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This template should be used for linking to YouTube videos, especially in refs.


{{ytl|video id|archive=archive id (optional)|display name (optional)|uploader (optional)|upload date (optional)|t=time stamp (optional)}}

Consider this YouTube link:
https:/­/ F9t3FREAZ-k &t= 1m32s
video id time stamp

|name= can be set to define a name to the youtube video ID, allowing it to be called later with a different time stamp. To call a previously defined ID, simply use the name instead of the video ID in |1=.


Code Product
{{ytl|F9t3FREAZ-k|Cave game}} "Cave game"
{{ytl|F9t3FREAZ-k|Cave game tech test|May 13, 2009}} "Cave game tech test"– May 13, 2009 on YouTube
{{ytl|F9t3FREAZ-k|Cave game tech test|Nizzotch|May 13, 2009}} "Cave game tech test"– Nizzotch on YouTube, May 13, 2009

See also

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