth stone texture, rather than the new one.[15][until JE 1.18]
  • Dyed versions of terracotta have not been updated, although their undyed version has.[16]
  • The Wither skull projectile uses the old face texture, rather the new one.[17][until JE 1.18 & BE 1.18.10]
  • The Player Head still uses the old Steve texture in Minecraft Bedrock Edition despite the skin being updated in that version.

Slots and outlines[]

  • The enchanting table GUI still uses outlines based on the old Lapis Lazuli texture, rather than its updated version.[18][until JE 1.18]
  • The empty armor slot textures in the Inventory still use the old textures, rather than their updated versions.[19]
  • The icons on Statistics still use old item textures, rather than their updated versions.


  • The hand texture of the Drowned uses an old Zombie hand texture rather than the new one.[20] This also affects Zombie Villagers, Illagers and Vexes, which is confirmed to be intended.[21]
  • The bark ring on the dark oak log top texture still uses color scheme of the old dark oak log side texture.[22][until JE 1.18]
  • The hammer on the Anvil GUI uses an outdated iron palette.[23][until JE 1.18]
  • The options background still uses the old Dirt texture, rather than its updated version. This is probably not a Texture Update issue, as the dirt texture was last changed in 1.0.0.[24]
  • Podzol and Dirt Path[until JE 1.18] still use old side textures rather than updated ones, even though their top textures are updated.[25][26]
  • While normal pumpkin stem and attached melon stem use updated textures, attached pumpkin stem and normal melon stem still use the old ones.
  • Grass Blocks still use their old top texture rather than updated one, even though their new top texture has appeared in Texture Update Betapack V1 & V2.


Video made by slicedlime:


Version Available Download
1.0.0 for Java Edition 1.12 Download
2.0.0 for Java Edition 1.12 Download
3.0.0  in Java Edition 18w43a
3.0.1  in Java Edition 18w43b
3.1.0  in Java Edition 18w44a Download
3.2.0  in Java Edition 18w47a
3.2.1  in Java Edition 18w47b
3.3.0  in Java Edition 18w50a Download
3.4.0  in Java Edition 19w08a
3.4.1  in Java Edition 19w13b


Java Edition
1.1418w43aChanged most textures.
18w43bFixed a few textures.
18w44aChanged the textures of sand, stone, andesite, enchanting table (part of obsidian), diorite, obsidian, cactus, and wheat.
18w47aChanged the textures of all logs, planks, gold and diamond blocks, glowstone, nether bricks, and red sand and sandstone, as well as other blocks.
Minor changes to regular, mossy, cracked and chiseled stone bricks; and wheat crops.
18w47bChanged the textures of impulse and repeating command blocks, spruce door and trapdoor, raw and cooked cod, and the tuxedo cat.
Changed the top textures of normal and stripped logs.
18w50aChanged the textures of bed, bedrock, cobblestone, emerald block, end stone, grass, mossy cobblestone, nether quartz ore, quartz pillar, red nether bricks, red sandstone, sandstone, and spruce planks.
Changed the obsidian side and bottom textures of enchanting table, and the top texture of stripped jungle log.
Changed the textures of baked potato, fermented spider eye, all horse armor, potato, poisonous potato, and rabbit stew.
19w08aChanged the textures of emerald block, diamond ore, diorite, grass block, snowy grass block, podzol, mycelium, oak door, stained glass, and stained glass panes.
Changed the textures of gold armor, horse armor, cake, emerald, phantom membrane, and snowball.
Changed the textures of iron golems, skeleton horses, and zombie horses.
Changed the icons of Luck and Bad Luck effects.
19w13bChanged the texture of normal quartz block, stairs and slabs included.
1.15?Updated the dragon fireball texture to line up with that of fire charges and other fireballs.
1.16?Updated the top textures of purpur pillars to match their sides, as well as to better match Bedrock Edition's, which may or may not have had this texture already.
1.1721w11aUpdated the back texture for paintings as to match the textures for planks as of 18w47a.
Updated the bottle slot outline in the brewing stand UI as to match the new texture for glass bottle items.
Sign textures are now updated to better reflect the textures of planks as of 18w47a (and later in the case of spruce. Only the six overworld wood signs have changed, as they were the only ones subject to this.
The jungle door item has been updated to reflect the texture change of its block form.
Shot spectral arrow textures have changed to better reflect their item form.
1.18Pre-release 5The texture for the base of lecterns has been updated to match the 18w47a oak planks texture.
The textures for the sides of cartography tables have been updated to match the 18w47a dark oak planks texture.
The textures for the edges of non-stained glass panes have been updated to be less noisy and have a more consistent color scheme with glass itself.
The texture for the side of dirt paths has changed to better match grass blocks and their top.
Other changes to textures have been made in this version, however whether they qualify as revisions to better fit the Texture Update is unclear.
Bedrock Edition
1.8.0December 13, 2018Released beta resource pack with the new textures.