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This template uses Module:Spawn table, a script written in Lua.

This template displays a table that shows which mobs can spawn in a particular biome, or structure if it has a separate spawn list (like nether fortresses).


Parameters to {{Spawn table}}
Parameter Function
title The title of the table (optional).
edition The edition the table is relevant to (optional).
The value specified here is passed to {{editions}} and should follow the same values expected by that template.
passive Mobs placed into the passive/creature spawn category.
hostile Mobs placed into the hostile/monster spawn category.
water Mobs placed into the water spawn category.
watercreature Mobs placed into the water creature spawn category.
ambient Mobs placed into the ambient spawn category.
waterambient Mobs placed into the water ambient spawn category.

The content of the spawn category parameters should consist of calls to {{spawn row}}. The parameters of that template are described below.

Parameters to {{Spawn row}}
Parameter Function
1, name The mob name. The content of this argument is automatically passed to {{EntityLink}} for displaying.
weight The weight of this mob in the pool, used to calculate the spawn chance. This must be a number, otherwise a script error will be displayed.
size The number of mobs the game tries to spawn per spawn attempt (e.g. "2-4").
note Any additional notes, which will be displayed as a note reference.
notename To reuse a note, specify the mob name where that note was defined.


{{Spawn table
{{Spawn row|Sheep |weight=12 |size=4}}
{{Spawn row|Pig |weight=10 |size=4}}
{{Spawn row|Chicken |weight=10 |size=4}}
{{Spawn row|Cow |weight=8 |size=4}}
{{Spawn row|Horse |weight=5 |size=2-6}}
{{Spawn row|Donkey |weight=1 |size=1-3}}
{{Spawn row|Spider |weight=100 |size=4}}
{{Spawn row|Zombie |weight=95 |size=4}}
{{Spawn row|Zombie Villager |weight=5 |size=1}}
{{Spawn row|Skeleton |weight=100 |size=4}}
{{Spawn row|Creeper |weight=100 |size=4}}
{{Spawn row|Slime |weight=100 |size=4 |note=Spawn attempt only succeeds in slime chunks}}
{{Spawn row|Enderman |weight=10 |size=1-4}}
{{Spawn row|Witch |weight=5 |size=1}}
{{Spawn row|Bat |weight=10 |size=8}}
In Java Edition
MobSpawn chanceGroup size
Passive category
Hostile category
Zombie Villager55151
Slime[note 1]1005154
Ambient category
  1. Spawn attempt only succeeds in slime chunks
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