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This template should be used for linking to tweets, especially in refs. This should be used instead of the interwiki links, as it produces a meaningful link, while still saving space.


{{tweet|username|status ID|quote|date}}

Consider this Twitter link:

https:/­/twitter.com/ jeb_ /status/ 304301377818066944
username status ID

The username field accepts any capitalization, although the output capitalization uses a preset styling (which can be set in the template) or all lowercase.

The quote field is simply the contents of the tweet. Note that because the quote is used as a link, links within the quotation do not function.

The date field is simply the date on which the tweet was posted. Any format is accepted, though it should generally be in the format of "Month DD, YYYY" (e.g. "February 10, 2013") as per the style guide

Account link

If only the username is set, the template produces a simple account link formatted with the @ symbol.


Twitter URL

If both the status ID is set, the template produces a standard URL which can be used in most link parameters.


Twitter quote

If the quote is set, the template produces formatted twitter quote designed for usage in references. The date will automatically be added after the quote, but can also be optionally set to override. If the tweet was posted before November 4, 2010, and no date parameter is specified, no date will show at all.

{{tweet|jeb_|304301377818066944|There will be new mobs in 1.6, but not 1.5}}
{{tweet|jeb_|304301377818066944|There will be new mobs in 1.6, but not 1.5|February 20, 2015}}
"There will be new mobs in 1.6, but not 1.5"@jeb_ (Jens Bergensten) on Twitter, February 20, 2013
"There will be new mobs in 1.6, but not 1.5"@jeb_ (Jens Bergensten) on Twitter, February 20, 2015

Short names

The username part accepts several short names for various Mojangsters and other notable Twitter accounts.

Twitter name Short name
jeb_ jeb
Kappische kapp
jnkboy junk
jahkob jakob
carlmanneh carl
mollstam moll
bomuboi bomb
danfrisk dan
_LadyAgnes ladyagnes
LydiaWinters lydia
MinecraftChick mcchick
carnalizer carn
jonkagstrom jon
KrisJelbring kris
Marc_IRL marc
KarinSeverinson karin
_grum grum
Dinnerbone dinner
MansOlson mans
jbernhardsson johan
ezchili ez
4JStudios 4j
EvilSeph evil
_tomcc tomcc
argo_major argo
SeargeDP searge
MiaLem_n maria
RazzleberryFox razz
JasperBoerstra jappa